Room 7 Student’s Reflections Week 2 Term 3.

Posted by Pio Semu Matiahi Kauone, 31 Jul 2017
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Whakataka Te Hau

Whakataka te hau ki te uru                    Cease the winds from the west
Whakataka te hau ki te tonga                Cease the winds from the south
Kia mākinakina ki uta                              Let the breeze blow over the land
Kia mātaratara ki tai                                Let the breeze blow over the ocean
E hī ake ana te atakura                            Let the red-tipped dawn come with a sharpened air
He tio, he huka, he hauhunga                A touch of frost, a promise of a glorious day.
Tīhei Mauriora.

Tena koutou, Nau mai ki a Wharemaire Whitu paetukutuku Ko Missy ahau and I am going to talk to you about Polyfest Pasifika and my academic achievements. This year I have made a lot of improvements with my writing as I went up 3 sub-levels, and I have definitely improved made progress with my Maths knowledge because I now better understand Statistics and Geometry. I really enjoy doing maths in Room 7 because we get taught in a fun way. My mother even said she was proud with where i was at in all areas of my academics. Last term myself and my kapa haka group performed in the Wellington region Poly Festival, I had lots of fun performing and watching other schools perform. Over the year we learn’t heaps of songs and we performed them loud and proud. This year for Pasifika we have learnt heaps of songs and dances and we’ve learnt all about other cultures and at the end of the year we’re closing our school’s cultural production. I can’t wait to perform and share our talents. Wainuiomata intermediate school is a great place to learn and have fun. – Missy

CELEBRATION! On Wednesday 5th July my area Whakaute which means Respect went out on an area trip to Te Papa in the city. It was awesome because it was mainly to go to the Awesome Forces exhibit which is about earthquakes and the inner world. My Reading, Writing and Maths tests were good because I went from below the National standards at the start of the year to At for everything. I’m especially happy with my writing because I was very close to getting Above the national standard for my year level expectation and my score was 1660 and I’m really happy with that. I was happy with my learning conference because my mum said she was proud of me for being At the national standards for everything, but I just need to work on my time and self management and not getting distracted by others. – Liam

Term 2 Technocraft has been quite interesting. The module I was in was Woodwork. I liked wood work because it challenged me to put on my creative thinking hat which led to successfully creating some wooden pieces of art. Speaking of success my academics has gone very well too. I achieved really well in my mid year tests. I am currently above expectations for my year level with my Reading, Writing, and Maths. More recently I had my Parent Teacher Conference. It was a chance for me to update my parent on how I am doing in school. I am happy with how it went because I am very proud of my school achievements. Sports, a month or two ago I represented my school in our Girls Hockey Team. I am very happy with myself and my team’s performance as we came 3rd overall and beat the boys with them coming 4th overall. So in conclusion I have had a great term and luckily there is still another year and a term for me at Wainuiomata Intermediate. – Asharna

Last term I have took part in some really cool things, here are some things that I thought were cool that I took part in. The school social which was really fun there was some dance battles and competitions that even teachers took part in such as musical statues, limbo. There were lollies and chocolate and glow sticks that were sold at the event, to me I thought that it was cool that at different points the lights would be turned off and flashing lights turned on. In term 2 our school kapa haka group took part in Poly-Fest, we performed in front of a large group of people over 1000! people.The whole kapa haka group were nervous and excited at the time, we all had to push through our nerves and we ended up having a awesome performance and made our whanau so proud. Last term we had done our e-asttle tests for Writing Reading and Maths. I am proud of what I have achieved and improvements that I have made throughout the year so far. For Writing and Reading I have gone up a few sub levels which makes me at the national standards for my year level. In Math I stayed where I was originally at but I know for sure the next test I do I will move up a least one sub level. Recently we had our Learning conference which is when me and my parents had a meeting with my teacher, my interview went well I now know what I need to work on and what I don’t academically and socially. – Shania

Kia Ora my name is Rina and these are some of my experiences from terms 2 and early term 3 that I’m reflecting on; Academics, PolyFest and my Learning Conference. In the last week of term 2 I completed all of my mid-year tests. It was a nerve-racking experience but I’m happy because I’ve improved in all of my school subjects especially with my Writing. I am achieving Above expectation for my year level in Maths and Reading, and I’m At the National Standards with my Writing. I’m really happy that I’ve accomplished my goals and expectations for myself and my parents are very happy for me too. My next learning steps/goals for Writing are: Changing my audience’s mood using more emotive words and a more descriptive vocabulary. On Tuesday 4th of July, my school’s kapa haka group, Te Kahui Tamariki performed at the Walter Nash Stadium as part of Polyfest Hutt Valley. It was so exciting as I’d only just participated in a Polyfest for the very first time. We had worked so so so hard and it showed as our performance was simply amazing. We made ourselves and our whanau so proud! Now it’s term 3 and I’ve had my second Parent/teacher Conference. I really enjoyed showing my dad my achievements and progress I’ve made throughout the first half of the year. I feel really good because I’m achieving really well with my academics and socially. I’m really proud and happy with the achievement I’ve made in term 2 and 3. I’m feeling confident and looking forward to accomplishing more throughout the rest of the year. – Rina

Last term my class and I (Room 7) and Rooms 5, 4 and 2 went to Te Papa for an exhibit – Awesome Forces. Just in case you didn’t know what Awesome Forces is? I will explain…so the exhibit is about the Earth and what it’s made up of. It is so, so fun. You get to explore and find out information about the earth, and if you find the most information about our mother earth, you get a prize. Next – Samoan Language Week is a time to find out about Samoan culture. Some activities included making up a humorous fun dance with your class using Samoan songs. We also had a big feast (to’o’nai) with our class and ate exotic Polynesian foods. Finally my mid-year test scores and my Parent/Teacher Conference. For my Writing and Maths I achieved a 3P and for my Reading test a 3A. I’m happy with my scores because I know I am improving every day. My interview went really well because my parents, teacher and I all agreed what I need to work on and what I’ve improving on regarding my academics. Overall I’m very happy with everything. – Jade

For my term 2 academics results I moved up 5 and 4 sub levels in Reading and Writing. And for Maths I am making steady progress. I am happy with where I’m at in my learning but I will make more progress in terms 3 and 4. Term 2 tecnocraft was great. The module I was in was sewing. I learnt how to hand sew, at first I thought it would be hard but in the end it was really fun! I learnt so much! Overall sewing was really successful and i can’t wait to go back next year. At the end of term 2 our area went on a really successful trip to Te Papa, we learnt lots about volcanoes and earthquakes. It was really fun going out of school with Room 7 and the rest of our area 1 we had so much fun! – Ashlee

Term 2 was a long term for me, here are some of my academic achievements from term 2. I did heaps in Reading learning new strategies and I have progressed heaps especially with finding the main idea whenever reading a text. I got a 4P in my Reading test which means I’m working at expectations for my year level. In Writing I am Above the National Standards which is great! I achieved my last terms goals. For Maths I could probably do more with Algebra but last term I think I improved with my understanding and knowledge in decimals. For Reading my new goals are to work on ideas and language features, and for Writing – ideas and punctuation. Finally for Maths – shapes, orientation, transformation and position. – Dallon

My Term 1 & 2 Highlights. Academic Success: I’m Above expectation for my year level in Reading, Writing, and Maths and I am proud of where I am. I am happy at where I am right now because I have gone up in Writing and Maths, even though the wifi was playing up throughout that week we had our tests. Te Papa: At the end of term 2 we (Whakaute/Area 1) went to Te Papa in our classes groups. The focus was to observe the Awesome Forces Exhibition, I think we as an area all enjoyed it. Student, Parent, Teacher Interview: I was the last person on Monday for the interview and I thought it would be okay. We went over everything, it was a good catch up. It turned out well and I was right and I even got rewarded by my parents for it. – Greg

CELEBRATION! I have improved in all my subjects because I have achieved my goals from terms 1 and 2, so now I have to focus on my goals that we set in our Parent Teacher Interview/Learning Conference. Starting with my academics, with my Reading, Writing and Maths. I feel confident that I’m going to achieve my next learning steps. Last term I have taken part in some really cool things, here are some things that I thought were cool that I took part in. For Writing and Reading I have gone up a few sub levels which makes me at the national standards for my year level. In Math I stayed where I was originally at but i know for sure the next test I do I will move up a least one sub level. Lastly in Samoan Language Week we also had a big feast with other area classes and we ate exotic foods. -Pulu

Technocraft: Term 3 Technocraft has been really fun the module that I’m in at the moment is Visual Arts. My Arts teacher is Mr Smith and he’s teaching us about primary colours and the various stages of designing a colour wheel using paint. It has been a great start in Art and I can’t wait to learn more strategies to help me develop my skills as an artist. Te Papa Trip: On the last week of Term 2 our Area 1 – Whakaute went on a trip to Te Papa National Museum where we had an hour with an instructor who taught us about the earth, including earthquakes and volcanoes. Once our individual class session had finished we were allowed to go and explore the museum and its special features.
From that day at Te Papa and the Awesome Forces exhibit learning about earthquakes and volcanoes, I now know a lot about New Zealand’s history and my understanding and knowledge about our mother earth. – Paris

Kia Ora and welcome to Room 7’s blog. Term 2 was very busy and fun. I’m going to be talking about my academic achievements, our Area 1 trip to Te Papa and S.W.O.P Languages.
At the end of term 2 we completed all of our mid-year tests. I improved a lot in my Writing as I went up several sub-levels. Also the last week of term 2 we went on a trip to Te Papa. We went class by class into the amazing Awesome Forces exhibition. During the 1 hour tour we were taught how volcanoes and earthquakes worked. It was very interesting and I learnt a lot of new things. In S.W.O.P I have learnt the basics in the Samoan and French languages and I have currently started Spanish. Every teacher teaches a different language around the school. I am confident that I have improved in all areas of my academic work and social skills, and I believe that I will improve even more over the second half of the year. – Maia

On Wednesday the 5th July, Rooms 2, 4, 5, & 7 (Area 1) went on a trip to Te Papa, in Wellington. I learnt that Christchurch moved 1200 millimetres in 60 years. I also learned a lot about volcanoes & earthquakes. I have progressed well in my academics this year in all areas. My Reading has improved by 13 points in my E-asttle test, my Writing has improved by 222 points and went up several levels and my Mathematics improved by a sub level and 81 points. So overall I made a lot of progress with my academics. My social skills have improved because I am making better judgements about where I sit and what I talk about and with who. – Connor

Technocraft, my favourite subject is woodwork.we used heaps of different tools like a plane, saw , drills, poker machine for doing art on our woodwork. I like woodwork because you make cool things like swords! And also a dice. I enjoy learning new things in woodwork because you will get to use the things that you made. – Levi

Hi my name is Devaux and I’m going to talk about my academics and SWOP. I think that I have improved a lot in my Reading, Writing and Maths. In reading I am one of the highest test score student in my classroom. My main goal this term is to get a good score and improve in my Writing ability. In technocraft through the first and second term I went to cooking, sewing, art and music my favourite was cooking I enjoyed making lots of delicious foods my favourite was pizza and at the start of cooking we had to wash our hands before we started, thank you for reading my reflection. – Devaux

CELEBRATIONS!!! Today I’m going to be talking about excellent things I have achieved over these past two terms at Wainuiomata intermediate such as my Parent Teacher Conference, my academics and our Area 1 visit to Te Papa. I have liked these past two term they have been fun and entertaining for me and my class. Te Papa: We learnt a lot of things such as the inner earth and how many layers there are until it reaches the centre of the earth. We also learnt a lot of things about the tectonic plates, and where they are located from a cool little puzzle that had to be made customised just for Te Papa. We also learnt a lot about earthquakes and volcanoes especially about their pasts events. Academic Success: I am very pleased with my academic success over these past two terms because I have made huge progress with all my school subjects, especially with my Reading. I personally have achieved a level of 4A which is above the national standard and I’m At with every other subject. Parent Teacher Interview: My parents were very proud with my work over these past two terms they want me to keep striving so I can have a good career when I’m older and be what I want to be. – Kelso

My Journey Throughout Term 2. Kia ora and welcome to Room 7’s blog, I am going to be sharing a few highlights from term 2. One of them includes doing my mid year tests followed by our area trip to Te Papa. I will then be telling you how our school social went, and a P.M.I chart of how my learning conference was. Throughout term 2, we completed all mid year testing. I did really well, we started off with Writing, Reading and lastly we completed our Maths test. I managed to do my best in all the tests but it was very challenging with bad wifi connection. On the last week of term 2 our area went to go see an exhibition at Te papa, amazing forces. It was amazing because we learnt about volcanoes and earthquakes. The school social was great as everyone was dancing along to Mr. Wallace’s cool music. We also done a worm challenge at school social. – Jazmyn

My experiences though the year; I am reading Above expectation for my year level which is really good because I have ADHD which often causes me to go off track. I’m not yet doing well with my writing but i will likely get better in the future because I know my writings better because there’s a big difference in my writing from the start of the year to what I can do now. – Ryan

Last term was fun because we went to Te Papa to do the awesome forces exhibition. We were in our class groups and before the exhibition we went for a walk in our groups along the waterfront. We went to MacDonald and Mr Kauone bought a frozen coke for all of us. – Edmond