Room 7: Student’s Reflection Snippets.

Posted by Pio Semu Matiahi Kauone, 26 Mar 2017
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Kia ora, malo ni and welcome aboard Room 7’s waka as we glide down the awa/river of learning and knowledge! In Room 7 we value each and every student to the fullest extent possible. In our class, we don’t try to do our best – we do our best, as there is no such thing as try, you either do it, or, you don’t. Above our whiteboard we have a hanging chain. It represents each of us students and how we’re only as strong as our weakest link. The point being, to help and support each other to grow stronger personally as a learner and person. But all of this would not be possible without our loving teacher, Mr. Kauone. – Dallon

So far it’s been a good Term 1 in Room 7, especially since Mr. Kauone is our teacher! He’s always straight up with every one of his students about our Writing, Reading, Maths, etc. E.g, If a student isn’t doing well with a certain subject, he will have a private conversation with them and help them figure out their Next Learning Steps. And he always helps you to be more confident, No matter if you’re Scottish, Maori, Tokelau, he’ll help you no matter what. He might make fun of you and give you a funny nickname (as a joke), but that’s just his way of communicating with his students. Even though Room 7 is a really hard working class, we still love to have a laugh every now and then, or go and play some games on the field, or if it’s raining, in the classroom. – Renee

Kiaora, Nau mai, Haere mai, kia Wharemaire Whitu pae tukutuku. In Room 7 we’ve kicked off to a great start for 2017, It’s been awesome to meet the new year 7’s. In Room 7 we treat each other like they’re our brothers and sisters – I mean literally we’re straight up with each other for e.g. we would tell each other what we need to work on and give them great feed back or we tell them they suck!!! Jokes😂😂😂😏😀😃 We are also a real easy going class and we make a lot of jokes. Mr Kauone lets us make funny jokes about him and he lets us make fun of him, but if we do then he would be able to make fun of us too. Our Area 1’s name is Whakaute, which means RESPECT. – Missy
Hello and Talofa, I am going to talk to you about Technocraft classes in our school. Technocraft is a time in our school where we learn different skills. For Technocraft there are 6 classes that we do over the whole year, they are:FABRICS (SEWING), WOODWORK, MUSIC, COOKING, ICT and ART. We do Tech 2 times a week, we do them on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  – Greg
Hi, we have 20 chromebooks to do our work with but some people BYOD (bring your own device) to school and for me I find them easier to write on. – Devaux
Kia ora, malo ni, S.W.O.P (school wide opportunities  program)  S.w.o.p is a program we rotate to different teachers who teach different kinds of activities that are fun and cool like we do block run, vortex force back, water tower run, turbo touch, ultimate frisbee and basketball. My favorite activity is rugged rugby it’s pretty much like rugby but all the other activities are cool too. – Kelso
I think Room 7 is a very humorous class. Our teacher Mr Kauone is 100% honest with us and that helps us with our learning so we know what to improve on. He likes to joke around and make fun of us like but at the end of the day we are very hard workers. Our class motto is “Work hard, play hard , love life.” This mean if we work hard and play hard equally, we will eventually love life, as our lives have a good balance of work and play. – Asharna
I think Mr Kauone is really straight up with his students  so we Room 7 students know where we’re at with our learning, he’s very honest with our school work he tells us if we need to work harder or add to our work. We sometimes get a little carried away, but in the end, Room 7 students’ will have our work completed well with our work done. I really enjoy doing Tecnocraft every Tuesday,and Thursday because we get to change every term and learn new things like sewing,woodwork, art,cooking,computers,and music. – Ashlee
Kia ora, Malo ni! Welcome to Room 7. We are a hard working class and we get along together rather well. We are very collaborative as well as humourous. We don’t waste time. – Connor
Hi, my name is Travis and this is my blog about Rm 7 at Wainuiomata Intermediate. It’s  great, I love the teachers especially Mr. I love P.E. Most of my friends are in this school too. Our class motto is work hard play hard love life. I like topic studies because it’s fun and we do lots of it. Goodbye have a great year. – Travis
At the start of the year, walking into Room 7 for the first time was so nerve wracking, but overcoming my nerves was actually easy because everyone’s so kind, caring and helpful to me. I’m really enjoying it in Room 7. Everyone is so honest and straight up and tells you the exact truth, especially Mr Kauone. I’m so so so excited with our upcoming EOTC week, I’m mostly excited about the ADRENALINE FOREST PARK! I’m so glad to be doing new things and experiences, like zooming down on the flying fox next to all those trees, because all the people in the ads looked so lit up and happy when they did it. I can not wait but,.. sadly this is the end of my blog-bye. – Jade
Malo ni, Kia ora and welcome to Room 7’s blog update. We all enjoy working with each other because we work and have a laugh when doing our work which makes us happy, and personally it makes me want to work harder as I’m in a good mood. Our class motto is: “Work Hard, Play Hard, Love Life” Which means we work hard a lot, then we get to play hard and after we will all eventually love our life because everything is well balanced in our lives. We all live by this motto in Room 7. Wharemaire Whitu’s class Leaders, Student and Sports Councilors are: Maia & Jazmyn and our  backup is Rina. We all work well with our Year 7s and 8s and are good leaders because we help each other, when it comes to leadership Maia, Rina and Jazmyn are the ones to guide you. Our Sports Councilors are Paris and Kelso who are very helpful when it comes to teaching a new sport. – Jazmyn
I like the Homework Club because it helps me to keep up to date with my bloody homework and work. – Ryan
Kia ora, Malo ni, Room 7 is a hilarious class but we know when to get on with our work. We are a hard working class. We work for most of the day we do our work, but at the end of the day for about ten minutes we sing songs and tell jokes. We have a class chain which means we can’t be separated during our 2 years here. The benefits of the chain is that we are only as strong as our weakest link. – Liam
Room 7 is a humorous class so is Mr Kauone. Room 7 has a class motto and it is: Work Hard, Play Hard, Love Life. It means if you work hard and play hard at the same time and it is balanced, then you will love life, but if you work hard but don’t play hard you’re going to struggle with life. But when you do them both equally, you should love life. Room 7 work really hard to finish our work so we can move onto our next task. The Year 8s have different roles such as: Student Counselor, Sports Counselor, P.E. Monitor, and much more. – Pulu
In Ruma Whitu we have a class motto: “Work Hard, Play Hard, Love Life” Which means when we work hard a lot and we play hard too, afterwards, we will love our life, because everything is well balanced in our lives. Room 7 is the most humorous class I know. We are really academic and get all of our work completed on time. We really enjoy working a lot because when we do we will get to have rewards. – Paris
Technocraft has Music, Woodwork, Sewing, Digitech and Art. Technocraft is good because you will get to learn new things like art where they teach us how to draw. – Levi
For topic studies this term we are reflecting on personal challenges. Our personal challenge is the thing that we need to work on in our life. My personal challenge is “Just because my parents are apart it doesn’t mean I can’t have a good relationship with my mum” Now we are investigating our personal challenge, next we connect our personal challenge to our big ideas and link our challenge to local, national, and global challenges. – Shania
Kiaora, my Room 7 is a great class because the reason why I wake up in the morning is because I love the good vibe. The good vibe is the way we communicate in a kind caring way. The way we learn is not complicated if you listen. You would love to be in our class too. We do Tech where we cook, do art, sew, woodwork, digitech and music. – Zach