End of Term 2 Reflections Room 4

Posted by Margaret Ta'ala, 02 Aug 2018
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I have improved in my Algebra/Stats by getting a 4B, and in my pretest I got a 3A.  In my opinion I think I moved up levels because Mrs Ta’la has helped me to learn and understand how to work out Algebra equations and statistics to know which graph to use in different situations.

My goal to be a driver and not a passenger has been a bit unattainable.  I have been into a few fights this term. Two of them were physical. I also have not been handing in my work because sometimes I don’t pay attention.  Next term I will try to improve by being more of a driver.

My goal is to have better relationships between people inside and outside of class.  I haven’t achieved my goal yet but I’m slowly trying. I have had fights throughout the term and I have also lost a good friend because of my bad behaviour.  My next step to achieving my goal is to walk away, when I get angry and go and talk to Mrs.

My last goal is to not yell out randomly across the class.  I believe that I am slowly achieving my goal. I just need to learn to get up and walk over to the people I want to talk to.  By doing this I think it will improve in my relationships between people that I am interrupting by yelling across the class.



In these last 10 weeks I have been learning how to speak and write English.  I read books. I am learning to sound out ABC in school and the teacher helps me to speak English and I help Mrs Ta’ala to speak Samoan.  I speak English I have small words I know. When I read the book Miss asked me the sound of the words.



In Algebra my level is 3P, I rushed my test.  I should be at level 4P.  Next time I will take my time to do my test and I will improve.

My goals for geometry and measurement is to understand what we are learning about.  I will achieve this by listening to the teacher, work with the teacher, and other students and ask questions.  Also I won’t give up!

My first big goal is to be a driver and not a passenger.  I haven’t achieved this because I don’t use it during school time.  This is because I don’t know what I am doing.

So my second big goal is to be friends with good people and be nice to each other.  I have two good friends that are nice to each other.  Maybe me and my friends fight sometimes, but at the end of the day we end up being friends again.

My next big goal is to help each other out  or help them with homework.  I am going to achieve this by asking them if they know what they are doing.

My next steps for my first goal is not to give up, do my work and not get distracted.  My next step for my second goal is to not be mean and bully others.  My next step for my goal is to ask them if they know what the teacher said to them and ask them if they need help.



In my Algebra/Statistics test I think I’ve improved.  I believe I’ve improved because I have more of an understanding about the test and what I have learnt.

My goals for geometry/measurement is to learn more by asking for help and don’t get distracted.

My social goal is to communicate with people I don know and I don’t know.  I talk to the same people so I now I didn’t progress.  To achieve this goal for next term is to start a conversation with other people, ask for help and begin small talk with different people.  For my academic goal is to keep on task listen to the teacher, plus ask people if the need help.


For my pre Algebra test, my result was $A and it stayed the same towards my post test.Since the pretest I seemed to get the same answers right and wrong.  the cause of this is I didn’t work on my Algebra skills between the two tests and I need to work on the topic so I can improve.

My first goal is to manage myself better and work on topic and try not to get distracted easily.  The way I have been working on this goal is I have managed to complete more of my work this term than in Term one.  My work improved because I have worked harder to complete my work.

The second goal is to work with people and help them if they need it and do it with them and not for them.  This is still a relevant goal, because in the past I have done it for them instead of with them.  I’ve done this because I figure it out in my head and then I just tell them the answer instead of helping them to work it out for themselves.

Now my last, but not least goal, is I need to finish my writing and maths in time for me to check the mistakes and work on it in morning tea and lunch to get it finished.  Because I want to play with my friends I just forget about my work that needs to be completed.

My result for my Geo/Measurement pretest was 4B.  For the post test I am going to try and go for a 5B.  How I’m going to do this is to work on Mathletics and listen in the lessons we will do.


I personally think that I have done well in my Algebra/Stats test.  I still need to work on it because I got a 3A.  In my Geo and meas Pre-test I got a 3P.  So I done pretty okay.  But I’m going to practice because it was a pre test and I want a better level at the end.

My steps for the Algebra/Stats test are to take my time during tests and pay more attention to the questions.

My steps for the Geo and Meas pre test are to not really worry about the time and rush.  Because that’ll more likely make me get a bad level/grade.

I think my overall behaviour is good.  I think I do need to listen more and be nicer to people.  I haven’t been talking back to the teachers as much.

I have achieved my goal to go outside more also my goal not to be rude to teachers.  I have had a positive attitude around them.

My new goals are to be nicer to people… and not shout in class and pay attention.  Also to not take sides in an argument.