Te Kahui Tamariki: Start of Term 2 Reflection Evaluation

Posted by Pio Semu Matiahi Kauone, 13 May 2019
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Term 2 down 2 more to go!!

Kia ora and welcome to my Term 2 blog! I’m here to talk about what we have been doing so far this term! So enjoy 🙂

This term we started our goals, For our goals we had to go on E-asttle and get the gaps or to be achieved and put them under each subject and we had to do a personal goal we had to improve on. The other goals we are doing are involving academics and social. What Academics means is goals involving reading, writing and Maths But social goals are an area you want to improve on like a hobby or a type of sport you wanna improve on throughout the school. When we finish making our goals we have to stick them on to our desk so every time in the morning we have to read them and Learn them off by heart and reflect from them so we can practice our goals to move on and Approve our goals.

For this past 2 weeks of school we have had Kapa haka and Whea Saph has been teaching us a waiata Called Ka Wheturangi  we are learning that song for Polyfest which we are going to at the end of the term.

Ka Wheturangi is like a joyful song and is a song about the 4 seasons and it also is an easy and fun song to sing and dance too! We are also learning a Haka Called Te Urunga Tu teached by Miss Brown, It’s a good haka and It’s also a serious haka to lead and Haka.  Kapa haka for me is Exciting and good because I like leading and harmonizing Some songs and haka and I can’t wait for more events involving Kapa haka this year.

My progress so far? Well, My progress so far is going quite good and so is my learning. My reading is doing good and so is my writing I just need a little help on my maths then I would be good in all 3 subjects. To be honest I just need to work on my maths and To Work To achieve my goals for this term and learn from mistakes and Work on being smarter and faster in my work. By achieving my goals I have to pay attention and to read them every day and reflect off of them. My progress is good and that’s all I have to say about my progress and my Behaviour is good. I wouldn’t say I’ve been stepping up in all subjects but I have been stepping up in some subjects and helping, Leading and encouraging the year 7s to do the right thing at the right time.

My classroom which is TKT is Cool and so is our teacher Mr Kauone and he is a funny teacher and I like how he teaches because he always keeps us on track with our work and he always makes sure that we’re not slacking and also so we are ready for the future. We also have another teacher in our class, Whea Saph and she is also very funny and you can also tell her anything and she always helps you through very tough times. Well TKT is a cool classroom here no one bully each other because we are family and nothing can really break our Bond!!

Well, that’s my blog I hope you enjoyed it and I’ll be back with my mid-term blog 🙂 Natalea 🙂

 The Second Week of Term 2

The second week of term 2 is a success. First my class was learning Te Ao Maori and we are learning about our Whakapapa we have to do Inquiry questions e.g Who was the first chief for my Iwi? I have to have 6 sub-questions to help me.

Now for student goals we have been looking back to our e-asttle tests and our test gaps are our goals e.g gaps are the mistakes we made so you use your gaps as goals for reading, writing and maths.

For Kapa Haka we are going to be performing haka and waiata. We have been learning a new waiata called Ka Wheturangi it is a happy waiata and we might perform that waiata at the end of this term. -Amara-lee

Pathway to Success

Kia Ora, So far these past few weeks I haven’t exactly been the greatest student and haven’t exactly made the right choices. I’ve always said that I’d lead by example and make good decisions but it hasn’t turned out very well.

So to make sure I follow the right path, I need to remind myself every day to reflect on what I have learnt and think of ways in which I can improve in.

My progress so far?

Well I guess I should say that it’s been pretty complicated. But I’m carrying on with school work and improving in my reading, writing, and maths. I know that if I work hard in my academics and on my goals, I will achieve so much more in school and life.

What do I need to work on…I know that my key weakness in learning is that I get easily distracted and off task. So I must focus on achieving awards, work on my goals and school work, to make sure I don’t get into any trouble and to show that I’m a hard working and smart student.

Whāia te iti kahurangi ki te tūohu koe me he maunga teitei! – Malia

Term 2 blog

Kia ora my name is Kahurangi and welcome to my fourth blog for this year.

For sports I’m in basketball for the competitive and we play on Wednesday and we train on Fridays/tuesdays my game is on 7:55pm its a late game for us but it’s good cuz less people come to the game maybe i don’t like people watching me for some weird reason.

In TKT it’s been a journey and our teacher is Mr Kauone from Tokelau how he teaches it’s funny but when he has serious conversations with you it will not be funny.

For technocraft I’m in sowing with the year 8 in my class and we are working on bags and some other stuff but I’m making a Ps4 bag so i can take it wherever i want to take it and yeah.

This term we/our class are doing Kapa haka for the school and on week 10 or 9 we are going to perform at weltin Nash and we have powhiris to welcome Areas around the school and the places that you will do is Karanga you need 3 girls and kaikorero you need 2 boys one year 7 and one year 8 the rest of the group will be performing ohh and the people that a doing the kaikorero/the karanga and the teacher for the Kapa haka is mrs brown we do Kapa haka on fridays but we did Kapa Haka on mondays but we change it to fridays.

For reading I go with a student in my class we go to room 6 for reading with a teacher who helps us read and it’s Mrs ball we go there every wednesday. For sports i do bball like i said on wednesday at 7:55 there were 9 players the sad news we lost to hutt 39 19. -Kahurangi  

Start of Term 2

My personal goal is to stay focused/on task and don’t get distracted I will achieve this by being my number 10. I need to stay focused so that I can learn more and outsmart my brother. So far with my goals I think I’ve done alright I do complete my work but sometimes I get distracted. I think goal setting is a good thing because it makes you determined to accomplish things. Hopefully, I can achieve my goals so I can get new ones and achieve more.

Ki toku nei whakaaro kua ea oku mahi i tera wahanga. Ko te tumanako ka haere tonu oku mahi pai mo tenei wahanga. He maha nga akoranga hou kua ako e au i roto i tenei akomanga. He harikoa ahau i roto i tenei akomanga. Ko nga mahi inaianei me tutuki i oku whainga mo te Kura.

What are my strengths and what do I need to work on? I need to work on focusing and staying on task because sometimes I get distracted. Academically speaking I have a lot of learning goals to work and one of the key ones for me is writing like having a better structure in my sentences. Also I would like to use a wider range of vocabulary. Strengths I think mostly p.e because I like being outside and playing sports. -Fanua

My Start To Term Two 🙂

Hello to the people who are reading this, I am back for another blog for the start of term two. Well the last term was a good term except for one day, what I wanted to talk about were my goals for this and next term.

  1. be on level 4 on everything academic(at least)
  2. to be good for this,next and every other term at school
  3. get work finished on time.

My key competencies for this term are and is to make sure that I will manage self as in manage my time better,be more organised and ready to learn,concentrate on my work and finish it on time like this blog like I am writing this on the day that I have to finish it and to manage my time better knowing what I need to do and by when.

When I don’t know or understand what to do I have to speak up or ask my friends to make sure of what it needs to do and when I need to finish it, also to use technology responsibly and safely,to get on well with the other students and all teachers which I already do well not matthew…but I still have to respect him and even on how much he annoys I can’t hit him unless he hits me first.

Ki te whakaute i etahi atu ki te korero, kaore hoki e tukinotia i a ratau ka puta mai o ratou waa, kia nui akete mohio ki te rapu i nga whakautu ki nga paatai ​​me nga raruraru me nga uiuinga matatiki me te reo matatini.

Ko aku whāinga whaiaro mo tenei tau ka taea e koe te mahi i te taumata 4 i nga waahanga katoa o taku mahi kura (i te nuinga o te waa) – Trae

Term 2 is Here

Kia Ora Whanau Ko Antwon toku Ingoa and I’m gonna be talking about my term 2 Blog Reflection Evaluation. So for sports I’m in Basketball and i compete for the School team we play on Wednesdays at Taita and we vs Hutt Intermediate and lost 39/19 to Hutt Intermediate and the Player of the day goes to Kahurangi. And my coach is Mr Syph.

Goals -Develop through inquiry Learning my Understanding and Knowledge of my Whakapapa:Whanau. So my Inquiry work my Teacher send us a email and we had to pick 2 Inquiry groups. And i pick Matariki and School Primary Sports. And my Teacher put me in to School Primary Sports which is in Mr Thompson class.

My class work is going great and i have lots to Improve on for my Reading/Maths/Writing. In my Reading i got a 3P and for my Maths i got a 3A and for my Writing i got a 3P. My Teacher ask the yr 8s that if your under 4A or 4P then you need lots to Improve for all my test work in class.

My Teacher told my class to Learn to Memorize my goals by next Week. What I’m gonna Improve on is my Reading and I’m tryna be the beast yr 8s basketball player in Wellington. – Antwon

Start of Term 2

HELLO, wonderful blog readers, I AM BACK! At school Noooo…Why?  Work and more work!!!! BUT let’s get over that here are a couple things I just wanted to talk about in this blog


Student goals

Our progress

Key competencies

Poly fest

Te ao Maori

Inquiry learning

Student goals are a tuff one geez just looking back to see how much gaps I have from my asttle reading and writing and math tests. I am really happy that I made those gaps my goals because now I can actuary catch up. Right now I have to work on my gaps learning goals yay.

My progress is going well over last term was really umm yeah great…..Well now I can say that I have made lots and lots of progress. Oh and I forgot to say that I have improved in maths(YAY!)

Key competencies are a bit tricky but I am really sure I will achieve everything. BUT till then I think I will do my best on my work and hope for the best.

Kapa haka I have talked about this in my last 3 blogs or was it 2?? I dunno. Anyways at the end of this term the kapa haka team will be performing at polyfest. Can’t wait til the end of the term for this.

Te Ao Maori well for this we are performing a powhiri for the other areas. And we have already done one area powhiri and had a mean feed. Well I forgot to say that we all have jobs to do there are many to say of. Mine is karanga I am scared to do it. -Theresa

Kia ora it’s the start of term 2 

It’s been going pretty well for me but some people are just making bad decisions? I’ll be talking about my goals and how I’m going in class.

So in sports I’m doing basketball in the yr 8 team with 4 other boys in my class we’ve had 1 game we lost we versed Hutt intermediate the player of the day goes to Kahurangi and Antwon did the meanest hero step just like James Harden

My Te Ao Maori goals are to develop my understanding and knowledge of my Whakapapa, Hapu, Iwi and Aotearoa history through inquiry learning, I’ll be working hard to get it done and not get distracted

My Panui goals are to read regularly in class and at home so I can read like a 12 or 13-year old I’m going to start reading more often and at home so I’m not behind and I can read like a 12 or 13-year-old.  If I don’t understand what I’m reading I’ll read it again so I do understand and ask for help when I’m stuck or struggling -Tamati

Iziah’s favorite Term 2 start

Part 1 – Kia ora It’s your favorite blogger iziah i’m going to tell you my goal for…

(Te ao Maori) – The goals for my Te ao Maori are not going to well in it but i’ll learn from my mistakes.

(Panui) – My goals in panui are going good i’m really going for at least silver

(Tuhituhi) – My vocabulary does need some work but I will not give up

(Pangarau) – My 7, 8 and 6 times need work but that’s all the basic facts i don’t know

(Part 2)

Kei te mahi tatou he powhiri mo te katoa rohe te mahere ko te mahi i nga mea katoa i roto i te akomanga i tetahi mea i roto i te iti rawa o te powhiri me maatau (nga tamariki) me ako ki te kore e kaha ake nga kotiro ki o tatou reo nui Ko

(part 3)

Here are our school values

1.Whanaungatanga is Relationship to connect with other

2.Rangatiratanga is leadership to lead others to victory

3.Kaitiakitanga is Guardianship to protect others

4.Manaakitanga is Kindness to be friend and kind to other

Seya next time the end lol – IZIAH

Start of 2nd term 

(ART) This term were doing art  we are making hybrids animals out of tin foil tape clay newspaper and glue to reinforce the clay so the clay won’t crack.

(SCHOOL RUN) Monday we did school run around the block I came 37th  but next time I will do better.

(INQUIRY) My inquiry for this term is Matariki the Maori New Year celebration. For matariki we had a shared breakfast after breakfast we had to clean up

(POWHIRI) We are doing  a powhiri for area 2 i’m doing block 3 tho and kei te mahi tonu te Kapa Haka. I te wiki i muri kei te mahi tatou era atu wahi mo nga powhiri mo ena atu ko wahi 4.

(GOALS) me oku whainga ka tino pai ou i nga mahi katoa ka taea ahau and on thursday we put are gaols and te kahui tamariki tiriti on are tables we have to remember the tiriti before the 3rd week! – Taukea


We have been preparing to do a powhiri for all of the year sevens because they haven’t been welcomed onto our school marae yet, so they can’t come onto the marae just yet. Yesterday TKT performed a powhiri for Area 3 year 7s and they ended up bringing a kai for all of us and there was so much food that it ended up covering five tables.

I roto i te akomanga, me mahi etahi o nga whaainga me nga waahanga ako hei awhina i te whakamahi pai ake i ngaa kaupapa katoa, me te whai ano hoki i te whäinga whaiaro e hiahia ana mätou ki te whakamatau me te whakatutuki. Ko taku whāinga whaiaro ko te whakamatautau me te pupuhi i nga karaehe i te kura, me te mahi i te mea me kaha ki te peke i runga ake kia maatau ake mo au, me whai ano hoki au ki te whakamatau me te kaha ake kia pai ake hoki ki a au.

I reckon this term is gonna turn out great and I also think that I’m gonna make good progress this year and I’m going to improve in everything not just this term but throughout the whole year as well. – Paratene Te Akonga


Term 2 is finally here that means 1 term down 3 to go hope this term ends out good like the last term.

For my personals goal for term 2-3 is to get better at boxing like where i should strike and to get better at blocking and more tactics, for my school goals i need to improve on my reading and writing mainly i have to improve with my sentences and for my reading know how to work out new words and what they mean.  Nicky

Iziah’s favorite Term 2 mid

Kia ora It’s your favorite blogger Iziah I’m going to tell you what my goal for term 2 are…

(Te ao Maori) Develop my understanding and knowledge of my Whakapapa/genealogy; whanau, Hapu, Iwi & Aotearoa history through inquiry learning


Consistently read to understand the meaning of the text

Find, select, and retrieve information to support my inquiry learning

Learn what different words mean and use them in my communication (vocab)

Understand and interpret what the author wrote and question the purpose

Make a conclusion and summarise it in my own words

Find and understand the author’s purpose and their perspective


Respect my audience

Increase my vocabulary by learning new words and what they mean

Plan my writing so I know what I will write about

Proofread and edit my draft writing to make it even better


Learn and master my Basic Facts up to my 10 times tables

Ask for support when I need it

Make sure I understand the learning task or else ask for help

(Part 2)

Kei te mahi tatou he powhiri mo te katoa rohe te mahere ko te mahi i nga mea katoa i roto i te akomanga i tetahi mea i roto i te iti rawa o te powhiri – Iziah

Start of term 2 is here

Kia Ora, so far I haven’t been the greatest student and haven’t made the right choices. I have said I will lead by example but that hasn’t turned out that well this term but I am starting over and I am gonna be a good role model 4 our new students at WIS.

Key competencies

My key competences are the things I need to work on such as managing self. I need to mostly work on managing self and relating to others because I don’t do those things very well and I think I can achieve it by the end of the year.


Well I guess I should say that it’s been pretty complicated during tech and when I go to other classes but I handled it and I have been doing my work. I have been struggling with my math and reading but I know that if keep trying I will get better and better.


I feel good about my goals and I think I can achieve them by the end of this year. By the end of this year I would like to achieve all my goals and all my key competencies. I would also like to get better at my maths and at my reading cause I don’t do math or reading that good so I am behind in both of those things -Manaia H-P

Start of Term 2 Reflection Evaluation
At the start of term 2, we created our own goals for the year. My goals have multiple subtopics: Tuhituhi, Pangarau, Panui, Te Ao Maori, Personal and Key Competencies. My Personal is to Be an effective Student Councillor. To achieve my goal I will: Display my personal and school values, Do the right thing at all times and Setting good examples to my peers. I am confident that I will achieve all of my goals by the end of the year.

For Kapa Haka Whaea Sapphire is teaching us a new waiata called Ka whetu rangi. We are also going to Polyfest at the end of the term. I am really excited about it because it was really fun last year so I hope it turns out the same last time,

We are also doing a powhiri I am so nervous because it is so easy to muck up.  I will be welcoming in area 1. I think it will be harder to do because a lot of my year 7 friends are in area 1 so if I muck up it will be more embarrassing. – Arimawha

Hi and welcome back to another one of my blogs for TKT 2019.

This term we started our goals, some through our school years and some throughout our whole life, the goals we do/make are goals involving academics and social. What that means Is they are goals involving reading, writing, etc. But social goals are an area you want to improve on so like your hobbies, a sport, or just something you want to improve on out of school. When we’ve finished making our goals we stick them to our desk so every time we go to sit down we can look at our desk and it reminds us what we need to accomplish throughout our life/school years.

My Key Competencies for this year, Is relating to others so what that means Is I get on well with everyone in my class, I will choose my words and actions carefully so as not to upset anyone, I will be a good role model for my peer etc. The Key Competencies are another type of goals that help me better understand how not to hurt people by my actions and or words.

My progress so far has been rather good academically, and socially. The only issue Is I get distracted too easily, so I tend to pull away from my work and then not finish It before the bell rings. So another personal goal for me Is just to ignore everything around me and get my work done before the bell rings. So mainly my goal Is to not get distracted as much as I do now.

My class TKT Is actually a really good class to be In, the teacher Mr. Kauone Is really helpful and funny. He teaches us things we have never known before and gets us to dive deeper, explore and gets us to learn new/more things about our Iwi and whakapapa

Koinei taku mea katoa mo te korero, engari kaore e roa ka nui atu nga mea e haere mai ana, he maha atu nga mea hei korero mo taku atu korero TKT 2019.

That’s everything I have to talk about, but soon there will be more things coming so that means more things to talk about in my next TKT 2019 blog. – Cade

Start Of Term 2 Reflection Evaluation 😜

Kia ora, I am Bonnie and this is my blog. This term my topic inquiry group is sustainable living. I started watching an anime called Fairy tail and I’m at episode 247. Not much happened this term since it’s only week 2 but I hope a lot more happens this term. This term my goals are to get better at Reading, Writing, Maths. I’m in the English extension too.

I think I’ve progressed a lot so far this year. My learning is a bit of a challenge. But I’m at the top for everything. I think it’s good, that my work is challenging because I won’t learn if it’s not.

We have been looking at our Key Competencies; which are thinking, managing self, relating to others, participating and contributing and using words, symbols & text. I think the one I need to work on is Participating and Contributing because I like to work on my own a lot but I need to be more involved in my learning groups.

We have also been putting together our goals for terms 2 & 3. We have academic, key competencies and personal goals. My academic goals are for Tuhituhi, Pangarau, Panui and Te Ao Maori.

We have been preparing for our school powhiri most of this term because we have to powhiri the rest of the year 7’s onto our school marae. Our first was for Area 3 which was really good and we had a huge hakiri afterward. -Bonnie 😁😁

The second week of term 2

The second week of term 2 is a success. First, my class was doing Te Ao Maori and we are learning about our Whakapapa we have to do Inquiry questions e.g Who was the first chief for my Iwi? I had to have 6 sub-questions to help.

Now for student goals, we have been looking back to our e-asttle tests and our test gaps are our goals e.g gaps are the mistakes we made so you use your gaps as goals for reading, writing and maths.

For Kapa Haka, we are going to be performing haka and waiata. We have been learning a new waiata called Ka Wheturangi it is a happy waiata and we might perform that waiata at the end of this term. -Amara-lee

The best Term 2

I tenei wahanga i ahua pai engari ko te wiki 2, e 8 nga wiki e toeana ka mutu te kura mo tenei wahanga. He maha nga mea kei te haere, kua timata au ki te takaro riki. He pai! Kua hikinga ahau i oku pukenga Ingarihi. Kei te harikoa ahau.

PE – Mo te PE he maha nga hakinakina. He pai nga hakinakina katoa ko te mea papai rawa ki ahau ko te Riki na te mea ka taea e koe te oma totika.

Kaiako – Mr Kauone he kaiako tino pai ka awhi ia i a matau me ona pukenga katoa ko ia taku kaiako pai rawa ki ahau. -Kaimana  

Term 2 Blog

This term is good so far in class we have started our goals for term 2. My goals for term 2 are to work so hard until I am a year 8 so that I am awarded The Te Reo Maori, Kapa Haka, Whanaungatanga, & Matauranga trophies in 2020.

My favorite thing in class is the “I Am Awesome slide”. The I’m Awesome slide is a Google slide to make others feel good about themselves & we each had to write good traits about our class peers and their personality.

We have just finished the Area 3 powhiri, TKT welcomed the new year 7s from there and it was good I did the whai korero and I felt good & I really like it.

My progress is good so far this year I reckon is good because last term I didn’t know how to write properly but this term I improved heaps. Mr Kauone probably agrees because last term I got into heaps of trouble but now I finish my work more.

Te Reo Maori

He pai te nei wahanga 2  kua timata te akomanga nga koura mo tenei wahanga koe nei aku koura me mahi te mahi ki tau 8 ka whiwhi nga paraehe ko Te Reo, Whanaungatang, Matauranga.


Its Term 2 We Have 2 More Terms To Go

Hello, This is my first blog for term 2. Well I think that it’s been pretty alright but I’m still behind with maths, writing and reading and it’s because I struggle to stay focus, so I just have to work hard.

So to make sure I stay on task,  I must remind myself to sit next to people that I know won’t muck around and distract me. Coming to school prepared and ready to learn. I think that my goals are achievable, II know what I need to do to achieve them I just need to practice.

For key competencies, I must learn to understand that knowledge I can be put into words, symbols and codes and communicate my ideas and thoughts clearly and accurately.

Whāia te iti kahurangi ki te tūohu koe me he maunga teitei -Jaylyn

Nice Start For The 😕Term… 2😕

Kia ora

(Inquiry) This term has been awesome we’ve started Inquiry challenges about our local/community I’m In paperless or back to basics this is all about us students doing more on the computer then on books

(Te Ao Maori) He kore e akoranga whakarere a matou whakapapa/tohitahi And about where we belong and why we belong. – Manaia M

I’m Back Term 2

So what I have been doing the past 2 weeks is my goals here are some of my panui gaols, Learn what different words mean and use them in my communication (vocab) and here is my personal goal (Learn how to speak Maori by the end of this year) and how I will complete this is to ask people that already know how to speak Maori to help me and that is what i’m sharing with you today.

Kia ora tatou, ko te kaupapa matua mo tenei wahanga ko a tatou whaainga. Mo nga wiki e rua kua timata matou nga akonga ki te whakaako i to tatou Tiriti mo TKT. Kei te awhina ahau me etahi o aku hoa i a Whaea Saph ki te mahi poi mo Poly Fest.

Also what we have been doing is our ko wai ahau is me asking question about my whakapapa like asking where was my marae first located, what is my family tree so that’s really fun for me because I can know more about my hapu, iwi, marae, and many more cool thing about those topics so I can outsmart my brother and sister because they know like 50% more than me just 50%.

So far I think my progress is not going well that’s what I think. Because I’m not listening that well or focusing on what I meant to do so i’m going to focus more on what I’m meant to do. That’s what i’m sharing with you today byeeee!!!! -Ramari

Term 2 blog

My goals for term 2-3

(Reading) Understand and organise, or order text, Make use of previous knowledge, Know what different words mean.

(Writing-) The organization, planning and editing my draft writing

(Maths-) Show the ability to use the multiplication facts  and Order decimals using tenths, hundredths, and thousandths

Progress- The term hasn’t started good I got in trouble in the first week but now I’m starting to focus on my work.

Key Competencies- I will be more curious to find out answers to questions and problems
I will ask questions to clarify my thinking so I understand better
I will apply what skills I have learnt to solve new problems in other areas/topics/classes
I will reflect on what I have learnt and think of ways in which I can improve on myself
I will think carefully/deeply about the big challenges facing me and our society/world.

Behaviour- My behaviour hasn’t been good this term, because of the choices I made. – Keira