Te Kahui Tamariki: Start of Term 3 Reflection Evaluation

Posted by Pio Semu Matiahi Kauone, 04 Aug 2019
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It’s a new term which means more stuff to do and more stuff to learn.

We started our new tech for term 3, the Year 8s are in Art-tech and we are drawing native and endemic animals, endemic means only found in NZ, for example, the South Island Robin, we start out with a draft copy and work our way up to the real copy. There is a whole lot of animals to choose from.

Kua timata ta maatau kaupapa hou mo te wahanga 3. Ko nga whiringa ko: Tika Tangata, Tangata kainga kore ki roto o Aotearoa, Panui hokohoko. Kei roto ahau i te roopu tika tangata, ki toku nei whakaaro kei ia tangata te mana motuhake. Engari ki etahi waahanga o te ao kaore he mana tangata, kaore he herekore, kare e taea e koe te inoi atu ki tetahi Atua, ki te karakia. Me whakarongo ki a raatau, ka korerotia ki nga mahi hei reira mo te ora. He haurua noa iho o tera, he nui noa atu tenai ki tena. Koinei te mea e ako ana ahau me taku roopu kaupapa, tera pea e taea e taatau te tinihia i enei mahi.

We have started our new topic inquiry for term 3. The options were Human rights, New Zealand Homelessness and Advertising. I’m in human rights, human rights are basically the rights and freedom everyone should have. But in some parts of the world there are no human rights, no freedom, people are controlled and told what you have to believe in, no matter what culture you are no matter what god you worship, it’s nothing In some countries, in multiple countries no one has a say about change, no one has a say at all. They have to listen and be told what to do with there life. Well, that’s only half of it, there’s so much more to this. That’s what me and my topic group are learning about and maybe we can make a change.

We’ve started our Geometry and Measurement workshop, it’s where we learn about, shapes, angles, lines etc. We have it every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, it goes for one hour each day, I learn new stuff every time we have the lesson. Like Tangrams and different kinds of polygons and the different kinds of shapes that make a tangram.

That’s all from me for now, but there is more to come but for now, that’s all from me. – Cade

Morena Wahanga 3

This term is going well so far.This year I’ve improved a lot on my behaviour because I think I have been hanging out with some great friends that help me when I am stuck and play with me when I’m bored. I have been really positive and if I keep it that way it will be a great year.

My goals for the rest of the year are to keep myself on task, listen to the teacher, be positive and show respect to one another.

My main focus on key competencies is thinking because if I think properly I can work smart, play hard and I can love my life

And so doing that I can also make an impact on other people’s lives.

Kei a tātou ngā rōpu hōu mo Te Reo Māori ko ngā ingoa o ngā rōpu ko Te Kete Tuauri, Te Kete Tuatea me Te Kete Aronui, kei roto au i te rōpu Te Kete Aronui mo ngā taumata 4 – ki runga.

Mō ngā ruma Marau Pakirehua ko te Whare Kore i Aotearoa,

te Tika Tangata ki Aotearoa me te Mahi Pānuitanga kei te ako au pēhea te mea i whakapakepake ia koe ki te tiki i nga mea i pānuitanga i runga i te pouaka whakāta.

For writing, we watched a video about the New Zealand land wars and had to write all the key parts in our books and then write an explanation of the wars for practice for our end of the year writing test. For my Learning Conference, I was pretty pleased and so was my parents because my academics were doing good and so was my behaviour. Thank you all for reading.  – Teokotai

Kiaora, my name is Bonnie and this is my beginning of TERM 3 REFLECTION EVALUATION! This is the business end of the year when we have more and more and more and more work…

So last term we had our student-led conferences. I think it went well. I read what I had written down and then I gave my book to my mum so she could read through it and give me some feedback. I also think it was Matariki month too! We had a wearable art show at the marae and we had to do a powhiri. We got to see the wearable art that our school made and all the other schools. I think our school’s was the best compared to everyone else’s. But the kindy’s one was cool too. We celebrate Matariki in loads of ways!

We got our mid-year report last term, and I did pretty well. All I need to work on is Math and my Key Competencies participating and contributing it’s been going well. I feel like I have begun to open up to people more and now I’m not as shy as I was when I first started at this school.

My goals for the end of this term are too complete all my work to a high standard and learn as much as possible because my mum explained how the university and stuff work so I want to get a good education so I can go to Victoria University! Part of it is because the view in the library is cool, but still…

We have also begun to use about an hour of our day to learn Te Reo Maori. Some parents complained that we haven’t been learning enough Te Reo so we’ve begun to learn it a more often!

I would like to be a student counselor next year because I like to try new things and have different experiences! I think a student counselor is much more than being a leader and telling everyone what to do, I think a student counselor is also leading by example and encouraging other people to follow in your footsteps, to inspire and to discover. That is what I think a student counselor is about!

Heoi ano ahau manawa ora koia ra tenei maramataki taua pai! Korua ahau whakaehu he taku mahi! –Bonnie 😁 😁

Mo nga wiki kua pahure kua ahua hoha. Ki oku nei whakaaro kua pai haere aku mahi mai toku huinga ki te taha o Mr Kauone me toku mama. Katahi ano tenei wahanga kua timata noreira ka taea e au te piki i nga taumata. Me kaha ahau ki te whakarongo, ki te whai i te huarahi tika, ki te aro atu i nga mahi ki roto i te akomanga kia mohio pai ahau, kia whakawhiti whakaaro ki waenganui i oku hoa.

We have new topic inquiry groups I’m in human rights. We have started by writing and researched what human rights mean. I’m surprised at what I have found about what human rights are and what they stand for and the rights we get in reality. Also, why do some people have more rights than others if not why do they have more freedom?

In math we are doing geometry. I don’t know much about it but I’ve gotten a better understanding. We have learnt about tangrams which is a lot of different shapes put into one to make an art piece. We also have learned about polygons which are multi-sided shapes that must have straight sides and must be a closed shape. These are examples of some named polygons Triangle 3 sides, Quadrilateral 4 sides and Pentagon 5 sides. – Fanua

Term 3 Blog!!

Kia ora and I’m back to talk to you about my term 3 Blog!! So far this term I’ve been sticking out of the drama and sticking to learning and being a good girl in class and staying on task most time and finishing my work.

This term we have started Te Ao Maori and for that Whea sapphire split us up into two groups, the first group is level 1 – 2 and we have to stay in class while the 3 – 4 goes into the marea. I am in level 1 -2 and we are writing stuff in Maori then into English. In level 3 – 4 they are doing tests and other stuff in the Marea. Mr Kauone said that this term is more like revision and not more of the learning because some people in our group know the stuff we’re learning so it’s more like revision then lessons.

This term for kapa haka we have been preparing ourselves for this festival that’s happening near the end of this term and it’s not a competition but Mrs brown says its like a competition and we need to be our best and put 100 in it. In week 2 we did a powhiri for the new Japanesse people that came to our school and to be honest we didn’t go 100% I think we only did 50% but from now on the year 8s will lead the group and be leaders throughout the year!

For our writing we are writing about and explaining the Land wars and how the british stole our land from us and if we have gotten it back or not. For our maths we have been split into workshops with our area and I’m in room 5 which is 3 – 4 and we are doing geometry and measurements. We have been doing topic this term, just like last term but with different subjects and different classes, I’m in room 4 and our subject is how to help the homeless, we are answering certain questions about our subject and we are visiting homeless shelters to give them supplies like food etc but we might be going in the middle of the term I think.

He tino puku mahi tenei wahanga, kei te ngana ahau ki awhi hurinoa i te akomanga. Ko toku mahi ko te puta atu i nga raruraru, ka whakaatu te ahautanga tika ki nga tau 7. I tenei wahanga me tutuki pai ahau, ka mutu ahau i oku mahi katoa. Kia ora kia koutou e panui ana i oku tuhinga. Lata cuz  – Natalea

Kia ora welcome back to my term 3 reflection

Term 3 has started off good, I haven’t gotten into any trouble and I’ve really been trying to focus on my work. There’s been some drama but it’s all pretty much over now.

Inquiry workshops have been good I am doing the homeless inquiry unit, and later on in the term we will be helping the homeless which is pretty cool. I was in Ms Fata’s class for the last topic inquiry as well.

My goals are still to stay focused during class time because I usually get distracted while I’m doing my work and that’s why it sometimes takes longer for me to finish work. I reckon I’m being my number 10 a lot more. -Keira

Term 3 so far

TKT started a new Te Ao Maori learning program. We’ve 3  groups where, for example, level 1 and 2 work with Mr. Kauone and they practice basic Maori. Level 3 and 4 are with Whaea Saph, and we’ve started with tests on how we’re at with our reo, in our writing and reading. For Te Ao Maori we are also inquiring into our whakapapa and our ancestors so we can learn about our whanau history.

For topic inquiry this term we have ‘Human Rights’ with Mr. Kauone, we have ‘Advertising’ with Mr. Thompson and ‘Homelessness’ with Ms. Fata. My unit is Human rights, and so far we’ve been finding out what human rights are and what rights we have as a human being.

He tino pukumahi matou ko te ropu Kapa Haka na te mea, ia wiki mo te wahanga katoa he whakaaturanga. Ko te tumanako ka pai haere.

In conclusion, those are the upcoming things that are happening or have already happened this term. Later 🙂 – Malia

Kia ora tatou katoa, Ko Therese tenei e kaha nei ki te tuhi i oku whakaaro mo te timatanga o tenei wahanga. Kei konei ahau ki te korero e pa ana ki toku “Mid year report”. He tino pai toku “Mid year report”, tino pai oku mahi pangarau me te mahi tuhituhi.

Okay, I had to change this to English so yeah..We are working a different thing in Te ao maori so we can all pick up what we don’t know and what we know.Okay in saying that we have groups and we have 4 because its levels rated 1,2,3,4 i am level….THREE YAY I am pretty good.

Oh and we had a mid year report last term and trust me I did pretty good And my parents were proud. So I guess I did well???? I dunno but anyways I really improved in math, reading(not that much) writing, English, Te ao Maori. So since I wanna talk about how I am right now with TKT i am going well and I am improving a lot with stuff like A LOT! – Therese

He Timatanga Hou

MID YEAR REPORT – Mo toku ripoata kua ohowauri ahau piataata i whakaro ahau kei raro ahau e putu ana he pahe ahua kore take etahi wa engari he rawe.

TE AO MAORI – For te ao Maori it’s ok but Im doing better i’m also getting good at english and also i want more te reo maori so i can get 4+ i know im doing better matter a fact it’s my Favorite subject.

SPORT – Mo toku Hakinakina He tere ahau he ahua hatakihi. Ko toku tino Hakinakina ko whutuporo, poitukohu, He pai nga hakina ki ahau.

Holiday – On the holiday, I stay home because i didn’t want to Go place it was ok, I went to the liberty holiday program and went movie pools it was ok. – Kaimana

😐My Term 3 Blog😇

Te Ao Maori – I have been learning how to understand better in Te reo Maori like saying how I am and my feelings, dislikes and likes. Also I have also learned about the  Aotearoa land wars that started at Taranaki in 1860 and ended in 1872. I have a goal that I need to get more confident in my Maori speech.

Inquiry = I have been learning on a new inquiry my inquiry is homeless people and how we can help them and asking questions, making donations, but right now I’ve made a slide of questions and I’m planning my action plan.

Maths – I have started well on my maths we started geometry workshops I have been learning about different shapes and Ms Fata has given us a lot of worksheets. She says that I shouldn’t be in her class because she thinks I’m smart enough and I need to work harder to get where I’m supposed to be at. I’ve on Numeracy workshops Level 2-3 Mrs Fata that’s bad because this level is the lowest group. But I will do my best to work harder to achieve high standards.

Technocraft – This term I ‘ve started on a new Tech called sewing in sewing we learned to sew a wallet and how to thread a sewing machine and about new tools like a bobbin, bobbin case and more I am loving it. Tech is my favorite subject. – Manaia M

Kia ora and welcome back to my blog.

For Inquiry, I’m learning about Human Rights with Mr Kauone. So far we have come up with questions and statements about human rights that we want to learn and inquire about. Currently, I’m working with Malia and Fanua. We are researching New Zealand human rights events, like what’s happening in Ihumatao.

Te Ao Māori: I  nāianei kei kōeketanga rua mō Te Ao Māori. I mahi me Matua Kauone. Hei tāna ō māua kēne mahi kei kōeketanga tahi ko whakahou. Hei tāna huirua ō māua whakaotioti te kōeketanga tahi mahi ō mātou kēne tāti kōeketanga rua mahi. I nāianei I’m waenganui pū te kōeketanga tahi.

This term Ms Brown has organised something every week for the Kapa Haka ropu to do. The biggest event is at the end of the term. Even though it’s not a competition Ms Brown said we still have to be the best. Friday 2nd of August we went down to the community hub and performed for Love Wainuiomata as well as our school band. – Arimawha

Term 3 blog

Kia ora and welcome back to my blog!!

Topic Inquiry
Ko te kaupapa mo tenei mahi ko nga tangata kainga kore.(For my term 3 topic inquiry I am doing homeless people. Ko te ngako o to matou mahi “Learning Journeys” me kaha matou ki te kimi i te huarahi hei awhina i nga tangata kainga kore ki roto i te riu o Wainuiomata. Kua puta nga whakaaro te taea e matou te hanga ki etahi whare, koha atu i etahi kai, inu hoki.

Te Ao Maori

In our class we have Te Ao Maori groups there are 2 groups 1 group is level 1-2 and the 2 group is level 2-3. I am in group 1-2 and we are learning the basics such as kia ora(hello), Tena koe(how are you), No Hea Koe(where are you from), how to count in maori, ect.

Geometry workshops

I am Miss Fata class for geometry which is level 2-3. In our workshops we are learning level 2-3 geometry math things. I am doing ok in my geometry workshops it is a bit challenging but i still finish the work that miss gives us. -Manaia H-P

Key Competencies(progress)

My key competencies are going good I’m getting better at managing my time and being more organised and being ready to learn, but concentrating on my work can sometimes be hard,I get sidetracked pretty easy


For this tech us year sevens are doing fabrics, it’s not too fun but I guess it could help us when or if we want to make clothes or something like that, but for me I don’t like it too much and also I won’t be doing that sort of job.

Tuhituhi and Panui

For writing we’re learning about the New Zealand land wars,in 1860 the British tried to get a block of land in Taranaki for European settlers but none of the chiefs were gonna just give it to them,the war went for a year,but then it spread to the Waikato, Hawkes Bay and the east coast in total there were 4 million acres confiscated and 123 years later in 1995 half of it was returned but not to the rightful owner.


This term for pangarau we’re doing geometry and measurement I’m in room five:(: but it’s not that difficult but when I’m told another name for something that I’ve already been taught, then it can be difficult but other than that pretty easy.


My spelling is pretty good I can spell most words in the English dictionary except words that I don’t know but other than that it’s pretty good.

Topic Inquiry Learning

This term for inquiry we only had three choices to pick from NZ homelessness, how advertising affects us and human rights.I’m in room five and I’m doing how advertising affects us,all we have to do is look at some ads and see how we can attract an audience for a product that is being sold.

Te Ao Maori

For Te Ao Maori we have different groups for learning more te reo I’m in the lowest group mainly because I’ve been in mainstream classes and not bilingual or full immersion classes or schools, but I had a wanna be Maori teacher before – Trae

😇kia ora fanau ko Iziah toku ingoa 😈

I tenei ra ka korero ahau e pā ana ki…

Section 1 Student led conference

My student-led conference went badly. I kept getting emotional. Matua & my parents and my sister They all got to see me crying. I felt embarrassed

Section 2 Key competencies

My key competencies are going good to be honest. I’m good at my tuhituhi and panui. I’m participating and contributing more than ever so my next goal is managing self better.

Wahanga 3 Te Ao Māori. Ko matua he akoranga i to tatou reo ki te akomanga. Kei te pai taku mahi. Ko te ako mo to maatau ahurea he mea whakahihiri engari ko te whakama o te kore mohio ki taku ahurea ka kaha te nui. – bye-Iziah


Geometry- This term the teachers were making geometry workshops and I’m in level ¾ workshop with Mr Thompson And we are working on geometry angles.

Topic – In my inquiry my teacher did workshops for inquiry. We had to choose 3 groups to go in. I’m with Mr  Thompson again for topic workshops.

Te Ao Maori  – In my Te Ao Maori I’m in level 4-5  with Whaea Saph in the marae. And I think I’m doing pretty good on my te ao Maori because I went to a Maori school called Pukeatua.

Overall – I te nuinga o te wa he pai  taku mahi me te mahi pai ki taku mahi takaro ofc ko au te mea pai i te kura i te poitūkohu. Kapa haka e pai ana ahau ki te mahi Kapa haka. Engari ki taku whakaaro kei te pai au i nga mea katoa mo nga mea katoa. – Antwon 

Term 3 blog 2019!

Kia ora welcome to my term 3 blog 2019 I’ll be talking about what’s been happening in school.

Technocraft  – For technocraft I’m in Art now with the other year 8 boys/girls. We do Art and make pics for our mums and i don’t know but you put it on your wall at home I guess.

Sports – For sports I love basketball , rugby, touch, Those are my favorite sports to do with my friends and family. I do bball for the school with the boys and some of the year 7 kids in room 14 and we play on Wednesday nights at Walter Nash Stadium, we played our first game it was last week Wednesday against Sacred Heart and we won 36 – 13 over the other team. – Kahurangi

Kua Tai Mai Wahanga 3 

For term 3 topic inquiry we have this thing called learning journey and I have a pretty okay understanding of it. I’m also in Mr. Thompson’s class and were doing advertising. We have to look at ads and see what it takes to make an ad, which makes the ad funny what the main idea is of the ad. So I’m with Mr. Thompson and doing advertising and I guess it’s okay.

For Te Ao Maori level 1-2 are working with Mr. Kauone and levels 3-4 are working with whaea Saph, I’m with whaea and our group is Te Kete Tuatea, We did tests all of week one. For Te Ao Maori we are also inquiring into our whakapapa and our ancestors so we can learn about our whanau history and we will continue this for the rest of the year and next year since I’m a year 7, so that is cool because I get to learn more about my whanau and our history.

Mo te kapa haka he tino pukumahi matou i tenei wahanga na te mea kei te mahi matou nga  whakaaturanga ia wiki, kei a matou te whakaaturanga nui ki St Brandons i te mutunga o tenei wahanga no reira kei te parakatihi. Ko te tumanako he pai tenei wahanga me te whakaaturanga nui mo te kapa haka?. Kaore he whakataetae engari ka ki a Mrs Brown he whakataetae noreira he whakataetae kei te haere. Te wiki tuarua i mahi matou tetahi powhiri mo nga tangata mai Hapanihi, i mahi ahau i te karanga a i awhina hoki ahau ki te mahi i te haka powhiri. – Ka kite ano- Jaylyn 


I’m Amara and this is my Term 3 reflection evaluation!

This Term we have been doing kapa haka, and we performed in poly fest the last term! Our voices were a little sore after that lol. And this term we are going to perform on every Friday, so our schedule will be busy.

Mo te mahi tuhituhi kei te ako matou e pa ana ki nga pakanga whenua o Aotearoa. I tuhia matou to matou ake whakamarama. I timata nga pakanga waru ngahurutau ki muri. I pakanga mo te kotahi tau, mo te whenua. I te mutunga o te ra i whakahokia te whenua ki te mana whenua.

For creative writing we have been learning about the NZ land wars. We had to write an explanation of what it is and what happened. The NZ land wars happened in the 1860s years ago when the war began. It went for over one year, all for a block of land. In the end the land was returned but not to its original owners.

For my student-led conference my mum came and sat down with my teacher and we sorted out my goals for the next term. Student-led conferences are basically just a conference between your parents and your teacher but I had to lead it.

We have geometry workshops and we are in different classes and I am in room 5. Room 5 is level 3-4  what we do in our geometry classes is looking at parallelograms, angles, degrees, 2D shapes and 3D shapes and anything about geometry. –Amara-lee

Nau mai haere mai Wahanga 3

Term 3 is finally here and this term is a lot busier than the other terms  1 and 2 because this term is not about making friends and doing other things around school but all the teachers in our school are really pushing all the year 8s to be the best for high school next year and all the year 7s don’t really do that much more work than the year 8s because the year 7s have another year with the teachers before they go to high school in the year 2021.

Mō te Kaupapa o Te Ao Māori

Kei te mahi te akomanga i te Te Reo Māori kaore e au i te mohio e hia ngā wiki engari kei te mahi tōnu matou i tēnei kaupapa. Kei roto ahau i te ropu taumata ⅘ ki te taha o oku hoa me tōku kaiako Whaea Saph, ka mahi te ropu taumata ⅘ i roto i te marae, kua mahi tātou i ngā tuhinga roa, panui pukapuka. Ko te ture o te akomanga me kaha ki te korero i te reo Maori ki te kaiako/kaiawhina me nga hoa. Mena kaore e matou te whakarongo ki te kaiako ka whakautu ia kia tātou me hoki atu koe ki te akomanga ki te taha o Matua Kauone. Meitaki Ma’ata. –Terangianiwaniwa

Start of term 3 blog

TECHNOCRAFT – In term 3 we have new tech. For tech we have cooking, Digitech and fabric. We have fabric for now it’s really fun though, because me and rhobe finished making our wallets.

INQUIRY LEARNING – For inquiry which is New Zealand homeless, Where we get people around Wainui to help and refund the things we get and we’ll give them to the homeless to help them.


For geometry and measurements it is where we learn about shapes angles and some other maths and when we’re done we might be able to play games.


I would love to be a student councilor and I would  love doing good and using the skills I learn this year to help the year 7’s next year and  for the great or good


In PE we had volleyball and soccer and now we have netball. For netball we are doing skills and sometimes we do boys vs the girl see who wins. Last time the girl’s won but i didn’t play so don’t know who won.


Mo te ao Maori kei roto ahau i te ruma o Whaea Saph, ko te taumata 3 me 4. I mahi matou nga tuhinga roa tatou i roto i te reo Maori. Ko nga kaupapa mo nga tuhinga roa: Nga hararei a kura, Tangata Rongonui. I tuhi ahau e pa ana ki toku mama i mahi ia te powhiri mo te matatini. –Taukea


Mo toku ripoata kua ohowauri ahau piataata i whakaaro ahau kei raro ahau e putu ana, i pahi ahua kare he take etahi wa engari he rawe.

TE AO MAORI – For te ao Maori it’s ok but Im doing better i’m also getting good at English and also i want more te reo maori so i can get 4+ i know im doing better matter a fact it’s my Favorite subject.

Mo toku Hakinakina He tere ahau, he ahua hatakihi, Ko toku tino Hakinakina ko te whutuporo me te poitukohu.He pai nga hakinakina ki ahau.

On the holiday, I stay home because i didn’t want to Go place it was ok, I went to the liberty holiday program and went movie pools it was ok. – Kaimana

Kia ora e te whanau. Ki aku whakaaro kei te pai aku Key Competencies mo tenei wa na te mea kua tau taku ahua ki roto i te akomanga. Kei te piki haere tera na te mea i nga ra e 2 o te kura ehara au i te kanukanu me te pohehe haere i te akomanga.

I think I’m doing good with my managing self for now because in class I have been managing myself pretty good and I don’t get distracted and I don’t distract the class. I think my managing self is getting higher and higher.

Kua timata tatou te akomanga he mahi hou mo Te Ao Maori kua roputia tatou na Whaea Saph mai taumata 1 ki taumata 2 ki taumata 3.Nga tamariki taumata 2 ki te 3 kei te taha a Whaea ki roto i te marae. Te taumata 1 kei te taha a Mr Kauone.

He taumata 3 ahau mo te reo Maori i timata i nga ata. The class has started a new Te Ao Maori project we have got grouped by Whaea Saph from level 1  to level 2 and level 3. level 2 and 3 are with Whaea in the marae level 1 is in Mr Kauone class and it started this morning. –Rhobe-Jaexoynn

Hiii I’m back

So for the term has been okay, we’ve been learning a lot of new stuff. My Key competencies managing self have been no good at all but I’m getting there. I really like doing Te Ao Maori because learning Maori is my culture and I need to to learn about my culture. PE has been fun playing netball, with the year 8s it’s been challenging playing with them but it’s getting better.

Kua pai haere nga mahi mo Te Ao Maori, kei roto ahau i te roopu/taumata 2 mo Te Ao Maori. Kei te kaha haere aku mahi ki roto i tenei akomanga. Kaha ahau ki te korero Maori ki te kainga, ki te kura hoki. Tino ngakau nui ana ahau ki Te Ao Maori.

Upcoming events…

In week 9 there is a kapa haka festival we’re going to be learning new waiata (song) and haka which I am excited about it.  Our kapa haka ropu is going to love Wainui to perform in front the community, hub,and other people that want to watch but I can’t wait until we perform to Wainui but I reckon it’s going to be fun.

Topic inquiry….

My topic for inquiry is homelessness what we do is ask questions and research how we can help the homeless and how people became homeless in the first place, we are going to help homeless people and what they go through every day and how they put up with being homeless and that’s what we are doing. – Ramari

This term for inquiry workshops I’m learning about human rights, I’m in Mr. Kauone class for topic and right now we’re just learning about what human rights is and we’re writing down questions that we want to know the answer to so that we can gather more information and decide what to do from there.

One of my goals is to try and dunk the hoops by the end of the year. I can only dunk small things that can easily fit in my hand/s but I can’t dunk a basketball yet but I reckon I could by the end of the year.

This term has been alright so far just a little bit of drama and stuff which is just annoying. I like to play basketball at school and I normally finish my work but I tend to get distracted very easily, e.g while writing this blog I pretty much was just sitting there doing nothing for like an hour because whenever I thought of something to write I’d think about a flaw in writing about that or I’d write it and I wouldn’t like it a little bit so I would just delete thee whole paragraph and then I’d just sit there thinking of what I should write then get distracted and be completely off task. – Ako