Doughnut Writing

Posted by Nicole Rodgers, 14 Oct 2016
Posted in: Classroom 7

Doughnut Writing


We’ve kicked this term of with a hiss and a roar and have been doing many things like: homework, maths, reading, topic, P.E, production, writing…you know, like all the school work. It’s been really fun. This week we have done a bit of doughnut writing. If you don’t know what this is, let me explain.

Doughnut writing is when we have two circles that make a shape of a doughnut (of course) – one circle sits inside the other circle. The inner circle has to tell the person opposite them (the one sitting on the outside circle) about what they did in the holidays. Then we swap roles. After each person shares their story about their holidays, the inside circle stands up and moves one spot, and the storytelling starts all over again. This is a good way to practise our listening, talking and note-taking skills. It was a great way to write about the holidays.

Here’s what Michael wrote about Brodie’s holiday:

From what Brodie told me, he went to his grandparent’s house twice. He also said that he played GTA 5. I have to admit, the game’s a little much. Brodie also told me that later in the holidays he went over to the Hutt for a drive. I’ll never get why people do that. Just for a drive? HA! I bet he did something more than that.

Blog post written by Lanesha and Amy-Jean.