Room 7 Students’ Mid-Term 3 Reflections.

Posted by Pio Semu Matiahi Kauone, 07 Sep 2017
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Hi, my name is Asharna and I am going to be talking about my Term 3 Academic achievements, Technocraft, and our Literacy/Topic Workshop classes. Technocraft: So far Technocraft has been great. I am currently on my last session of Digi- Tech(Computers). We have learned a lot about Touch typing, like having a good posture and keeping a good eye on the screen. I also really enjoyed all of the creative projects Mrs. Spotswood put together for us. Topic literacy: We also have our Topic literacy classes. There are 4 classes, Social Science with Mr. Kauone, Health with Mr. Gibbons, Science with Miss Clegg and Technology with the new teacher Mr. Aranui. I have completed Miss’s Clegg’s class of Science, Health with M. Gibbons and am currently in my third class of Technology with M. Aranui. Academics: Now to my Academics. This Term I have set a bunch of new goals according to my mid year tests needs and am currently working on achieving them. I am currently achieving above national standards for my year level in Reading, Writing, and Maths, But my strength is definitely Reading as I am on level 5B and am working hard to get to level 6. So overall Term 3 has been a very busy head down type of term and as we approach the end of term 3 we are all starting to prepare and revise for our end of tests as well as still always having a bit of fun at the end of the day. I can’t wait for the holidays and the start of term 4, hopefully it will be as good as term 3.

Reading and Writing Goals – I don’t know how I’m doing with my learning because I’ve been feeling upset with my pussycat and also my mum bought me a gameboy colour BUT i’m angry it hasn’t yet arrived because of the stupid courier post service – Ryan

Topic Studies is when we focus on a challenge in our school, community, country and world wide. We will make a poster and a web site to help people in, and around our local community and country. It will make an impact on our whole nation. Topic Studies is good because it could help someone in need. Our focus was bullying and its effects.

For Goal Setting, I find strategies that will help me understand and answer questions in Technology, this term I was in ICT and I learnt about making and editing a video.  We also worked on touch typing skills, my progress in touch typing is okay but it’s something I know I can work on in the future. – Levi

It is week 6 and I’ve done an amazing amount of work on Geometry, Measurement and statistics. For Topic my group did our presentation about low self esteem for our entire area. Also in reading I am improving fast and I am also getting better at read theory, which is a useful site we use for developing our reading comprehension. I am getting close to completing my first reading goal for this term which is to “detect language features’ to better understand what I’m reading. In Maths we have been learning about Geometry and Measurement and just recently reviewing Statistics. I think I am doing great and haven’t had any trouble. Overall this term has started great and I couldn’t be happier about our new Deputy Principal Mr. Sharp, and I am happy where I am with my academics. – Dallon

Term 3 has definitely been the busiest one so far, since we have to work extra hard academically. But when I get to term 4 and revise everything, it’ll definitely be worth the effort. Unfortunately I missed quite a bit of time off school because I was sick.

For Maths, I worked on equivalent fractions for a while, which was pretty easy, but I did need a bit of help to understand it. For Reading, I learnt about inferring and understanding the Author’s Purpose, or in other words, the purpose of their writing and why they wrote it. For Writing, I learnt how to write using better descriptive language and how to elaborate, or add more meaning and detail to a sentence. – Renee

This term where been doing a lot of things but i’m just going to do 1 thing we did this term plus my goals for this term. My literacy goals This term i’ve been focusing on my maths instead of my writing because i spent the last term focusing on writing. And my goals for writing are to use paragraphs more often in my work. And for my reading goals i have to reread after i’m done my writing. My math goal is to practice at home.

Literacy/Topic Workshops In my school i’ve just started to do topic literacy and its where each student get to choose the order in which we complete 4 subjects (Social Studies, Science, Technology and Health.) right now i am in technology with Mr Aranui.

Learning Goals – First of all  I’m going to cover what my reading, writing, and goals are and how they help me to achieve. My goals, I always refer back to when I was in my workshops and I focus on reflecting on these. They help me to understand what I’m learning. My goals, I have shared with my parents and teacher at the beginning of the year during my learning conference. P.E – For P.E this term we have practiced rugby, volleyball and now Netball for our upcoming inter-class tournament. This means that we need to pick our class team. We are practicing every Tuesday and Thursday hopefully getting better so we win the tournament. Mr. Sharp – Mr. Sharp is our new D.P or deputy principal.  Mr. Neilson the former D.P taught maths and science extension and I hope Mr. Sharp does too. So far I’ve gone to Konini Primary to teach younger kids how to play chess and sewing. He’s definitely friendly and I hope I don’t have to see his bad side. – Greg

Term 3 Reflection: Academics – For Reading, Writing, and Maths, I’ve been improving with my goals (e.g) Use info to form and express idea’s. I’ve been reflecting on them and I can say I’m improving. Secondly, by looking at my goals it makes me get better and set new ones. Lastly, I know I’ve improved academically because I’ve been using my goals in my writing. Topic/Literacy – For topic/literacy it’s a rotation of Social Studies, Science, Health and Technology. I really liked Social Studies with Mr Kauone because we got to design and draw a 1 sq mile NZ native forest with native wildlife and write an explanation about it. Currently I’m in Health with Mr Gibbons and we play this game where Mr Gibbons gives us a question and we have to go to a corner, 1 corner is, Disagree, Strongly Disagree, Agree and Strongly Agree. So far I like the Topic/Literacy workshops I’ve been in. P.E – I really like Volleyball because I’m good at it, and I also enjoy serving. But currently we’re learning to play Netball and I’m in the classroom team and my position is Center. I like that position because you get to start off the game, I get passed the ball a lot and I can go in all three quarters but I’m just not allowed in the Semi-Circle . So this is why I like P.E . – Liam

Literacy/Topic Workshops – This week my Area 1/ Whakaute started our literacy workshops. We have to learn about four things which are health, social science, science, and technology. I’m in Science right now, we’re learning about what food chains and food webs are, we’re writing an explanation about food chains and food webs. Physical Education –  for P.E we are continuing with Netball for an inter class tournament. This means we need to pick a class team. We practice every Tuesday and Thursday hoping to get better and to win the tournament. Academics – For reading, writing, and maths I’ve been improving with my goals. Lately, I’ve been reflecting on them and I can say I’m improving. Secondly, by looking at my goals it makes me get better and I set new ones. Lastly, I know I’ve improved academically because I know what are equivalent fractions and language mechanics and sentence types. – Pulu

Highlights Of My Term – This term has been great so far, I’m going to share some things that I’ve especially enjoyed this term. Netball tournament – The first thing I took part in was the Wellington Inter-Intermediate Netball Tournament which took place in Porirua. Two of my school’s netball teams participated – our top Year 7s team and our top Year 8 team, I was in the Year 7 team. My Year 7 team played really well and we made it into the playoffs, unfortunately, though, we lost the play offs, but we still came 6th overall out of 14 intermediate schools which I’m really happy about. Topic Studies – This term we have started in new inquiry topic groups and each group has a different ‘challenge’, right now I’m in the ‘Racism’ group. Last Monday my group presented our proposal ideas and that went really well I think we deserve an ‘A’ for achieved. Our next learning steps are to make t-shirts and advertise that racism is a big problem and should be stopped. My Academics – I think my academics are going well i am completing all my work  that i have been set and I have a achieved them. I am still a little behind in writing but i am getting better. – Shania

Welcome back to the middle of term 3, I’m going to talk about my Saturday netball games, my academic goals, and Tech. Netball- Netball has been a great experience as I got to play with my friends and different people around the school that I’ve made new friendships with. Even though we didn’t win our pool, I’ve sure had a great time playing in new positions and with new friends. My academic goals – My academics have been very successful, as I’ve been achieving my reading and writing goals In my Whakaute Literacy/Topic workshops. Tech- Since It’s week 6, we will be finishing our current  tech module, I’m In sewing and I think I will finish my shirt that I’m making. It was hard but I’ve learnt new things and It was fun. That’s my Update for term 3, bye. – Rina

Mid year reflection – Term 3 topic studies. This term in topic studies I am in low self esteem, we have recently presented our presentation with our area. The reason I choose low self esteem is because I wanted to try something new, to help people get more confidence and to be themselves. Technocraft – in technocraft for term 3 I was in music, I learnt so much, such as how to play the guitar, I also learnt how to use a keyboard. Overall my experience in music was really fun and successful. Academics – I think I am achieving lots in my academics. My goals are to practice and get better scores in my end of year summative tests. We have been doing literacy workshops and changing to different classes for a whole block, I find workshops really helpful and fun, for my reading and writing and we get to see other teachers style of teaching. – Ashlee

Kia ora koutou katoa, nau mai kia wharemaire whitu paetukutuku. I’m going to be reflecting on this terms PEand my learning progress. This term for PE our class, Room 7, have been learning about volleyball and Netball. For the first half of the term, we learnt about how to play volleyball and what the different positions and rules are. We also learnt, how to set the ball for the people around us and serve the ball to the opposition. Right now for PE, we are learning the rules of netball and how to throw and catch the ball in different ways. We have also learnt the different positions (where to stand and where you’re not allowed to stand). This term I think I have achieved my literacy goals. For my reading literacy workshop, Mrs Clegg (Room 2) taught me the different language features in Reading. There are onomatopoeia, metaphors, similes, personification etc. I definitely think I achieved my Writing goals because being in Mrs Va’as writing workshop helped me to learn how to connect paragraphs and how to use linking words. Mrs Va’a said I now understand how to link my paragraphs to a higher standard. I hope you enjoyed my reflection of Term 3. – Missy

Jade’s Mid Year Blog – Firstly this term I’ve recently joined the after school performing Kapa Haka group. So far the actions have been easy to pick up on and I’m improving on my actions each lesson. I’m glad that everyone is willing to help me out in the Kapa Haka team. My next thing is the new literacy topic workshop, In my workshop my first subject was science. In science, I had learned about food chains, webs, life cycles and a yeast, sugar and water experiment. My second literacy workshop topic is… Health, in health me and my group, has been talking and brainstorming about what makes New Zealand healthy. Lastly my academics. These are the things I think are helping me improve like… The mathletics website, mathathon test and literacy topic workshop. Hopefully, this will help me improve. – Jade

This term the area teachers have decided to collaborate the Literacy and Topic workshops we have been focusing on Social studies, Science, Health and Technology. The workshops have been going great having these workshops have been a lot of help for people who are struggling to achieve their reading and writing goals. – Paris