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Kiaora, I’m Bonnie And This Is My Start Of Term Blog. Right Now Its Term 4 And I Am Excited For The Holidays. But I Am Not Excited For Next Year Because Then I Would Have Become A Year 8.

This Is The Term Where We Have To Try Our Hardest Because We Have Our End Of Year Tests Which Is Important. The Average Level For A Year 7 Is Level 4A. I’m In That Level For Everything Except For Math And Writing. For Writing, I’m A Level 5A And For Math, I’m A Level 3A. I Hope To Be A 5A In Math By The End Of Next Year Though.

My Academic Goals Have Been Going Good And I Don’t Need To Work On Anything In That Area. But My Key Competencies Are What I Want To Work On This Term.

In A Few Weeks, It Is Going To Be EOTC Week. I’m Going On Camp For About 4 Days And I’m Excited! This Will Be The First Time I’ve Been Camping Before.

Koia Te Mutunga O Toku Rangitaki. Ahau Manawa Ora Koia Tenei Wahanga He Pai. Kakite ano. – Bonnie

Term Four Has Started


Kare au i te tino pirangi ki te hoki ki te kura. Mo nga wiki e rua o nga hararei a kura i wareware katoa au i oku nekehanga a kura. Ki toku nei whakaaro ka ahua poturi te haere ki te kura na te mea kei te hararei tonu toku hinengaro. Hei nga wiki e heke mai nei ka tino puku mahi matou, ko nga mahi whakaritenga mo nga aromatawai / whakamatautau a te kura. Ko te tumanako ka pai haere oku mahi, ka eke au ki nga taumata whakahirahira.


This term my goal is to just concentrate and don’t let things distract me which means always being my number ten. My number ten is going to help me succeed and do my best my number one is going to pull me back. Academically my goal is to just do my best and revise on everything I’ve learned so that I can master whatever I’m working on.


Academically I’m in a pretty good place for myself but I know I could be better. Reading is something that I do well at surprisingly, math is alright and writing I don’t really know where I’m at with that but it’s something that I struggle with a lot. The way that I’m going to improve my writing and other academic areas is to just master the basics and look back to my goals.

How I’m Feeling In Term 4

I am excited to end the year but then we have a lot of tests and stuff that’s not so exciting. I’m looking forward to the last couple of weeks of school because it sounds like it’s pretty fun. The downside to being in term four is that the year eights are leaving and a lot of my friends will be gone. This term I’m going to challenge myself so that I end the year on a high. -Fanua

We back at it again!!

This term is going to be real busy because we have testing in weeks 3 to 5 before that we are doing like heaps of revising from our old work from terms 1 2 3 and stuff. The tests we are doing are Maths, Reading, Writing, Te Ao Maori and to be honest I’m not as ready for my tests but I will be after all the revising we do.

Goals –

My goals have really been helping because I’ve been Improving on my Reading and Maths. My main goals are to focus on working and moving on from the past. I’d like to accomplish my goals by the end of this term by getting 4A or higher in my summative testing.

Holidays –

When the holidays ended I didn’t really want to come back to school after a two week holiday but I did anyway. What I did in the holidays was nothing really I went to my friend’s house and stayed there for about a week and got back on Tuesday, I then went to Taupo for just 3 days and then got back home about Friday. After the trip, I went to my aunties and now I’m staying with my cousins.


Academically I’m in a pretty alright place but I know I could do better if I focus more and concentrate. Writing is something that I do well at, reading is alright and maths I don’t really know where I’m at But I do need some more work on Math because I’m not really good at it.

Toku whakaputanga mo tenei wahanga, kua pai nga mahi mo tenei wahanga. Ko te tumanako ka piki tonu oku mahi ki roto i nga mahi pangarau, panui pukapuka hoki, ka mutu oku korero ki konei mo tenei wa. Ka kite ano – Natalea

Welcome to my start of term 4 blog

Summative tests- This term where have summative testing. this term it’s going to be a busy term for the whole school because it is testing term for Reading, math, and writing tests coming up in week 5 of this term.

Holidays- In the holidays I went fishing with my uncles and my 2 cousins on Monday then went home and played a game called (Fortnite). Then my koro and aunties and uncles came down from Tauranga to see my nan in Tawa for the weekend. Tuesday my uncle got a (dingy,boat) then I helped him do some touches to the dingy.

This term- This term is going to be another good term because we are back at it and ready to learn for the rest of the term. This term so far has been really good no one has gotten in trouble yet. It’s only been 3 days of the term and it is going well. -Matthew

Tena koutou katoa e huihui mai nei. Nau mai hoki mai ki te wahanga e ki nei ko te wahanga puku mahi. Kua oti nga hararei ,a, kua rite ahau ki te hoki ki te kura ki te ako, ki te tutuki i oku mahi katoa.

Kei a matou nga whakamatautau whakaeke i te wiki tuatoru ki te wiki tuarima. I ki mai toku kaiako kia arotahi ki te mahi, kaua e ururua i te whanonga kino me whakapiki i te upoko ki te mahi. Ahakoa tona tikanga ki te panui pukapuka mo te haora kotahi, rua ranei.

Te wiki tuaono, ko te wiki matauranga I waho o te akomanga. I whakahaere te kura i etahi haerenga. Tuatahi, he haerenga huri noa i te Whanganui-a-tara. Tuarua, he haerenga ki te hopuni kei El Rancho. Tuatoru, he haerenga huri noa i Te Awakairangi. Haerenga whakamutunga, ko te noho ki te kura.

Toku akoranga – my goals are doing alguds. – Malia

Start of term 4 

Kia ora this is the start of a new term and I am excited for the holidays i am doing my goals and one of them understand and interpret what the author wrote and question the purpose and my 2nd one is respect my audience at all times and the 3rd one is using the polygon symmetry/angle properties to solve practical problems and i think i am doing good with my goals

My key competencies are coming ok my thinking is okay and I’m getting better with all my key competencies and my thinking

I’m improving my maths and i think i am getting better i am better at maths than I was last year so I have improved a lot

My writing, I have worked on a bit and now it more better than 2 years ago I was horrible at writing but now i am improving witch is good

Panui-I am really good at reading and I like reading more than maths. – Montelle

Kia Ora Wahanga 4

Introduction: Kia Ora, this is the start of term 4 and has been quite well I have made a lot of new friends over the year and it has been fun my behaviour has changed and I am a different person. But sometimes I get carried away and do silly stuff but I know I can do better, I am looking forward to the events that are coming up and hope to get good results in my tests.

Goals and Academics: This year I have achieved most of my goals and I have lots to come for next year my Panui goals have been reached as we have been doing a lot of comprehensions which are building up my ability to be a better reader. My Pangarau has improved but I have some gaps that I need to fill and work my hardest on, my Tuhituhi is okay but I know that I can do more to build good and readable stories. My personal goals are good it’s just that I need to be more focused and responsible around my pairs and all people overall.

KC’s: My key competencies are doing okay my thinking is not the best but it can be changed, my managing self is doing well I just need to stay focused, my relating to others is good and I can do heaps better. I have been participating and contributing to different things which have been fun, I have been using different language, symbols and text in my conversations and also my stories.

Ending:  Kei te piki taku wairua i tenei tau me he tino pai toku mahi i tenei kura, he tino hiamo au mo nga taonga kei te haere mai engari ka pai oku mahi na te mea i mahi nga mea kino kaore i haere au ki nga mea, He tino hiamo au mo te tau i heke mai nei. Kia Ora, – Teokotai

💀Heya everyone it’s the last term of the year it sounds good but it💀 means that we have to do more work.

End of year tests, I might do well and I might I don’t know but I will try my hardest to get a good grade or percentage whichever one it’s I don’t care.

Hararei, I roto i te hararei i haere mai taku kuia me taku koroua ki te kite i a au me toku whanau. I te po 7 o te 7 i whanau ai taku whaea ki taku tuahine.

The first week back to school, It’s the worst coming back here to school but it’s good to see all my friends plus i don’t have to stay with kahumoerangi which is my little sister.

It’s the final term now(insert final countdown song)-Iziah 

Kia ora, this is my term 4 blog and I will be talking about upcoming events this term and how I’m feeling about it so far.

Around the middle of the term we’re going to be having our end of year test and those tests are the most important because the results from those tests get sent to our high school that we’re going to go to so they know where we are academically and socially and what class to put us in to best suit us. I’m hoping to get a 5 in Reading and Writing but in maths, I’m going to try and get a 6.

Coming up for term 4 is year 8 formal, pretty soon we’re going to practice the dances (cause you to have to dance) for formal. I’m not looking forward to any of the practices because I don’t like dancing and dancing doesn’t seem good to me.

Last term we had 4 choices for EOTC week, one was going to camp for 4 days, one was going around Hutt all week, one was going around Wainuiomata and one was staying at school. I choose to stay at school because I’m not interested in going to camp and I don’t want to go around the Hutt or Wainui. My dad was highly disappointed when I told him that I was just going to stay at school and he even told me to change and go do something but it was too late but I don’t mind because to me staying at school was a better option. – Ako

Start term 4 blog

Summative tests

Summative tests are coming up this term & I am prepared for what is to come with the writing test pangarau/math writing & reading they’re going to be hard but I’m gonna do my best with what I have learned through term 1 to term 3 so I can do my best.


By using my goals I can achieve what I could not by using my basic maths like 1x to 10x & by doing my hardest to respecting my audience when I write  & I know I am good at reading and I know I will do my best with my summative tests.

Fun this term

This term we have a camp in week 6 at el rancho  & area 1 are going to wainui o mata pool’s in week 7 and at the end of this term/ term 10  we are going to wainui o mata pool’s with the whole school and by week five our academics go down so within the week 9 we do less and less work.

Niuean language week

This term and week we have Niuean language week and me my friend rhobe and trae are supposed to go around school and teach people about our culture like how the island kinda sounds like language its called niuean. niue the island is known as the rock because it is so rocky and niue is a small island from the south pasific and those are only some facts.

Toku hararei

I te wikene tuatahi o nga hararei a kura i haere toku mama ki Rarotonga na te mea i wini toku mama i etahi tikiti ki Rarotanga. Ko tena te take i  haere ahau me toku teina iti ki te whare o toku kuia. I patai au ki toku kuia mehemea te taea e au te haere ki te whare o toku whaea keke, i whakaae toku kuia. He maha nga kai i tikina e toku hoa, he tino reka hoki nga kai. I te Rahoroi i haere tatou me toku hoa ki te whare o tona whaea keke ki te mahi rakau. E toru nga rakau i tapahi noreira i whiwhi maua ko toku hoa i te rua tekau tara. I whiwhi hoki maua ko toku hoa i tetahi aihikirimi me etahi kai mo te poupoutanga o te ra. I hoki au ki toku whare, i haere au ki Kidzhub, he pai a Kidzhub ki ahau.  -Taukea

Bring it on Wahanga 4

Welcome to the start of term 4 people my name is Terangianiwaniwa and I’ll be talking to yous about the start of term 4. This term will be actually pretty tough because a lot of our teachers in our school have been actually pushing all the students to have a better life and trying their best for high school/college. But year 7s have been pretty good because they have been working and doing different things around the school but it doesn’t matter because I need to tell you about the year 8s. This is the last term for the year 8s because we will go through a lot of different things and start to work harder so we can have an excellent report so we can go to the college that we wanna go to next year.

Introduction in Maori: He mea nui tenei wahanga na te mea he timatanga hou mo matou te kura o Wainuiomata Tukuaru kua whakatauke nga kaiako o wainuiomata tukuaru ki nga tamariki katoa engari a koe ranei mo nga tamariki tau 8. Kua tata te mutu tenei tau o 2019 mo nga tau 8 no te mea ka haumauiui matou ki nga mahi katoa koia ra nga kaiako hei uru nga mahi mo matou ki tenei kura o wainuiomata tukuaru engari he mea tino rewa tenei wahanga timatanga o te tau.

Ka piki whakaake toku reo maori mo tenei tau ahakoa te aha ara rirerire hau pai marire. -Terangianiwaniwa

The starting of destruction part 4

Hello, I am back from my over-packed Holliday and ready to learn and get my academics up and More. So let this last term of this year will be great.

This is another start of actual work that reflects on what work we have done in the past couple of terms that are to get us prepared for our tests that are coming up hooray!

I guess I better listen so I get grades that impress myself and my parents.

But we have events coming up for our EOTC (Education outside of the classroom) The events held are Camp, trips around wellington, trips around the Hutt, trips around Wainui-o-mata or just stay at school.

The event I am going to is camp which is week six and we leave to al rancho. I am excited to go up to al rancho for camp.

Ka kite ano koutou ma ko te tenei the mutunga o toku rangitaki o te timatanga o te wahanga tua wha ka tuhi ahau ano I etahi wa I roto I tenei wahanga wha.

 -Therese- Amour Justice Sullivan

Hello Term 4

During the holiday, I went to my uncle to ride a motorbike and 4 wheeler it was the best I broke one of the bikes and went home. The next morning I went back to my uncle and he bought a new motorbike and it’s really fast

And at 4:30 I went to the mall to buy lollies and chocolate✌. I went to the library to play on the computer and play games until the library closed.

EOTC – Mo te eotc I haere tatou ki te h20 ki te takaro ki te haere i runga te paheketanga me te ngaru nui he pai ko tera te mea nui.

START  OF TERM 4 – At the start of term 4 it was good not that much work just R/E about the start of term 4. – Kaimana

About the term

This term is going to be a really busy term of revising our work and getting ready for our tests. It’s going to be really challenging getting all these tests over and done with. I hope all goes well and no put-downs this term I can’t wait till this year is over I can stay at home and sleep but I want to get all this stuff over and done with. I hope this term goes good.


My holidays went pretty good I went up to gizzy and went for a swim at the train track. I also saw my cousins at the beach, I was really happy that I saw them because I never see them. And when I got home the time was about 3am and I stayed up doing nothing and waiting for my dad to wake up so we could go somewhere. Now I’m back at school it’s really boring but I’ll get over it well hope I will.


Kua pai te haere o oku whainga engari me kaha tonu au ki te mahi. He mama ki ahau ki te ako i to tatou nei reo Rangatira. Ki toku nei whakaaro kei te pai haere toku reo Rangatira engari me kaha ake.


My academics have been really good since I’ve been focused more on my work and things I really don’t need things that won’t help me and stuff but it been good so far. I’ve managing myself pretty good. – Ramari

Kia ora i just came back from a two week holiday  

My academics have gone better from the start of the year. My reading has improved and i go to the library every Friday morning to read with these old men in class we do reading comprehension skills.

For writing we have learned how to write an explanation i didn’t know how or what to write that but now I know how to write one i still need help with a bit of it.

My maths in workshops with Ms Fata is easy we need more than one worksheet a day because I’m not learning anything because I already know.

There is total touch in a couple of weeks. In term 1 the year 8 and 7 boys won the whole thing so hopefully we take it out again. In week 6 there is EOTC week im going to the wellington one I don’t know what I’m gonna do there but hopefully we get to choose our own groups. -Tamati

My Blog

Kia ora my name is Antwon and I’m gonna be talking about my reading strategies and my academic goals and also my KC.

Comprehension – So I think I’ve been doing pretty good in my reading strategies because I’ve been making progress for comprehension strategies But I need to improve more for my reading strategies on that because I get distracted too much from my friends. So I can have an excellent report for next year when I go to St Pats Silverstream.

Academics – In my academics I need to improve more on my basketball skills and eat healthy food every week and why I’m not achieving it because I muck around all the time But I think that I need to improve my Key Competencies because I need to listen to the teacher and step up in class time. – Antwon

Nau mai haere mai ki te wahanga e ki nei ko te wahanga puku mahi. Ko tenei wahanga te wahanga puku mahi. Ko te wahanga whakarite mo te tau e heke mai nei rua mano rua tekau.


EOTC ko te wiki maatauranga I waho o te akomanaga. Ka haere tatou I runga I nga haerenga ki te hopuni, haerenga huri noa i Te whanganui a tara, haerenga huri noa i Te Awa kairangi me Wainuiomata mo te kotahi wiki.


Hei te wiki tuatoru o tenei wahanga ka tu nga whakamatautau mo te kura. Me kaha au ki te tuhinga, me kaha hoki au ki roto i nga mahi pangarau, i roto i aku tuhituhi me kaha ahau ki te tuhi korero whakamaarama. Mo te pangarau me mahi e au aku mahi hautau.


I taku akoranga kei te pai taku mahi i roto i te painui. I te tuhi me te pangarau he pai au engari me kaha tonu au ki te tutuki i nga mahi. Mo te ao Maori kei te taumata rua ahua. Etahi wa he mama nga  mahi engari ia te wa ka piki au i tetahi taumata ka ahua uaua nga mahi. – Manaia H-P

Bring it on Wahanga 4

Welcome to the start of term 4 people my name is Terangianiwaniwa and I’ll be talking to yous about the start of term 4. This term will be actually pretty tough because a lot of our teachers in our school have been actually pushing all the students to have a better life and trying their best for high school/college. But the year 7s have been pretty good because they have been working and doing different things around the school but it doesn’t matter because I need to tell you about the year 8s. This is the last term for the year 8s because we will go through a lot of different things and start to work harder so we can have an excellent report so we can go to the college that we wanna go to next year.

Kua tata mutu tenei tau o 2019 mo nga tau 8. Hei te tau e heke mai nei ka rere o matou parirau ki nga kura kareti huri noa o Aotearoa. Kei a matou nga whakamatautau noreira me kaha ahau ki te u ki nga mahi katoa kia eke ki nga taumata teitei o te matauranga.

Ka piki whakaake toku reo maori mo tenei tau ahakoa te aha ara rirerire hau pai marire. -Terangianiwaniwa

😀Great Start To Term 4 Yeet 😀

Goals / Academic Goals

I tera wahanga i pai oku mahi ki te kura, me whakapono ana ahau ki ahau ano me kaha au ki te tutuki i nga mahi katoa, i roto i te tuhituhi, panui me te pangarau hoki.Summative Test

This term is where we are doing tests to revision based on what we have done these past terms like reading, writing, Te Reo Maori and Maths and I really hope to at least get good scores.

What’s Up This Term

Week 1: This week is NIUE language week we are learning all about NIUE.

Week 3: This week is testing week boring but this week is about revision and how we’ve improved in our work.

Week 5&6: we have our EOTC week I picked to go camp I’m really excited

Week 9&10: this week is the end of term and we are having a prize-giving for the year 8’s and on the same week we are having year 7’s merit assembly.

How I feel this term I’m happy this term is the business week and I feel like this term is going to be a great term and I will do my best to achieve in all areas. – Manaia M


This is my last term at W.I.S (Wainuiomata Intermediate School) and then I’m off to high school and today I’ll be talking about stuff that I will need to improve on and work on this term.

Goals-For my goals we are nearly at testing week, I need to do good for these tests because they will help me be in the best class I can in high school and in my last test I was just under where I’m meant to be for my year level.

Key Competencies-For my key competencies I’m doing good with them but I need to work on participating, I’m ok at it but it is my lowest key competency I think I’m consolidating for my participation in class.

Reading-For my reading I am just under where I’m meant to be at for my year level so I need to improve in my reading because next year is high school for me so they will look at my reading levels.

The End-So that was the end of my blog my next blog should be in week 5 so see you then later boooooooooi – Nicholas