Classroom Economy

Posted by Chris Risdon, 25 Jan 2017
Posted in: Classroom 4

In Term 4, Room 4 has been using a classroom economy system. The economy system is mainly about money. It’s not real money, its imaginary. We use this money to pay fees in the classroom. The system helps us to learn about how to manage money so we can get use to it in the future. So we start off the week with a weekly wage of $300. We then have to make weekly payments that include; rent, power, internet and fees, for that we take away a total of $200 which leaves $100 left. However we can gain extra money by completing classroom work, getting a gold slip or by getting a class achievement trophy. But with every good thing comes a bad – you can lose money. There are a few ways you can lose money, for example not completing homework, not following our classroom treaty, incorrect uniform and being late for school without a note. If we manage to save money all week and not get into any trouble we can buy Golden Time for $100. If you don’t buy Golden Time, Mr Gibbons teaches you a classroom lesson to learn for 30 minutes while the others have Golden Time. At the end of the year there will be an auction for small items. We buy these small items with all the money we’ve saved from the term.

On the 13 of December we had the classroom auction. The auction was where you could buy things with the money you saved from the term. You could buy things such as; a glass of Coke or orange Fanta, a spider (the drink kind), a really soft santa hat (so soft), candy canes, cookies, glow bracelets and big or small lollie bags. Each year group came up and picked what they wanted and paid for it using the money they earned. The Year 7 girls went first followed by the Year 7 boys and so on. It was such a great day! Overall we loved having the classroom economy system!

By Alexis Harris & Anthony Bennett