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A New Chapter

The start of this year was pretty good, new people in my class with me, I have my cousins Kaleb and Te Rama who both are in the same area as me, Kaleb is in my class and Te Rama is next door in room 5.

This year I’m with the same teacher from last year, Mr Kauone, I don’t really mind him, he’s better than most teachers in my opinion and I feel he can make a change in my attitude, academics and my mindset, that’s why i have chosen to stay in his class(just to inform you, he gave us a choice on whether we want to stay in his class).

I’m really hoping this year is good and I WILL do my best that I can do and try not to get into trouble with any other students, but I really do hope that this year goes right even if I’m not with my other friends in TKT.

I think this year will go right even without the boys from last year:,(

But this year I have more of responsibility other than myself and now gotta teach the new year sevens not to be a little shit and not bully otherwise I’m gonna give them a hiding.

Stuff we’re doing in class/academics

For my basic facts test, I hope i did well but I know i got past stage 7 and am on stage 8, I don’t really mind on what stage I’m on, just as long as I’m not below where I’m supposed to be. For spelling I ended up having the spelling age of a 13-year-old and last year I ended up having the spelling age of a 14-year-old.

In class we’ve been learning about what life was like before man arrived in Aotearoa/NZ and the rest of the world, did you know that all the countries were together, that was millions of years ago though, it was called gondwanaland, it was when dinosaurs once walked this planet.

The meteor that hit the earth and wiped out the dinosaurs, landed in the gulf of mexico, what kind of dinosaurs walked Aotearoa/NZ and there was this giant bird called the “Haast’s eagle” was able to take on a Moa. – Trae

The New Year

Starting W.I.S with a new teacher that I’m probably related to is cool. He’s from Tokelau and can speak like five different languages. I like Mr. Kauone because he’s funny and says a lot of truthful things.

The school values are very helpful if you abide by them and probably make everyone feel safe and able to communicate with each other and the teachers. Starting intermediate with a whole new class and new peers is not bad. It’s weird seeing new people and especially a new teacher but I can deal with it.

Knowing that Mr. Kauone is a very straight-forward teacher, some people might dislike the way he acts but I love it. He acts his own way and no one can change that.

At lunch I play with Harrison, Kordel and Dakota. We all play basketball and suck at it, but we still enjoy it.

In class, we learn about maths, also more things we learn about is inquiry learning which is about our environment and how we can make it better for us. We learn about literacy and how we can be healthy and have a better mindset. – Jermayne

2020 Yay!

When I first walked through the gate I didn’t know what to do so I asked some of my friends what to do, they said that I came early so I just went and stood by a rock then my friend came over that was starting at Intermediate too.After waiting for about an hour we finally started to go to the hall.

There was a little powhiri as we went into the hall, we sat down and they sang some more then the principal greeted us and then we got called out to see which class we were in but I didn’t get called out because I didn’t hand in my enrollment form so then i handed it into the office and got brought to my class which is Room 4 I was pretty embarrassed as I walked in because everyone had already chosen where to sit and put all their stationary away but then one of my friends that was a Year 8 now told me to sit at her desk group so I did then I realized I was the only boy there but then my teacher Mr. Kauone told me that where we were sitting wasn’t official which was great but since I came in late Mr. Kauone asked me what my name was so I told him and he said that he taught my sister darian which when I told her was with Mr. Kauone she said that she was with him too which I already knew because she used to always talk about him, I didn’t have anytime to put my books or bag away because we had to go do something but I forgot what. But I mean it was pretty fun.– Taen😁   

To mum & dad.

Dear Mum & Dad the start of this year is going pretty good i have made quite a lot of new friends and i like my teacher because he lets us do a lot of stuff and he is nice.I like doing PE  because it’s fun and it’s challenging at lunch i sometimes play on the park with my friends or other whys i go on the field or me and my friends go in to this area on the field and then we climb trees on my first day of school was fun because we went foe like a tour around the school  in class is quite fun we do some fun things sometimes other ways we just do normal learning in our books.And when i am at school i try to not get in trouble other then that i don’t get in trouble.  – Sam 

My First 2020 Reflection

Mr Kauone  is a funny teacher  and i like this class and the playground is cool and a bit hard for me but this is a cool school for me its cool and fun and it’s better than primary school it’s a good learning environment for me i really like it here it’s fun in my class and we have area P.E at first block and sometimes but mostly at middle block and have teck at first block  its fun im doing art i am doing carving and its really fun for me but maybe not some other people some people cut them self :[ i also did that to like an idiot and it did not go well so yes this is my reflection thx for reading. – Aiden

The Beginning 

Dear mum and dad the first day I wanted to know what classroom I was in. I felt nervous all I wanted was to be with my best friend Leah but when I found out that I wasn’t I felt like raging out and start screaming out I want to be with Leah.

These past few days have been nice. I have made a friend Savana. She is a nice person. I have completed that climbing wall stick thing who knows what that thing is called it is hard getting on it and off the thing like literally what is that thing called?

My first impression for mr kauone is that i’m going to have a good year with him. mr kauone is going to push me to the limits and i guess i like it.

I like doing new things.when I first came into this classroom I was like nah I want to move right now please as you know you can’t judge a book by the cover.

I’m hoping to make friends in this class. I also really like the leopard on the wall which is above his desk. I wonder if he did it if he did. He is a really good drawer like I cant even draw a straight line without a ruler like really.

Our teacher Mr. Kauone is nice, encouraging and funny and smart and has a good sense of humour.he is really encouraging at pe\relays. -Piper-

Let it begin 

On the first day of school I walked in the school gates and worried about what class I was going to be in. I was ecstatic and worried at the same time. I entered the hall, getting ready for the year 7s powhiri. I was so ecstatic to see all my friends walk through the school gate and to see all the old and new teachers. I was so excited to meet the new teacher I’ve all of this year and to see my new area.

Mr Kauone had his list of names out and when he read his out I was lucky enough to be on his list. Mr Kauone called name after name and then he called out my name. He had finished calling the names. I stood up and walked to my new classroom and my new area for 2020 which was room 4.

Mr Kauone is in room 4 and so am I,  and also in area 1 orongorongo. My class is much bigger than my class last year. My class is a mix of different people and ethnicity.I think the right class this year, this class has good vibez. – Mondeo   

2020 begins 

It was a new start for me a new beginning, a new classroom, new friends, a new teacher. It was hard to adjust to my new classroom. I was pretty nervous about what class I was going to be in. I was separated from the other Mary but at least I had Christine and other friends. I was nervous but I like my new classroom.

The classroom that I’m in is the exact same class as last year but with a different teacher. It’s good to have a different teacher every year so you learn how to do different strategies and learn differently.

Our school values are about knowing where we are from that we belong here that we create an environment where we all feel safe to learn and grow in and that we use our talents to give back to our community. – Mary 

2020 A New Beginning

On the first day back I was scootering to school like I usually do. When I got to school I could hardly see any years 7’s. So I walked up to a group of my friends and waited for Ms.Brown to call all the yr8’s to the hall.In the hall we were going to perform our haka, panapana, our school waiata te Aroha ETC. When we went into the hall we all got into our lines.

Before performing our haka  powhiri we had to do a few practice runs to make sure we were still up to scratch. When all the yr7’s funneled into the hall I clearly underestimated how many yr7’s there were. When we did our performance I think it went really well other than a few voice cracks from some people. When we finished our powhiri Mr. sharp did his speech and then we had to be selected for our classes, and I got selected to be in room 4 with Mr.Kauone. I was happy about that because I know that he likes to push people to the limit. I know this because I was in his math class in 2019.

In-room 4 Mr. Kauone has a moto. Work smart, play hard, love life. I like that motto because It is inspiring and a good motto in general. -Lucas ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

And a new beginning…  

Dear Mum and Dad, I don’t know if Dad is coming? i’m going to talk about my learning

But! I’m going to talk what I have been learning about.So let’s talk, I have been doing sprinting practice and I have gone better. But I still have to work on my maths and spelling  asp. Even the teacher is good with his teaching in class.i’m getting good at maths but just a little bit.i think I’m finished so bye!…THE END! -Ocean 

 Let 2020 Begin

On the first day of school I walked in the school gates and wondered what class I was going to be in. I was ecstatic and nervous at the same time. I entered the  hall, getting ready for the year 7s powhiri. I was so ecstatic to see all my friends walk through the school gate and to see all the old and new teachers. I was so nervous to meet my new teacher and to see my new area.

Mr Kauone read his list of names out I was lucky enough to be on that list. Mr Kauone called name after name then my full name was called out. He had finished calling the names. I stood up and walked to my new classroom for 2020 which is room 4.

I was in Mr Kauone’s class just like my older siblings and family. Mr Kauone is in room 4 and so am I,  and also in area 1 Orongorongo. My class is much bigger than my class last year and has more space. My class is a mix of different people and ethnicity.

This year I am going to set some goals. By the end of this year I want to be my number 10 in academics and sports . In academics for each subject I want to be above. Also for sport I want to make sport extension and try every inter school sport. This year is going to be a great year with Mr Kauone. – Luana

My First Week At School

On the phone to all my friends the day before school. We were so excited to meet our new teacher. If I had one cause last year I had no friends.Then i woke up so tired i couldn’t even get up but in the end i got up and got in morning getting ready to go to school.In the car i was so excited to see all my friends then i ran through the gates trying to spot all my friend and i got . Then we realized we’ve  got to sing songs for year 7. We were a little bit nervous cause we knew we might have been in the front row.

We started practicing before they got welcomed then that’s when they started coming in. all the new year 7 it came to my head that there going to be here for my last year at intermediate.Sitting down after the new year 7 came through the door.then after some people finished talking the teacher were going to say all the new students names who where going to be in the class for 2020 and maybe even 2021 but in the end i wanted be with my best friend.

The names were starting to get called out.It was ms palmer first she was my previous teacher i didnt mind if i were to be in there only if my friend were to be in there by any chance.after me and my best friend didn’t get called out we were excited then it came to mr kauone i heard lots of names the i heard my name i was sad because i didn’t think my best friend would be in my class and she wasn’t 🙁 -Shanae

Room 4 blog 2020  

This year I really enjoyed being in Mr Kauone class compared to where I was in 2019.  Last year I was outside of class more often, I was aimlessly, wandering in & out of class & my behaviour was also terrible.

Two weeks into the first term of 2020 Mr Kauone have, already made a big difference to me.  Because I’m a lot more happy, I’m learning that I can do a lot more in class, I’m doing more work than I’m used to it & I’m enjoying being in class.

Even thou Mr Kauone is an out of it teacher, He’s funny because he’s just like my Granddad telling me to do every sport.  And even though he seems to come across like an angry teacher well he’s not, Mr Kuone is really an excited teacher because he cares & wants the best for his students.

Likewise other students have noticed the difference in my new behaviour.  Even Teacher Aides who knew what I was like last year have also taken notice & encouraged the change in me to continue on focussing my new improved attitude, so thank you all for helping me get this far. -Leo

 A New Year

Starting W.I.S has been a good couple of days in Mr Kauone’s class in room 4 one thing i like about Mr Kauone is sometimes he can be very funny in class he can also be very strict at times in the classroom Mr Kauone is a cool teacher because he teachers very good work and while he is teaching the class he can also be funny during learning times.

I think Mr Kauone is the best teacher I’ve had for sports this year. We have been discuss, Vortex, Shot putt and Sprints. That’s all for sports. We have done this year the first school sport is in touch. The work the class has been doing in class is our maths test and our spelling test and we have also been doing our Maori knowledge test stuff in classroom at learning time at morning tea time i play with my friends Reagan,Jacob, Bailey and Caleb at morning tea times and at lunch times.

At learning time in the classroom our class we are doing maori work about when humans were not in new zealand/Aotearoa and we were doing our basic facts test after the maori knowledge test we also did our spelling test and we started our blog in the classroom and have also finished my number profile and i have started my algebra profile/test and my class has also been doing maths lately like A= something and the letters on maths mean a specific number like five on the letters and we have also been practicing our times tables and our division.

And also the year sevens in my class have been going to do art with Mrs S for a couple of weeks and we have been doing carving as the latest thing.

In class we have been doing alot of work and most of them i think are tests we are learning te ro maori as our causal learning in the classroom and my class has also been working on the arrival of maori to nz and my classroom has also been learning math warm ups in the classroom and been learning other stuff about maths as well in the classroom my classroom has also been doing how new zealand separated from gondwana.   -Korell

Rm4 2020 begins

This year I think it was better than last year because I didn’t know people i was kind of shy but with my new teacher, He is totally different from all the other teachers I had in the past.

When I heard my name called out by Mr Kauone  I was surprised to hear my name called out for  Area 1.

I think it is a good area for my behavior because it has already help me focus & behave better than last year.   It is really cool being a year 8 cause we do much cooler things Then the year 7. Mr kauone is a good teacher to help me learn.

This year i really enjoy being with Mr Kauone in Room 4 and in area 1 because it has already helped me do better in my focus & as a result my behaviour has improved by heaps because last year my behavior was really bad cause me and my friends were too busy talking & my classwork  was hardly completed. – Kordel

My 2020 Started like this…

My 2020 began when I started a new school, Wainuiomata Intermediate. New teachers, new friends and a new start to the year. The moment I stepped in Room 4, Mr. Kauone’s class I knew it was going to be a good year. Mr. Kauone was very helpful and nice throughout the whole day.

My first day at Wainuiomata Intermediate was interesting, I went home and talked about my whole day on how my class was very nice. I spoke & shared with my family about my teacher Mr Kauone on how he is very funny. And how he sets high expectations of ourselves in all areas of our learning such as cultural activities like kapa haka,  Pacifica, as well as sports.

My first reaction to Wainuiomata Intermediate was how tidy the school uniforms are and how the school uniform is a visual representation of Wainuiomata Intermediate & I really like that.

The school values are Whanaungatanga, Rangatiratanga, Kaitiakitanga and Manaakitanga. Our school values help us to create an environment that is safe & fun.  So we can better help ourselves and help other fellow classmates. – Kaya

And 2020 Begins 

On the first day of school I felt happy. But when we were in the hall my name was called out I felt scared and nervous until it was my sister Paris teacher, Mr. Kauone. I was excited to see him but when we all got into the class he had a loud voice. But sometimes he will be cool but if we are all bad then he will get angry but if we are good he will be nice to us.

I like Wainuiomata Intermediate now I have more friends and a better teacher. I like him because he will push me to be a better student and I know I will have a good year because this school is good for me and for my learning. – Kaleb


KiA oRaNa, welcome to my first room 4 blog where i’ll be spilling some tea, and sharing some of my recent accomplishments in my learning & maybe in sports? I mean you never know but i really hope 2020 is gonna be a different year than last year, ANYWAYS  let’s tell you about my first day aye?.

First day of being a year 8, it was alright since i actually had some people i knew, especially some of my cousins anyways, we had to go and practice our powhiri, so we could perform for the year 7’s it was kinda embarrassing though since i didn’t really know the actions and the lyrics that well, but our performance was pretty good in the end.

After the powhiri, we had to go to our new classes, Payton had already left so i had to talk to for a few minutes, then she got called out for the first class, which was Mrs palmers & the second class was mr Kauone’s class, which i was in wjidwiyedvye, i mean it was a good idea that me & dajir were separated so we could actually get work done you know, instead of sitting, talking & do nothing, to help our education.

It was time for morning tea, i met up with my friends and we just were talking about our holidays, and how our class was you know, but it was pretty weird seeing how many new people there was, the school was packed like i barely knew anyone, but anyways that was a pretty good day, thanks for reading. – Jolie.

The New Year

This year I really wanted to avoid going to room 5 and avoid area 3 and 2 because I’m used to being in area 1 . so i was happy to be in room 4 because i had people i already knew.i was excited for formal because it’s just a night where you can go out and have some fun

My teacher Mr. Kauone is really funny and cool. He takes us out for games and chooses when to do things at the right time.he gives us great advice for the oncoming years i like following the school values.like he tells us to be proud of our values.

We learn about things that are important to our culture and country like when we talk about gondwana and maori legends.like how papa lost the maori gods and how they split up in to different areas of new zealand my teacher has told me heeps of things i never new before – Jevaize

Start of 2020

On the first day of school I was very nervous I didn’t know what to do I even had friends who went to WIS and I said to myself what if they didn’t what to be my friends anymore then my mum said we need to go now jaia and when they left I was happy.

Then the powhiri happen and I fort I was going in The same class as my friends then when all

my friends went to they class I was very mad sad because that meant I had to make new friends and I didn’t feel like making new friends. Then when my teacher called out my name I fort I had the sports teacher then when we went to his class room  he started to hail at everyone in the class Room I fort I was getting in trouble for no reason and when he said you can leave the classroom.

I was going to say yep I what to leave the class Room. But I wanted to wait for two days and for those two days I started to like this classroom and the teacher wasn’t a bully so I want to stay in his classroom. – Isaiah

Wainuiomata Intermediate 2020

When I first started W.I.S I was nervous because meeting new people is not my thing. I only knew 4 close friends in my classroom, it was Mary and the other 3. Which I was happy about and I didn’t know anyone else apart from my teacher.

My teacher is Mr Kauone. He’s a hilarious teacher but…He just talks too much, to be honest but Mr Kauone talks a lot for a good reason because some people in class do not listen and then he has to explain the whole lesson again… Mr. Kauone taught us a wonderful lesson that everyone in this world has a number 1 and a number 10. Your number 1 is on your left shoulder, is the one who makes you choose garbage choices and your number 1 is putting you down, on the other hand, on your right shoulder is yours truly your number 10, your number 10 is the one who lets you choose fabulous choices and its uplifting for you in learning and your social life.

In W.I.S our school values are Whanaungatanga, Rangatiratanga, Kaitiakitanga and Manaakitanga. These school values show, Relationships, Leadership, Guardianship and kindness. Our values are about knowing where you are from, that you belong here with us, that we create an environment where we all feel safe to learn and grow and we use our talents to give back to our community. The school rules are here to make us feel safe at school and the teachers here too, they make you feel safe and you are under the protection of these teachers who will make you feel welcomed as well…– Christine 

Bring It On 2020!

As I walked in the gates my heart was pounding, I didn’t know what class i was going to be in, I hardly knew anyone and it’s a new school for me. As the year 8’s welcomed the years 7’s and parents we slowly walked into the hall. Room 4 was the second class to get called out and surprisingly I was called out (kind of). Mr. Kauone said my name wrong but he got it right after a week.

The year 7’s and 8’s walked into our new classroom, Room 4 and settled in.I looked around and didn’t know anyone! (except for Trae because we went to the same primary school.)Also, when Mr Kauone was calling out the names I heard I name I recognized. The name was Makuini but turns out she’s actually in Room 5 (I think).

As the parents left and Morning Tea started, I didn’t know where any of my friends were from primary school. Eventually I found them. I had a pretty good first day but for the first couple of days i sat by myself in class but i did eventually make some friends, Jolie was one of them.

After the first week I still don’t really know my way round but I will eventually. I had a great week this week. I’m sure I’m going to have a FANTASTIC year because I have an awesome teacher and great classmates.



|A new fresh start|
The start of intermediate was a little bit much for me at the start because of the faces I don’t recognize and the fact that it’s a new school that i’ve never been in unless we went there for sports kinda made my heart rate go up but I could handle it.

This year I was chosen to be in the first area group in room 4 because in our area there are 6 classes. Each class has a different teacher with different personalities.

We also have the TKT aka the class that is maori.

Our group is supposed to be the most athletes because of our group’s history in sports.

I want to avoid being my number one and and become my number 10 and also I want to have a bigger idea of the world and have more emotions like knowing how to become the things I want in the future (career)

I want to be ready for highschool and if possible, collage in the future and thanks to our teacher he really is into helping us grow and his way is not just giving the the answer he makes sure you get it yourself so you do learn what it is and you will use that strategy again in the near future.

I hope to have a good experience at this school and hope nothing bad happens but for now it’s pretty good in general and it will challenge you to react to your work and question and make a good experience for it.

And Mr Kauone is crack-up.

We have a variety of things to do like our technology where we have activities like art, music, woodwork, and knitting.

We also do our topic studies (about Polynesian explorers)

We first learnt about now Maori came to NZ and then we asked the question about how  it was before humans came to be in NZ like the haast’s eagle or the giant flightless bird, the Moa. Some of the birds lost their ability because of the lack of predators in NZ.

The reason why there are no more moas is because of the british/europeans they hunted down species and brought some predators like rats and possums with them on the ship not on purpose but since they came the rodents start to multiply and ate the eggs of birds like the moas’s eggs that’s why the flightless birds are so treasured in NZ.

I hope this school will help my academics and prior knowledge so I can be sure I can do things that i’ve never done before so I want to do stuff like pasifika.

I especially want to improve my writing because we will need a lot in the future.

We need to clean up the school after lunch time.

That’s basically all cya. -Fred