Wharemaire 7/Room 7: Midterm 1 Reflection Evaluations

Posted by Pio Semu Matiahi Kauone, 21 Mar 2018
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Blog #2, Mid Term 1, 2018 – It is halfway through term 1 and I’m doing really great. In academics we have been learning about the NZ Census. We were learning why it was important and why we have it. We also have area maths rotations. I’m in Room 5 working at level 4. My academics right now I’m sure that I’m doing really great because I’m learning at Math level 4 and I’m really on task with my work.

In Technocraft I’m still doing Art right now. I’m up to finishing my indian ink on to my drawing. It’s only me and a couple of people on that. We’ve almost finished Art. I’m so excited to see what my artwork will look like at the end.

In Week 5 we had our School Athletics Day. I remember walking in school a bit scared because I saw people with their uniform on I thought it was cancelled but then finally I saw people with their area colours on. I’m in Whakaute and our colour is blue. There are 3 areas in our school; Whakaute ( blue ), Pukumahi ( Yellow ) and Haepapa ( red ). It was a really fun day and it was even more fun when Whakaute beat Haepapa and Pukumahi in the Area Relay races at the end of the day – 4 nil! I can’t wait for next years Area Athletics.  – Maliana 😎😁

My Week – Afio mai, kia ora: Today I will first be talking about Technocraft. Technocraft isnerly  over just like term 1. In Technocraft we have been doing wood carving printing this is the last lesson today. I like art because it’s not just colouring in and painting it’s more than that. Second I will be talking about W.I.S pool party on wednesday. So we walked to the pools at nine o’clock we  got changed. There were 5 activities. After the five activities we got free time. That was a fun time. I went in the spar for ten minutes.

Third I will talk about my maths because I am very proud of the group I am in  level 4. Witch in my opinion that is good for me. And as I got told you should be at level five when you leave Intermediate because then you will be already for college.  – Kayla

My Midterm ReflectionAthletics day – Athletics day was a blast I had so much fun.some of the sports I hadn’t done properly before like discus shot put and others. Academics My academics are going well. I’m doing well in maths workshop my reading is doing awesome The teachers – The teachers are awesome our class gets to have 3! We’ve got Debby Mr CJ and of course Mr Kauone. Mr Kauone is funny and really nice Debby looks after Amatie and interacts with us Mr CJ is a really fun teacher and extra fun because he’s a younger teacher Summary – Over all I love being in this class and I’m happy where I am and don’t want to move. – Cole

We are nearly at the end of term 1! This term is a really hard term for some but steady and easy for the others. I have strived through Athletics and sports and even my academics. Our class has become strong and friendly and we always have each other’s backs. I absolutely love our class and I love our Room 7 class culture. I am starting to do school sports like 7’s rugby and hoping to make it in Rugby 15’s. I hope to achieve well through my academics like maths,  reading, writing, PE, and way more. We have been working on Culture as I mentioned before, In our Rm 7 Class Culture we have listed words that represent our class culture like – Patient, Caring, Safety, Fun, Comfortable, Integrity, Supportive, Happy, Approachable, Honest, Helpful, Encourage, Inspire, Fair, Tolerant, Religion/Beliefs, Love, Family, Skills, Manners , 4R’s and more.

We also have a smart and hard-working student from University named Mr.Charle Jones aka Mr.CJ. We are lucky to have him because he lives far far away from Wainuiomata. We are also lucky to have our hard working and caring teacher aide Debbie who has been working at Wainuiomata Intermediate a long time. And we will never forget our one and only teacher, Mr. Kauone. Mr. Kauone teaches us a lot he always talks and proudly explains facts and jokes about his honored country Tokelau.

On Friday 16 March we had a Zumba warm up that was 8 minutes and Maori Movement Dance Warm Ups too. After that we done the Zumba dance some students were Inspired by the people doing the Zumba. We also watched an influential and inspiring well being movie: The Silent One. – Jedidiah

Technocraft – In technocraft there are places we go like art,woodwork,digitech,sewing,cooking and music.All of them have been fun and cool activities for us to do. Every room has a teacher. They sometimes help and they tell you what to do, tell you what to get and tell you some advice. My favourite tech class is sewing,drawing and music. In my opinion those are the best ones. There are also helpers who when we are in need of help they help us. In room 7 we have Debb and Mr. CJ.  – Te Awarangi

HALFWAY THERE – So it’s already week 7!  I think we had athletics in week 5 which Is what I’m going to talk about for now so we did 100m sprints, 200m and then we had 800m for the races that was It. We also had shotput and discus and I did the best I can and I did really good I tried my best to do them all.

Academics. I think that I have done good In maths for pangarau maths workshops and I have done my best and I’m in the highest maths class which Is the best you can get into for pangarau maths workshops so I hope I can stay like there. Technocraft we are now changing technocraft subjects and what I made in woodwork I made a noughts and crosses game, a chest and wood with designs on It. So that Is what we have done In woodwork. -Jayden :>)

This Term – I ran in our schools Athletics Day relay race, completed a test and am now Room 7s backup Student Council. To start off I will be talking about how my friends and I ran for the Area 1, Whakaute relay team for athletics. I was so proud of everybody and myself. Everybody had to dress in there area colors to support one another. I am so glad that I had the chance to be in the race. Secondly I will be talking about my test and academics, In my test that I have done, I got a 3P in my stats and algebra test and I am pleased with myself,  because it is the first test I have done this year. Our next test is in term 2, and it will be a writing test and I will be ready for it. Lastly I am going to talk about my job being a backup student council. As a student councillor it is my job to assist the class when needed and to step up and be a leader. Overall I have had a good term. – Jade

It is now Week 7 of Term 1 – We’re half way through the term and since my first blog I have done my pre statistics and algebra test, completed our School Athletics, culture and organised and ran our first Room 7 class assembly. For my pre stats and algebra test I hadn’t had much practise but it actually seemed a lot easier than last year. Some of the different questions I hadn’t even heard of, but from that test I can learn alot more for the main test by remembering the types of questions

Our culture in our class has strengthened since I first met the year 7’s. I have identified what culture is and how it is different from ethnicity. For our first Room 7 school assembly the other student counselor, Asharna and I  ran our assembly together. I get quite nervous when speaking in front of large crowds but I did not show it, and being able to run it last year helped my confidence. Before Athletics day came around it had been raining, but on the day it held off. When I competed, I did well at all the throwing events and even placed first for Shot Put. It was a great day and we all got to show our talents. I will be competing for the school for Inter-Athletics. – Greg

Dylan’s Amazing Week 7 At WIS – For my academics I have just started with my algebra, it is kind of easy but I think it might get a bit harder as we go on but I believe in myself. For reading I have started doing more readings, I’m not really used to it so I’m slowly understanding the strategies and getting used to it. I have been reading 2 books a week but they are kinda easy so I’m going to get some harder books to read. We have also been planning and making a Magic Garden It has been very fun I planned for the fruits & vegetables that we can put into the garden, we have made the hole mark so we can cut them. For Technocraft we are making wooden boxes in Workshop and so far we have built the box, cut it open and we have taken it home. But sadly this is the end to Dylan’s Amazing Week 7 At WIS IN Room 7. I have really enjoyed WIS and Rm 7 so far. There are lots of cool/nice people and there is lots of fun to have, I love Rm 7 and I don’t want to leave this class.  – Dylan : ) 😊

Mid Year Reflection – We are finally near the end of term 1 for 2018 and it’s been cool because I’ve had the chance of meeting the new year 7’s and year 8’s in our class, and some around our area and school. One of my favourite times of this year so far was Athletics because it gave us a chance to strive for excellence and go for the inter-school athletics team. I luckily made it into the team for discus which I’m proud of and can’t wait for it so I can waste everyone and go to regionals. We also did this pretest about stats and algebra to get us ready for the actual test and I’m hoping that I can get 4A or 5B because I scored 4P which I still like but I’d wish I’d get higher.

We are lucky to have 3 teachers in our class and they are Mr. Kauone, Debbie and Mr. Charles-Jones (aka Mr CJ). They always support us and make sure we do our best to strive for excellence for academics, sports and wayyyyyy more. I am so grateful that we have them because without them I would be below in my work but since they are here to help I am at AT for my reading and their helping me to get ABOVE and I thank them heaps for that.

The last thing I’m gonna talk about before I bore you out is Technocraft. Technocraft includes Art, Fabrics, Cooking, Digitech, and Woodwork. Technocraft is on every Tuesday and Thursday and it is where the tech teachers help us and show us how to do things about that tech group. My favourite tech is Cooking because we make food and eat it and It’s yum as. Okay that’s it from me, Kā Kiteeee. – Christian

I Know I’m Making Great Progress In My Learning – Hello to my blog for midterm 1, 2018. Week 7. This term has been very exciting and I have made lots of new friends. My spelling isn’t the best but it is definitely not the worst and I’m not saying I’m better than all people in spelling. My maths is really good as always I’m still in the top group for maths because I’ve been doing good and I haven’t been told off for my work. My writing is good too for blogs they’re very long. At school we have been going on trips to the Wainuiomata pools we have gone on to trips to the pools in 5 days one on a friday and wednesday. – Charlie

My Mid Term Blog – Academics – ”My academic work is going really great (well I think so) I really think that I have improved in my academic areas, for example my maths, during maths we have these practice cards that have different equations and strategy and different  ways of doing them.The practice cards get more and more challenging”.

Technocraft- ”Today is the last day for our specific tech, personally I really don’t want my tech too end but if it has to then it has to, in Woodwork I’m so close to finishing my chest we have spent a long time making this chest and all I need to do is just draw a design to put on the front of my chest and then carve the design into the front of the chest then I am finished!!!”.
Teacher aid and Masters student Teacher

We are really lucky to have Debby, Debby helps Amatie Te Awa and people all around the classroom if they need help.She puts a lot of effort in helping others.

Next is Mr. Charle Jones, aka Mr CJ, MrCJ is a masters student teacher and if you are wondering Mr CJ is a  teacher apprentice, he is a young male adult all the way from university training to become a teacher, and in my opinion I really think he will make an excellent teacher. We are very very lucky to have them both they both help all around the classroom but mostly people who struggling to do there work. We all thank Mr CJ and Debbie for all their hard work and everything they do. – Cade

In week 5 our school had our WIS 2018 Athletics Day! – All areas were dressed up in our respective colours (Area names and colours?!?) singing their chants competitively. All areas have chants that we sing on athletics day to support our syndicate ! We also have area names, our area name is whakaute ( respect). Overall athletics day was a blast and all areas done very well 🙂

For maths this term I have done my stats and algebra test, my score was a 3p, I am happy with my score but I know that next time I’m going to improve and get a better score. Our next test  we will be is in term 2 and we will be doing writing, last year I got 3p and this year I am aiming for at least a 3A. In conclusion I am hoping to get good scores before I leave for high school 🙂

This term our school has been doing swimming activities at the Wainuiomata summer pools. We have been swimming twice this term and we went once as an area and we also had a school picnic at the pools. Along with that we got to do swimming activities such as how to kayak! And to top it off we had free turns on the hydroslide, and in the spa!! Overall this term has been full with exciting adventures and improvements in all areas!!! – Ashlee

Athletics Day: In Week 5 our school had Athletics Day! It was a day of competitiveness between our three areas Whakaute, Haupapa and Pukumahi and building our culture together as a school. This year we were allowed facepaint and hair chalk which definitely upped the Athletics Day spirit. Whakaute (my area) for sure dominated the relays winning all 4 races Yr 8 girls, Yr 7 girls Yr 8 boy and Yr 7 Boys Girls, although the last year 8 boys race the school went a bit crazy, all dispersing around the track with excitement watching the boys race. Overall it was a great day and I wish it could happen again.

Swimming and Student Councillor: So far our school has been to swimming twice! The first time we went for a water safety program although the water was freezing cold we were encouraged to participate in all of the activities. We learnt life jacket safety, throwing boards out to drowning people, kayak safety and a whole lot of other safety skills. The second day we went was for our School Pool day where we played heaps of fun games and had been allowed access to the spa, waterslide and they even put the big inflatable up. I have also been given the chance to be Student Councillor so far I have hosted assembly, and I also run 2:45 and lead the class in general. Academics: For maths, at the moment we are focusing on Algebra in class and in Maths extension. I recently completed the e asttle Algebra pre-test scoring 4A. For Reading, we have been doing read theory, and other Reading tasks as well as writing our twice term blogs for our Room 7 Classroom blog. The first few weeks of school have been great and I am excited to see what lies ahead of me this year. – Asharna


My mid term blog – Swimming – For swimming on Thursday the 7 of March we learnt how to take care of each other if there was an accident in the water eg:If your boat sunk or if someone fell overboard the boat we also learnt how it feels to be rafting on rough water and how to be safe on rough waters.On Wednesday the 14 of March we had a school pool day and on the pool day we did some activities like kayaking, netball relays and more activities that were awesome and so much fun the most fun part was having free time as a whole school and getting to play with all my friends from different classes instead of just doing the activities with 1 class at a time.

Athletics day – On Wednesday the 28th of February we had athletics day. Athletics day is where we as a school have all sorts of different sports activities that we do like shot putt, 100 meter sprints, discus and 200 meter sprints but we don’t just do those activities when its class time we each have a turn in the gym 1 day a week for a certain amount of time and when we had our turn in the gym we first practiced for high jump and then we done the real thing what our teachers scored us for we also did long jump and like high jump we practiced for it and then we done the real thing and once we done the real thing who ever scored a 4 or more on long jump and high jump then that means that definitely made it in.

Wellness week- From Monday the 11 to the 16 of Friday March we have been doing this thing called wellness week.Wellness week is were your area do different tasks each day like meditation, movies, zumba and more tasks. – April

This term I have been working very hard.  For Technocraft I have been doing cooking and each lesson I have been doing more and more. We were learning to cook things that are healthy. Athletics Day was very busy and I watched the kids have fun. – Amatie

Week 7 2018 reflection – For my academics, my class has just started to revise our algebra and My classmate Charlie has been lending me some books to read since I didn’t understand my books and we also been doing this thing called growth mindset were got into peers and we do multiple activities like when me and my friend Jedidiah a gratitude jar where we talk about what we are grateful for.

Today is my last day in the Sewing module and I’m been doing this thing called a personal shield because you’re supposed to put 4 things that you like to do. And next I’m going to move on to music tech and yesterday I went to the pools and did some activities with the other areas.

We also have been doing a lot around cultural identity and I still need to get my slide finished for my cultural identity and there is a lot of other work I need to get finished So For my goals, I have to be doing my work and work on my time management by not mucking around and talking to my friends so I can get my work done. – Devaux G

Progress Throughout The Term – This term has been great we have done so much in such a little time and the things that I liked the most so far were athletics and swimming. Things that I’m going to talk about is athletics swimming and my academics. For school athletics we have to dress up in our area colours. In Wainuiomata Intermediate we are made up of 3 areas Whakaute, Haepapa and Pukumahi in Whakaute we have four classes and in the rest of the areas there are 3. My area is Whakaute and our colour is blue. So everyone from Whakaute had to dress up in blue and participate in all of the athletics events like 100 meters, 200 meters, vortex, shot put, discus, long jump and high jump. At the end of the day we did relays, area vs area and it was gender vs gender and year level groups and of course our area won because we we had more training than the other areas like batton changes.

Swimming – In week 5 we went whole school swimming,each teacher that came had a different activity.We would have to go by classes,two classes per activity.Activities that teachers took was rob the nest with Mr Kauone, pirates with Miss Ta ala and Miss Va a, water relays with Mr Hayes and soccer with Mr Enoka my favorite activities was relays with Mr Hasey.

Academics, academics I haven’t done well I’m not focused on my work and I’m not completing all my work,how I’m going to change that by being  more focused,completing my work without getting distracted, these are my goals to get my work completed to a higher standard then I am now. -Shania

Starting Fresh – My term so far is going pretty well, I started in Room 10 and things were going ok but I would always get bored and just walk out and go sit outside and work. Other than class, things were going good in our  Haepapa area but I still didn’t like our Area because some of the kids were always annoying me. They would annoy me by always talking to me when I didn’t want anyone to and needed some thinking time to figure out the work we had planned. And I would always get annoyed when I see someone doing something or start having an attitude, I would always yell or start swearing at them. I was good the first few days of the term then things changed and I started getting distracted really easily over little things and started being naughty.

It’s Week 8 – I’ve moved areas from Haepapa to Whakaute and I’ve also started a new class in Room 7 with Mr Kauone. I know I’m able to start fresh and change things around because I need to be focused and do my very best and  stay positive and I know Mr. Kauone will help me heaps. So far we have done Area Maths Workshop, It’s where All 4 classes in our Area split their kids into different classes to learn and do Maths, Writing, Reading and other work. There are 4 different teachers who teach different levels in each subject we are learning. – Mereana

I’ve been busted (I have not been listening) TECHNOCRAFT – So for technocraft the class has being doing their carving, printing and their big pictures because some of us haven’t  finished doing it and we took all of our artwork home to do. MATHLETICS – Mathletics is website that you can go on.You can choose whatever maths game to go on. CLASS CULTURE – In Room 7 we have been creating our class culture for this year. For class culture we choose 2 words that represents the traits or we will be in class and what to do. – Leincohne

MY REFLECTION: Sports – It’s my 2nd year at WIS and I’m on a good start with my learning and my sports. For my sports, I have made it in the school finals for the 100m and 200m races now I’m in the inter-school athletics and for the long jump to it was hard but I made it. My learning – For my learning, I have set a good foundation towards my learning. My math is going ok but for now, I am learning strategies that will help me to find the answer. Goals – I will make, goals that will help me with my sports and learning. For sports is to not give up whatever I do. For reading is to finish my reading on time and for math, it’s to find and use as many strategies.  – Levi

Wow week 8 – It is week 8 and I’ve  improved with my learning and making more progress than last year. My goals this year are to make more progress in my reading and at least hit level 5-6 for my maths and writing, basically in my academics I will succeed . I’m still working on how to behave and to get better with my listening skills to help me focus more and progress in all my learning time and tasks. In my maths I have just reached working level 4 with my practise worksheets and I’m proud and so far it’s quite hard for me but yeah I love to play basketball during lunch and play time or just all sports. – Dennis