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Student Agency – When I was at Aims I managed myself really well most of the time, At moments I could have done better. I really think I was doing what I was meant to do when I was meant to do it. Before we left in class my student agency is pretty good at times I’m tired and just can’t be bothered. Most of the time I have good agency in class. How I could be better is to have fewer days where I’m tired and can’t be bothered and turn that into positive energy and just do whatever it is I’m meant to be doing.

Key Competencies – My thinking is still the same about key competencies which is I do really well at managing self. I have improved on participating and contributing and I even think I have improved since the last blog. Something I need to work on is using language, symbols and text I still need to find out what it means though. I haven’t mentioned thinking yet I think my thinking is good it’s weird because if I think hard I just become unless so I like to keep my thinking simple thinking outside of the box is still something I like doing.

Personal Goal – I think I have achieved my personal goal and key competence goal. Well, at least I have improved since the start of the year. My last blog I said I haven’t been working on them. Even though I have been away a lot lately, I still think I have improved a lot. I need to set more goals that will challenge me more.

Sports – Aims was a huge achievement not only was it fun but we won it. All those training we had all paid off. Winning was great but the experience that I had and the friends that I made can top all of that. I’ve got closer with all the players in my team and I hang out with them outside of rugby. I’m looking forward to next year if we go up again hopefully we do. This year had a lot of year sevens so next year it will be basically the same team.

My Feeling Towards Term 4
I am pretty excited for term 4 mostly looking forward to the long holiday. I’ve been pretty tired and can’t wait to have two weeks off. Usually term four is fun for me but its most likely going to be different at this school. There is the part of having a lot of tests and heaps of revision and stuff like that which im not looking forward to. Another thing is because it’s the last term there’s heaps of things to do and things to cover. Other than that, yeah, I am actually looking forward to term four.  -Fanua


It has come to the end of term 3 and moving on to term 4, term 4 is going to be a lot busier for probably most of the school. Term 3 has been pretty busy but term 4 is gonna be the last term for the 8s because we are moving on to high school next year but that’s gonna be a lot more different for most of us because we will no longer be at intermediate with our teachers and we will be meeting new teachers and probably some new friends. Anyway it has been solid with our teacher because of what he has taught the class and me so much different things around the school and the class.

Key Competencies For my KC I really need to come to school and be prepared to learn but I don’t do that because I come to school not prepared and not ready to learn and I don’t listen to my teacher. I need to be self-motivated and complete all my work when I don’t even complete all my work because I muck around distracting other students and getting told off by my teacher and getting other students in trouble.

Personal goals: One of my personal goals is I need to step up to be a leader and a tuakana when I’m not being a good tuakana/leader because I teach other students stupid things and get them into trouble. I need to respect myself and my audience when I don’t respect my own whanau because I back chat, not wait patiently and not being respectful and that’s why I need to respect myself and my audience. I need to treat people the right way and not the opposite way because if I don’t treat people the right way they will treat me the wrong way as well. Meitaki. –Terangianiwaniwa

Welcome back, long time no see.
Toku Pokapu akonga – E mohio ana ahau kei te pai haere toku pokapu akonga i tenei wahanga, na te mea kei te aro atu ahau ki toku akoranga. Kei te ngana ahau ki te tutuki i oku whainga, engari ka whai aro ahau ki oku hoa i te wa ako. Kei te whakahaere i toku mahi, ehara i nga mahi paerewa. Kei te pakari ake taku ahunga whakamua me taku ako.
Key Competencies – Kare tonu ahau e mohio me pehea toku ahua o oku akonga, na te mea kua mahi au i taku huarahi kia whakatutuki, engari kaore i tutuki. Ka ngana tonu ahau ki te tutuki i te iti rawa i mua o te mutunga o tenei tau.
My goals – Kei te ngana ahau ki te tutuki i oku tohenga, ko tetahi whainga ko te tu kia maia, kia toa. Kei te huri oku whakaaro ki te pai, kei runga ahau i te huarahi tika. Na te mea ko nga korero a te tumuaki kei te whakaatu ahau i te rangatiratanga, te ahuatanga tika.
Aku whakaaro ki te mutunga o tenei tau, he tino whakaririka na te mea kare au i te mohio mena kua reri mo te kura tuarua a te tau e heke mai nei. -Malia

Whakamutunga O Te Tau Tuatoru!

Kia ora, kua hoki mai ahau! He tere rawa te haere o tenei tau engari kei te tino harikoa au mo te roopu 4. Hei mahi pono i te mutunga o tenei kupu kua tino pai me te pukumahi hokina te mea kua aro nui matou ki a Kapa haka mo a matou mahi i roto i te wiki 9 me ta tatou whakaaturanga ahurea hoki.

Key competencies – If your not sure what Key competencies are well they are basically like managing yourself with things, Thinking and Relating to others stuff like that. I’m happy with my key competencies because I have Improved in Relating to others and participating and contributing. My Key competencies are managing myself and thinking, I’m mostly focusing on managing self because I always get distracted easily so I have to manage myself and move away from my friends. For thinking I’m not struggling with it I just need to think about situations and the consequences.

Student agency – My student agency has been going well this term but I know I can do better by focusing more and not giving up that easy because I don’t want to keep giving up that easy. I have been really good with my behaviour like I haven’t been acting up and I have been doing the things I am supposed to do.

Academics and Personal goals – My personal goals for the year was to be a good role model and to be more focused. To be honest I haven’t really been improving on being focused more I’ve mostly been mucking around and not focused on my work, I have been working on being a good role model which I have improved on heaps because I have been showing the year 7s and just being a good role model for them.  I need to work on being focused and listening more in class. My academics are going good but I still need to work on my math because I get some stuff but not most stuff, For maths, I am in 3 to level 4 which is Mr Thompson’s class and its cool I guess. I have improved on my maths by a little bit because I’m listening more in the classes.

How I’m feeling towards the end of this year? – I’m scared but excited to finish this year and intermediate. I’m scared to finish intermediate because I’ll be moving to college. Even though I am kinda excited for this year to end only cause college has more stuff and opportunities. But I’m not as happy as I am for my learning but by the end of this Year I want to be successful in my learning by listening to instructions and concentrating on my work, etc. – Natalea

Kakite Wahanga Toru

It is almost the end of term 3 and I am feeling good and very excited for the end of the year and being a year 8 next year but I need to improve on my self-management and being responsible in class and out.

There is only 1 more term and term 4 is the term that I have to work hard and smart to get good results in my tests.z

Math-My goals for math are to solve fraction problems and I think I should work to a higher standard it’s really important and I hope to reach them. My other goal for math is to find out some good strategies to solve equations that I wouldn’t know and to stay focused to achieve.

Writing-My goals in writing are to improve on my sentences and punctuation. I also want to make my stories fun to read and have lots of ideas in them. But for most areas in writing, I am doing well because I have learned a lot this term and that is good leading up to my end of year writing test.

Reading-For reading we have been doing comprehension strategies and reflecting on them I think if my reading is good it will help in all academic areas lifting my strengths in each one. My reading goals are to understand and organize text and to know how books are structured and texts.

My KC’s and Student Agency-I tenei wahanga kei te piki taku whanonga engari kei te mahi i nga mea hoha i nga wa. Kei te pirangi au ki te piki taku whanonga me toku wairua ki te whaka koa i oku hoa me oku kaiako na te mea kaore i mahi pai au. Kaore i mahi kino ki nga taha o nga tau whitu i te tau i heke mai nei na te mea kua kaitiaki au me te kairangatira ki nga tau whitu. Kia Ora, Teokotai

End Of term 3

Key competencies – My key competencies suck Because I usually do too much play hard and not enough work smart. And that’s why I want to be better with my key competencies but I still think i have gotten a little bit better than I used to be.

Academic and personal goals – I am pretty good with my academic because I can do most of my basic maths and. my personal goals are to get faster and smarter and a lot better at sports and not to be lazy.

How I’m feeling leading to the end of the term – Pretty good to be honest this term has been better although I still get into lots of trouble I really do try my hardest and I need to try even harder because when it comes to my key competencies they just suck because I just dont ever listen i can’t hear very well and that’s most of the reason I get in trouble.

Student agency – Kaore kei te mohio ahau e aha te tahua amarara engari he tino kore take toku  tahua mamau no te mea he kore take toku ki matatau me kaore e whaka rongo au ki nga kaiako ko te ra te take ka mahi oku tahua amarara ka tino pai ka whaka rongo au ki na tangata katoa ka mahi au toku mahi ka kayi ki te takaro nga kemu ki ronga nga matamura pukapuka. – Taukea

😜End of Term 3 Yeet 😜

Te tari a te akonga – Ko taku tari a te akonga ehara i te mea pai engari ki te pono kaore ahau e tino whakarongo ki te whakarongo, engari kei te ako tonu ahau kia pai rawa atu aku mohio me te whakarongo ake.

Ko nga whaainga me nga whaainga whaiaro – He tino pai aku o aku kairangahau i tenei wa, ina koa me aku Tuhi tuhituhi na te mea kei te ako ahau ki te tuhituhi tuhituhi tere engari he iti kei te haere tonu me te whakapai tonu i nga waahanga katoa.

Kei aku kare mo tenei kupu3 – Kei te koa ahau ki te kupu 3 kua tata ki te mea kua ako ahau ki nga putunga hou o tenei kupu penei i te Pakanga Whenua o Niu Tireni i te rau tau 18 me te ako ano hoki i nga korero hou mo oku whakapapa whakapapa.

Ko te maatau matua – kei te whakapai tonu ahau ki aku maatauranga matua ko te whainga ko te whakarongo ki a Mr.kauone me te mahi i aku mahi tika hei utu mo te noho ki raro, kaore e tono mo te awhina kia kaua e pai ake o aku ako.

Tauhokohoko – THe nui tee aroha ana ahau ki tenei kupu i mahia e ahau me te tunu kai. Ko Digitech te wahi e ako ana koe me pehea te whakatika me te rapu i nga pokatata ki te tuhi ki nga chromebooks me nga pcs ranei te huarahi e hiahia ana ahau kia rite ki te ahua me te ahua o te ahua. I te kitenga o te kaiako Mrs.spotswood i aku mahi ka miharo ia, ka koa tona ngakau ki nga mahi ka taea e au te tere i roto i te waa iti.I ki ana ahau he kaiako tino pai ia i kii ia ko ta matou mea tino pai.Ko te mea tetahi o ana mea. te hangarau pai i mahi au i runga i te pai o te whai i nga mea katoa e kii ana te kaiako ko nga mea e tika ana kia mahi au ko te kore tahu i te paraoa. -Manaia M

Term 4 Is Coming

Student agency

In class, my student agency is going okay I’m starting to focus more on my work then on my friends. I still need a bit more help when it comes to managing myself because most times I get distracted and end up not on task and what I’m meant to be on. I’m starting to get the hang of it. I’ve been nice well sometimes but I’m getting there and doing my best.

Kapa haka

These 3 weeks that have passed we have been doing a lot of kapa haka for Brandon Intermediate. It was really fun when we performed at the school. We put a lot of work into it. We were mean, well that’s what I think because we went hard and gave it our all. Our practices were really hard but we still got through it.

Personal goals

My personal goals are going really well because I’ve learned how to speak some Māori not the easy words but some hard ones to it were pretty easy learning the words and it was pretty fun. It was really cool learning my own culture. Now I know how to speak some Māori and I can understand some Māori too. I’ve asked some people to help me learn some Reo, I’ve done some research, and I’ve listened to people that speak Māori and that’s helped me a little.

My feeling towards term 4

I feel happy also sad that the year 8s are going. I also feel happy because school nearly over but ill see some of the year 8s. Next year is coming and I’m looking forward to it because it’s cool seeing new people and meeting them but it’s going to be hard teaching them things but that is going to be okay I guess. –Ramari

Later Term 3

Student Agency – Good student agency is when you are self motivated, you are confident to set your mind, set yor goals and achieve your personal goals even if you think that it’s going to be hard you still strive to achieve your goals.

I’m not disappointed with how I’m going with my student agency but I ain’t really happy with it either, I’m just feeling neutral with it.

Key competencies – In my opinion, I’m going good with my key competencies and I just mainly need to work on relating to others because I have to get along well with others and to help make sure that people don’t get into that much fights and less.

Academic and personal goals – My academical goal for tuhituhi/writing is to work on getting better ideas and actually write stuff because I tend to just not do my work because I hate writing so I don’t really have any incentive to do it so I normally don’t or don’t do it good as I can if I wanted to write. – Ako

Nearly end of work

Kia Ora whanau kei konei ahau ano mo tetahi tuhinga ano. Ko te kaupapa e pa ana I te kaupapa o toku Rangitaki ko te…

Student Agency-With my student agency, I know that I have achieved the goals I had were some of the Key competencies which I have lacked threw the years. But also I do sometimes listen and focus in class. But in saying that I have done I don’t always rely on my teacher. But that doesn’t mean I have achieved most of all my goals and Key competencies. I still have a lot of goals I have set for myself witch is to help me too get all of what I want to achieve.

Key competencies-I know that I talk a lot about my Key competencies and how I have improved well now I am going to explain what and how I have improved. In my years of primary, I have struggled a lot with my key competencies e.g: Participating and making friends. Well, that is what I struggled within the school. But ever since I moved on to Intermediate I started to work on my Key Competencies with the teachers help and understanding of what key Competencies are. So now I am so proud of what I have completed and what I have got left to work on.

Academic and personal goals-Okay my Academic goals which I have struggled with for a long time because it was either I didn’t listen or I didn’t ask for help to understand or how to do the topic I was working on. But now I do ask for help and I try and closely listen to what the teacher is saying or teaching because I do lack in my listening.

So my personal goals I have achieved some which I have accomplished which were soccer, art, and being faster than my brother and getting good grades weird goals right?. But there are more goals I  just haven’t achieved yet. Later on in the future, I might be able to achieve them.

So since it is nearly the end of term 3 I am REALLY happy with where I am at and because it is close to the end of term 3. Just a couple more days till my brain gets a rest then a whole other term starts and I have to go back to working my brain. I Have set goals for next term so I can achieve and improve my Student agency,

Kiora koutou Katoa mo te panui I toku tuhinga e pa ana I toku Mahi I te Kura tua Rua o Wainuiomata intermediate. Hei te whahanga tua wha, ka kite ano. – Therese


Term 3 is almost over and term 4 is coming. It has been a busy term because we go to kapa haka practice and stuff alot, but I think I’m not working hard enough as I was last year but I think I’m doing kinda good overall in my learning.

Key Competencies – Kia Ora I’m gonna talk about my KC. I think I’m a bit behind on my KC because every day I get distracted from my mates all the time and not doing my work when I’m supposed to do so start acting up in class and not listening to the teacher.

Academics – In my academics and my personal goals I’m a bit behind on my academics because in class I don’t listen to the teacher and I get distracted by my friends every day.

Personal Goals – For my personal goals I’ve actually improved my reading strategies because sometimes I read at home and at school most of the time. For basketball, I’ve improved so much because I mostly go to basketball practice every week for 3 years straight. -Antwon


I think I’m doing okay with my academics I’ve been trying to focus more on my work. My personal goals are to focus on my work and be my number 10 at all times. I reckon most of the time I’m my number 10 so I’m accomplishing my personal goals. I’m doing good with my academic goals. I’m on level 3 for Te Ao Maori but we haven’t been doing it recently, I’m kinda nervous for the tests we have to do next term because if you do well in your tests you will most likely get put in a good class next year but if you do bad you will most likely get put in a bad class. Key competencies- One of my key competencies are to contribute in group and class discussions all of the other ones I think I am accomplishing. –Kiera

Kua Tai Mai Te Mutunga O Wahanga Toru

Key competencies, My goals at the start of the year were managing self and using language, symbols and text. I mainly focused on managing self because using language, symbols and text come under academic and that’s the one that I needed to work on the most. I have been improving slowly over the past two terms and I am really proud of myself. I still need to keep improving on focusing not getting distracted but overall I think I have done well.

My academic goals, I know that I am on the right track with improving my academic goals because I am understanding more what I read. Math is my least liked subject but somehow I am improving the most and I know that because I can understand more and getting work done with knowing and not guessing. For the rest of the subjects, I am doing fine and improving slowly. Writing is probably the subject I need to work on the most but I have improved a little bit but I could’ve done better than what I have done this term.

My personal goals were to focus more and be my number 10. I am on the track to achieving my goal with focusing because I can focus longer on my learning without getting distracted. I am also really improving with being my number 10 because when I am being my number 1 I am pushing away and switching to my number 10. To keep improving on my goals I need to keep doing what I am doing and stay away from people who distract me. –Jaylyn

Ka kite Wahanga Toru….

Kia ora whanau I’ll be talking about my end of term 3

My behaviour is the same but i think its getting worse because of how I act and how I treat others badly i need to get better and be my number 10 as much as possible so I can succeed on my goals and do my key competencies by Managing my self in school and out.

One of my personal goals is to get a job to make some money to get a house and to be a professional basketball player.

I need to listen and focus and do my work even though I don’t have a Chromebook. I need to focus more on my student agency because it’s not the best of the best but I need to focus more so I can get a good life and a good report for high school.

TECHNOCRAFT: For Technocraft I’m in music with the other year 8 boys/girls i really enjoy it because you can play any song on piano,guitar,ukulele,flute and electric guitar and drums but my favorite is the electric guitar, the drums and the flute and i enjoy the guitar because i can play lots of Maori songs with it like He kakano ahau and the other ones but i forgot the names of the others for the songs but my cuzzin  told me lots of skills about the guitar that’s why i like music but i got more reasons why I like music…

Sports: For sports I play basketball for the school and i play in the mix team with the boys and we play on Wednesday nights we lost 2 games and won 4 because we were trying our hardest and won the rest but we lost the semi finals against Maidstone their A team.

Personal goals: My goals is to get a job and make money to get a home  and to be a professional basketball player that means in the NBA or be a professional boxer and fight for New Zealand and to go to Australia and fight other professional boxer and to get fit in my life and to succeed in my future goals what I want to be when I grow up is to be a builder like my dad so I can get my own land and build houses on it so my family can live in it so i can learn to build and learn the angles like maths i need to learn angles so I know i can build and what angles is the floor or the house.

Reading: For my reading i got a 4P for my reading test last term and back in my primary i was trash at reading so I went to Wainui Intermediate and for a year I have improved on my reading because I’ve learned the basics and got better and better.  -Kahurangi

Kia ora whanau, Rhobe here,

Key Competencies – I have been getting better with my Managing-self because I sit by no one and it really helps me with my learning because there is no one who will distract me from my learning. Since I sit by myself I don’t distract myself or anyone else either from doing their work and they stay on task.

Personal Goal – One of My personal goals was to make the top 40 Kapa Haka group who are going to Brandon Intermediate to perform our items to the other Kapa Haka groups. I have achieved my goal and I will Tu Rangatira tu Maia tu Pakari i runga te papatuwaeawae on the stage. I am on the wing in the front row for my ropu who are going to Brandon Intermediate.

Student Agency – My student agency is not too good at the moment because my behavior is not too good, so pretty much sucks. I need to listen better and focus more on my work, I must work smart first, then, the play hard, because I do too much of playing hard because if I have a good balance in my life – I’ll love my life – and my life will have a good balance. I want my life to be balanced and I’ll work for that for the rest of the year and my life.

How I am feeling? –  Kei te pai taku noho i roto i te kura mo tenei wa kia mahi te mahi pai mo te wahanga 3 me te 4. Me kaha aku mahi me pai aku whakaaro me whakaaro i muri te mahi te mahi me kaha ahau ki te korero kaua e whakama me korero tia te reo Maori Pakeha Tiapanihi Hamoa Tonga ranei me korero ua mena kei te pirangi awhi. Mena kei te pirangi awhi koe korerotia hei aha te reo! -Rhobe

Kakite Term 3

Student Agency – For reading, I got a 4P for reading in term 2. Next term for reading I want to try and get 5P or 5B and to get there I will need to be focused and ready for the test.

Key Competencies – I’m really proud of my Key competencies this year I have improved a lot thought out this year I’ve been working on Thinking and Managing myself it has improved in the class and out of class because its whats gonna make me a better person in the future.

Academic, Personal goals – For Pangrau, Panui, Te Ao Maori and Tuhituhi I have improved and been focusing on them for this year, because I would have been a complete dumbass without focusing on these things right and without Mr Kauone. My goals ive been working hard on my goals and setting new ones for my life in the future. (example) Stay outta trouble, work harder, manage myself better, Think about myself first not others –Matthew


END OF THE TERM- I’m feeling ok it’s not what I expected. But i know that every day is hard. But that’s the way how it is every day’s a challenge every day is work smart day, some days are play-hard, but if I put them together I will have an equal and balanced life.

ACADEMIC AND PERSONAL GOALS – For my ACADEMIC AND PERSONAL GOALS I am focused more often I want to be good at sports to be my best. I need to focus and do the mahi and train my hardest for my academics. I need to listen and focus to be the best that I can be.

STUDENT AGENCY- For my AGENCY I’m not as good as I want to be yet because I’m still copying because I need help it’s not easy sometimes I don’t know what to do and then I lose focus and copy others. But When im my number ten im all about learning but when it comes to English its hard and I’m sometimes I ask to much help so i copy but now that I ask for help it is easier for me to understand.

KEY COMPETENCIES-Mo oku key competency kei te pai mena ka ngahunga ahau ka tutuki ahau ka tutuki aku mahi katoa ko tera taku key competency hei tutuki ahau. –Kaimana

🎉🎆🎈YAY Term Three’s Ending YAY🎈🎆🎉

Talofa lava and kia ora everyone ko iziah toku ingoa

Academic and personal goals – My Academic and personal goals are good I’m better at my personal than academic. Because I’m not good at pangarau but I’m good at tuhituhi, panui and te ao maori. But it doesn’t matter much to me.

Key competences – My key competences are ok I have improved in participating and contributing. now I’m leaning towards relating to others and managing self. I’m good at using language, symbols and text and thinking

Student agency -I do have agency but i don’t think mister would agree with me. But I didn’t know what student agency was till 2 weeks ago. Student agency is the same as having a growth mindset if you have a lot of agency its equal to having a growth mindset and having a little bit of student agency is equal to a fixed mindset.

He pehea te ahua o oku whakaaro mo te mutunga o te kura -Kei te koa ahau mo te mutunga o te kura engari e pouri ana ahau mo te tau 8 e wehe ana i te kura. engari he whakamiharo te hangarau. – Iziah pehitahi lotomauimalo nuku.

Ko Te Kupu Tuatoru

Kia ora, today I will be talking to you about how this term has been and what I will improve on in term 4 to prep myself the best I can before high school.

KEY COMPETENCiES- If you don’t know what key competencies are they are thinking, managing self, relating to others, participating and contributing, using language, symbols and texts. All of these are key competencies, for all of them I’m doing pretty good with them but I need to improve in some a little bit and I will improve on them all before the end of the year and the years after.

Academic And Personal Goals-  My goals this term were to be better at my reading I have but I still need to improve on it to reach the year 8 standards so that will be my goals in term 4 to better prepare myself for high school.

Student Agency- For student agency, I sometimes get off track doing my work but I have improved on it now I can stay focus a lot better and now I need to keep improving on it so I can stay 100% focus.

I am excited for the end of the year because I will be going to high school next year and be a year 9 but in saying that the END. -Nicky


It’s nearly the end of term 3 and I am feeling happy and very excited for the end of term 3. Math-my goals for math are to solve division problems and I should work to a higher standard it is really important and I know i am going to reach it.

MY KC AND STUDENT AGENCY – I tenei wahanga kei te piki taku whanoke engari ka whakamahi nga mea whakangahau i nga wa katoa kei te hiahia au ki te piki taku whanonga me taku Tiramaka ki te runanga i oku hoa me oku kaiako na te mea ehe i whakamahi. Kia ora, Montelle

Done With Term 3 🙂

Key Competencies -So far this term has been good, few downs, mostly ups, so I want to talk about my KC’s, my managing self has gotten a bit better, I’m starting to get better at managing my time and how I use it. For me participating and contributing is kind of a hard one, mostly sports, but I’m starting to get there, I don’t like sports but I’m contributing more, slowly, but surely. Relating to others, I don’t have too much in common with others in my class, but with some people in my class I do, somethings. Thinking, My thinking is going good like when I need to think before I do something which is something I do a lot.

Academic and personal goals – This term/year my goal was to be good for the year and my grandparents would give me a fat tyre bike on Christmas and so far this year I have been good compared to last year, but this year I’m a good boy. -Trae

The End Of Term 3!

Kia ora, ko Bonnie toku ingoa anei toku rangitaki mo tenei wahanga

Me Koinei Toku Whakaotioti O Wahanga Toru Rangitaki. Tenei Wahanga Kua Roa Ke parekareka, Oti Ahau HiaHia Tati Arotahi Ngaku Mahi, Te Mea Ai Ahau Kua Roa Ke Hemo Ngahunga Me Ngaku Mahi.

Hello, My name is Bonnie and this is my end of term 3 blog. This term had been fun, but I need to focus more on my work because I have been going off track with my learning, so I need to stay focused.  The English Version.


Student Agency – Student Agency Is When I Have The Motivation To Learn And Take Action In My Own Learning! But, I Don’t Think I Am Focused Enough On My Work As I Should Be. So That’s One Of My New Goals To Complete In Term 4.  My Student Agency Needs Improving.

Key Competencies – My Key Competencies Have Been Getting Better Though. I Am No Longer Shy In Class And I Am No Longer Scared To Share My Thoughts In-Class Discussions. But I Haven’t Been Managing Myself As Well As I Should Be. Just Like My Student Agency, I Need To Manage My Commitments So That I Focus On My Learning More.  And That’s Also One Of My New Goals For Term 4.

Academic Goals – My Academic Goals Have Changed Since The Start Of The Year. At The Start Of The Year My Goals Were To Focus Specific Learning As Much As I Can. Now I Have Completed That And My New Goal Is To Focus More On My Work More And Knowing When It’s The Right Time To Be Serious And When It’s The Right Time To Be Silly. My Goals For Reading Are To Research A Word I Don’t Understand And Add It To My Vocabulary. For Writing My Goals I Am Focusing On Writing Longer Texts That Are Descriptive And Have The Right Punctuation. For Math My Goals Are Learning Up To A High Standard!

How I Am Feeling Leading To The End Of The Year – How Am I Feeling Leading Towards The End Of The Year? Calm But Also Kind Of Anxious. I Don’t Want The Year To End And I Don’t Think I’m Ready To Be A Year 8. But I Have To Anyway. Next Year I am Going To Do  My Best To Be Focused On My Learning Academically And Socially. – Bonnie