Room 7 Student Reflections. Term 2 Week 4.

Posted by Pio Semu Matiahi Kauone, 26 May 2017
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Technocraft: – Term 2 Technocraft has been really fun the, module that i’m in is Foods Technology. My Foods Teacher is Ms Calcinai, she is a really lovely lady and is very good at making food. We have been cooking healthy food because apparently New Zealand kids are not eating their vegetables.It has been a great start to Technocraft so far and I can’t wait to complete the rest. Literacy: This terms literacy has been a fun experience we have paired up with the rest of our Whakaute Area 1. With the four teachers we have been split up into graded and needs based classes for Reading and Writing. -Paris

Welcome back to Room 7! Just to give you a quick recap of this term so far, we have had an amazing Book Week and all of us had been working endlessly to write up our Bookworm reviews and our Black-out Poetry. Last week,  week 3, we welcomed our year 7’s onto our school marae. In Maori when people are welcomed onto a marae, it is called a Powhiri. We have been working hard in our Whakaute workshops for Reading and Writing to prepare ourselves for our mid-year testing in Week 6. -Dallon

This term has been very busy for both the students and the teachers. We are now in Week 4 and we have just finished Book Week. For book week we completed Literacy activities and decorated our classrooms before Friday that week so we could present our classroom to other classrooms. Also during Book Week we had a Grab-a-Book activity where we went to the hall with the rest of our area, and we all got to choose 1 book each. At the end of the week the school met in the school hall for the character parade. There were a lot of different book characters. During Week 4 we had a Career Day and we got to look and find out what different jobs and universities we can go to when we have finished high school. We all went to Wainuiomata High School and went into the Marae. We got to meet firemen and look and different schools. -Maia

Kiaora koutou nau mai ki a Wharemaire Whitu Paetukutuku. My name is Missy and I am one of Room 7s Year 8s. As I am a year 8 I have been given a leadership role. I am one of Room 7s P.E. Monitors, so I’m going to be talking about P.E.  Lately for PE we have been playing a fun game that a student in our class made up, Greg, and it is called Domination. We’ve been playing fitness games because each class has been given a task and that’s to make up a game and it has to do with running and fitness. When the class is finished creating a game they have to share it with their area classes. After they’ve shared everyone gets to vote on which class has the best game. Domination is a really fun game (but I must say it can get physical😂) Our class is really funny when it comes to playing this game. It’s Amazing!! -Missy

Whakaute Powhiri: – In week 3 we had our area greeting and welcome to our school marae, it is called a powhiri. Being welcomed on to our marae is very ‘interesting.’ That is if you have some of the students we have in my area. When going inside we had to take off our shoes, and trust me, I swear my feet grew two inches between the time I put them on and when we took them off. Now that we’ve been welcomed on we are now part of the marae and are now tangata whenua but I don’t yet know what extra things we can do now except from cutting through to the gym. -Greg

Hi my name is Travis and this is my blog about Rm7, so my class is the best. We did Book Week that was a highlight for me because. it was great we did A book worm it was the longest and it goes half way around our classroom.  -Travis

Kia ora, Malo ni, this is Ruma Whetu’s blog. In 2 weeks our class are having our mid year tests. I’m excited because it’ll determine whether I have made progress since the start of the year. From the start of last week (Wk 3) till now  the whole of our Area 1 -Whakaute ( Respect ) have been going to the school hall coming up with a challenge and we’ve been put into little communities that have the same Local Challenge challenges to investigate this term. -Liam

The second term in Room 7 has been awesome, something that I really enjoyed was our Area 1 Whakaute Powhiri, because we finally got welcomed onto our school marae. It was really cool learning about the meaning of many things to do with the marae, and what is inside the school marae. Also one other thing I liked was that I led the karanga for my area. Something else i enjoyed this term was Book Week last week.  It was really cool seeing the other classrooms and their decorations, we got to walk around the classrooms. Another thing I liked about Book Week was the book parade where people dressed up as someone in a book, the downside was that the people that did not participate had to write lines. -Shania

Book Week: – Throughout the school there has been stress and relief, or was that just our class? Room 7 had done our best last week to show what Book Week meant to us. My favourite activity was the ‘Blacked Out Poems.’ But we did other activities as well. Mr Kauone wanted us to succeed in book week activities like, quizzes, character parade, and the great escape game. I reckon we all enjoyed book week and all had a great time. -Rina

Book Week and Reading Workshops – Last week was Book Week and it was really full on, but I enjoyed it as much as I enjoy playing Netball. What I completed for book week were 6 Bookworms, 6 leaves for our vocab tree, and 7 pages of Blackout Poems.  Blackout Poetry is when you get a page out of an old book and blank out words you don’t want and keep words that will make a poem. Once we’d made everything we put it onto displays, First I put up my book worms and then my vocab-leaves, I learnt so many new words last week. Then I stapled my page poems under the reading wall in our classroom. On Monday week 4 I went to Room 5 for my reading workshop in that classroom i’m learning how to do inferencing I do follow up activities that include inferencing little stories with questions that you need to inference on. -Jazmyn

Room 7 Blog – Last week was Book Week, a week to be excited about with funny costumes galore. So of course I had to find the perfect costume. The day had arrived to get dressed and find your favourite book and strut your stuff down the school hall. So myself and Mickey Mouse AKA my bestie strolled down the hall I was Minnie Mouse. Book week was so, so, so much fun, I can’t wait to do it again, with all the super fun activities. Trying new stuff and getting along with everybody, it was a super fun time.  Let’s do it next year!  – Jade

Book Week – Week 3 – Wainuiomata Intermediate had Book Week in Week 3. On Monday we had assembly and they talked about Book Week and everything that we were going to do throughout the whole week. Book Week is fun because we had grab-a-book, it’s when we got a book from the hall and we had to grab a book. On Friday we had our school parade it was really fun. We got to dress up as our favourite character. It was nice because we had to read a lot of books and when I read it, We have been working hard in our Whakaute Workshops to prepare for the mid year testing in week 6. -Pulu

In our Writing Workshop we had to choose what we wanted to improve in our writing and work on. We had to pick carefully what we wrote about. We go to workshops for Reading and Writing on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. The teachers show us how to write more descriptive writing to help us improve in our writing and to get better.  -Devaux
Workshop for Reading:  We filled out a test to see what area in our Reading we needed to work on for  the next few weeks. We then go to our workshops that we chose, then they teach you what you skills to use and learn them.  We go to the workshops on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. In my workshop we learnt about predicting what the story would be about. -Levi

Kia ora and welcome to Room 7s blog. On Monday we all gathered at assembly it pretty much toke up half of the first block so we only had the second block to complete the work. on tuesday we had technocraft but after the first block we got back into our work And the rest of the week we worked book worms and book poemes etc For tech im in ict and its algd because we are learning how to and what is touch typing and its algd because its a good skill to have. -Kelso

Book Week was so much fun! There was lots of Reading, Writing and Artwork too. Our Classroom did a Giant Book Worm that stretched out to half of our classroom! All our school’s classrooms visited one another to explore and admire our awesome displays we’d they put up. We also had a Character Parade (but only Ashlee, Asharna & Jade planned to dress up and Amatie & I dressed up with some of our Classroom’s resources on the day) and everyone who didn’t dress up in our class had to write 50 lines that read; I Should Have Been In The Character Parade. But apart from that we had lots of fun. -Connor

We had grab a book, we walked around the tables covered in books and I chose the alphabet book. -Amatie

Hi my name is Edmond and i am here to tell you about book week. On book week we did a book worm that reached halfway around the classroom. And we had a book character costume parade competion. And then we had a table of books. I choose a book called Myth-busters and it had a free DVD. -Edmond

On Wednesday we visited Wainuiomata High School school for Careers Day. I liked seeing all the different job choices we could make for our future. They give out cool informative information about possible career pathways too. -Ryan