Wharemaire/Room 7: End of 2017 Students’ Reflections

Posted by Pio Semu Matiahi Kauone, 07 Dec 2017
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I was definitely put in the right class. This class is AMAZING! Especially if you have low confidence like I used to have. I improved with everything. Some people may say ‘It was a roller coaster ride’, I say ‘It is like the suspense of only going up the roller coaster before the big drop’. What I mean by that is that my two years that I have been here I have only improved and it took a while (longer than it took for me to write this, which is saying something :D). I am above in everything, thanks to the help from Mr. Kauone, even my writing, which I am REALLY proud of. Socially, I’ve improved as well (especially since I’m not a wuss anymore). I have become better at sports and go outdoors more often. Overall, I have improved and highly recommend Mr. Kauone and his class. – Connor

The past two years at Wainuiomata Intermediate have been really enjoyable. At school there are a lot of opportunities to learn new things. This year I have improved a lot with my academics in reading at the start I was a 4B now I’m above and at level 4A. For Writing at the start of the year I was a 3P and now I’m above, and I’m at level 5P for Maths at the start of the year I was a 3P but now I am above the national standards. I am really proud of myself for achieving above in all areas of my academics. On Tuesday the 12th of December, Wainuiomata Intermediate are having a Formal for the year 8’s who will be leaving school at the end of the year. For Formal we have been learning a lot of new dances that we do on the night, we have also been learning how to waltz.

On our last week of school students are rewarded with EOTC (Education outside the classroom) when we either go out with our class mates or area and have fun. My Area 1 are having a day where you have a group of up to 8 students and we all organize our own big day out in and about Wellington. – Paris

So, after my two years of intermediate, I’ve finally finished and I can’t wait until the holidays because I am so tired, I think I deserve a break. I think I did well and improved in all subjects at least to a point where I know I’m ready to handle the stress of high school. So one of my best academic achievements was my progress with my writing. I started the year with a not too good 3B. But now at the end of the year I have a great score of 5B which puts me in a good position for my writing academically. I didn’t do that much with reading, I went up one sub level, it still counts as progress I guess. I did quite good with maths because I actually went up two sub levels, which is good a 4A is an alright score to settle with.

But after everything I am so happy I am going, but at the same time I’m so sad that I have to leave all my year seven friends behind and all my friends that are going to other high schools. I’m so thankful to my teacher, Mr. Kauone for all he has taught me, and everything he’s done for me. I wish him all the best for his future and I hope he feels the same way. I wish everyone in my class and school farewell and a good future. -Dallon

Goodbye’s – Goodbye Room: 7, I’ll miss all the fun times I’ve had here in Room: 14/7. I’ll also miss the things we do at W.I.S like, S.W.O.P, J.A.F.F.A Day, Athletics day and more.  Achievements/Goals – I’ve made big achievements this year I’m AT for R, W, M and I’m very happy about that. I’ve achieved my goals and now I can set more so I can get Above for everything. Upcoming Events – I can’t wait until Formal so I can show of my flash tux and my sweet dance moves. We’re also having small finger foods and dessert so It’s going to be a fun filled night. Another event I can’t wait for is our E.O.T.C day – we’re having a Big Day Out, we get to pick where we go and we pick how much money to bring, we also have a parent helper to care for us and take us places.

Mr. Kauone – Mr. Kauone is a great Teacher he’s straight up and knows when to have a laugh. Some people may think he’s mean but he just wants what’s best for us, he treats us like he treats his daughters and I wish I was in his class longer. My 2 Years at W.I.S – I’ve really enjoyed my 2 years at W.I.S, I’ve learned heaps and I’ve achieved so much here. I’m also 5th at High Jump in school and I’m so proud of that. Goodbye W.I.S – Liam

My academic success, is at it’s best ever, I am so glad with what I’ve done and learnt in the two years in Room 7/14. I’m so glad I came into Mr. Kauone’s class because he helps me and motivates me to be my number Ten. I’m grateful to have a good teacher that can help me strive for greatness in my academics. Upcoming events – so many upcoming events, like year 8 formal, Whakaute big day out, etc, I can’t wait for our year 8 formal because I get to hang with the bro’s. I’m also so excited about big day out, because my group are doing so much fun stuff!.

Thanks for having me Mr. Kauone, I just want to say I’m so thankful to have a good teacher and motivational teacher who strives for us to be our number 10 he always has a humorous side but sometimes he’s dry =). He’s straight up with us which is good because he doesn’t lie to us. He also can leave money out on his desk and he trusts us that we won’t take it, and we don’t. My two years at W.I.S  in two sentences – My two years at W.I.S have been fun and exciting I have had a lot of great memories in Rooms 7 and 14. I’m gonna miss, Mr. Kauone. – Kelso

Even though I’ve only been in Room 7 for a term it’s definitely helped me succeed what goals I’ve set for myself. This term has been the best because being in Room 7 I now score higher in my academics because Mr Kauone helps me succeed. I really enjoy being in this class because I’ve made bonds with other pupils and the teacher. I think Room 7 has helped me more than Room 2 in my academics and that’s why I like this class more than Room 2 and I hope to be in this class next year. Being in this class means that if we work hard, play hard if we do that we’ll love our life.

Next year I can’t wait to meet the year 7’s so I can be a role model and hopefully a class leader. I’m going to miss everyone next year but I’m definitely not going to forget them. Next year is going to be a great opportunity to show Mr Kauone that I can be a role model and a leader.  – Christian

This year has been exceptional with all the improvements in my academics, few trips and some upcoming trips that I am also excited for. Academics – I have improved a lot from the beginning of the year to now, how I achieved my goals was from setting small goals and achieving them with the help of my friends. In most subjects at the start of the year I was below, for reading I was a 3P but now I’m 4P for writing I was 1P and now a 3A and for maths I was 3P but I am a 3A now, now I am AT in everything.

Upcoming trips – In school we have an EOTC week when we go out every day of the week but Monday, we don’t go out of the school but we have a assembly for year 8 prize-giving. Tuesday we have a big day out,Big day out is when you have to organize a group and a parent helper to take us out wherever we want. Wednesday our class is having a big shared lunch and Thursday we are going to the park with our area. Friday the last day and we have a half day. Formal dancing – I have had a lot of fun doing formal dancing with my area. Unfortunately, I have to wait until next year to go to formal and actually dance, but it has been fun learning all of the dances. So overall I have loved this year and sad to see all the year 8s leave next year and I hope next year we get good years 7s. – Shania

2017 has been a great year for me academically, especially in Writing  since I’m way above expectations for my year level, same goes for Reading. As for Maths, I’m at the national standards for my year level, which is fine by me, although I do think I could have done better. I’ve also done well socially this year, because I ended up being friends with most of the people in my class and students from other classes. Topic was also one of my favorite things this year because we got to choose a topic/challenge and we would go to different classes with students that chose the same challenge. – Renee

I am really happy with the progress I have made throughout my 2 years here. I know I have achieved a lot in all academic areas but especially my writing and reading. Mr Kauone was the one who pushed me with high expectations. So I have improved a lot. This year I have focused more than last year. Mr helped me and pushed me a lot throughout my 2 years in Wainuiomata Intermediate School and in Mr Kauone’s class. Mr K always gives us straight up feedback so we know our mistakes we’ve made and how to solve them. Mr also tells us to give a BECAUSE or EVIDENCE so we can make it more interesting and to have a better understanding and also to back up my ideas and thoughts. Mr Kauone knows all my strengths and he knows what I’m not capable with. But I’m going to miss Mr Kauone because of how hard he pushed me to achieve and succeed. – Pulu

Intermediate has come to an end, during  my 2 years I have learnt and improved a lot in different areas. I have been challenged in my academics which will be mentioned in my blog as well our upcoming year 8 formal and my personal perspective of Intermediate. During my time here at W.I.S I have been challenging myself with different areas of my learning to improve in my learning. When I first came to intermediate I was not very confident in the things the intermediate taught us for maths. I was struggling to complete maths work, now that I am about to leave intermediate for high school I am very confident with learning new things in my maths. In my reading I have improved little by little in different areas and learning different things to help me with my reading throughout the 2 years I have been at intermediate I found that I was struggling with finding and understanding the author’s purpose, throughout the 2 years I have made finding and understanding the author’s purpose one of my main goals. I can now easily find and understand the author’s purpose. My maths has improved during my time at the intermediate. I find certain things harder than other things in maths but I believe I will improve. My writing has had a big improvement. I struggled with the organisation of my writing as well as my ideas. I have improved on both those areas but there is still room for improvement.

Overall my academics have improved a lot but I believe I can still improve. As a farewell for the year 8’s our year 8 formal is coming up. The year 8’s that attend will be served dinner and finish the nights with formal dancing including line dances and waltz. They will be served by some of the years 7’s who are going to be the waiters and waitress’. The formal will also be hosted by the year 7’s.

Intermediate has challenged me and helped me improve in different areas of my learning. I am happy that I took every chance I could to improve my learning. I was also in 2EC English Extension, that has helped me improve different areas of my reading over the year. Overall my 2 years at Intermediate have been very challenging, fun and definitely filled with academic improvements. I have enjoyed learning new things in all areas. Ka Kite Wainuiomata Intermediate. – Maia

I ended up being better at maths than reading because I achieved a 5B in math. I’m getting way better at writing i almost  went up 1 level, idea . Also I need to work more on my Punctuation and Grammar so people understand what I’m saying. For te reo Maori I’m not really getting better at it because I’m not too interested in learning Maori. I’m improving on my Reading. In Maths I’m doing an amazing job because I achieved a 5B in my end of year  math test. Socially I’m feeling okay I’m getting on with people well. Next year I will be a ICT monitor for Room 7. My goal for Reading is 5A and I’m confident I’ll achieve because I know I’m an excellent reader an I love reading. My goal for writing is 4a my ideas are good. My Maths my goal is to get a 6A because I’m really good at it. – Ryan


The end of the year has come and I have come a very long way in my learning.There were some moments that were bad, and there were some good moments during the year too. I can’t believe I have nearly reached 2018. In my first math test, I nearly reached 4P but reached 1499 points and got 3A. I was hoping for a better result but at least I tried my best. In my second test, I got 3B. In my third test, I strived for more and got 3P. I joined a maths target students in Rm 2. We worked hard to reach national standards. I got better and managed to reach 3A again. I then got 3P in the last test.

When I moved to Rm 7 I was a little happy because the teacher is an islander and I have never been in a class that is cultural. All the other students weren’t bullies or naughty people they were all just respectful and responsible people. When I walked through the school gates I was scared and afraid of the classroom I was going to be put in. Ever since that day I’ve made many friends. Wainuiomata Intermediate was the only Intermediate to go to because I didn’t want to go to a Catholic school. – Jedidiah

Academics – My journey throughout term 4 has been amazing I got my results for my summative testing which I’m really proud of because I improved in all subjects. For Reading I got a 4A which is above the national standards, for Writing I got a 4P and I’m really proud of it because Writing is my worst subject but I have improved the most. And for maths I got a 4A, thanks to my teacher Mr. Kauone for giving us revision work for preparation in our Math’s test.

Upcoming events – There are so many upcoming events for the year 8’s like, formal, Whakaute big day out etc I can’t wait for formal because I get to hang with all of my friends. I’m also so excited for big day out because my group is doing so much fun stuff!. Personal perspective – Over my years at intermediate I have gained more knowledge about how to work with other teachers then just one teacher for the whole day/year. I have gained more trustworthy friends, that are really kind to me and include me in things, inside and outside of school. – Jazmyn

This year I’m very proud with all of the challenges that I have accomplished. This particular year has encouraged me a lot because I have done Kapa Haka, formal dancing, playing the guitar in school assembly and our cultural concert. But before all of my accomplishments happened…the first time that I walked into Room 7, my friends and I were petrified. I thought that I would accomplish nothing in the year, but with some encouragement from friends, it was possible.

My greatest moment this year was being in the cultural concert with my Kapa Haka group, because this was my first big night concert with my school this year. I was so proud of myself. If you wanted to be in the concert you had to sacrifice your free time on a Thursday afternoon, so that was what I did. In the end, it was a big hit everybody loved it. The one thing that I have enjoyed this term is… Formal dancing, I really like learning new dances and songs, I always give my 100 percent to formal dancing. The last achievement is my academics. I have improved a lot in all of my subjects, in Maths, I was a 3P and now I’m a 4B, in Writing, I was a 3P and now I am a 3A, in Reading I was a 3A and now I’m a 4A. I feel very successful with my academics. In conclusion my year being a year 7 has been great and I can not wait to be a year 8. – Jade

Goodbye intermediate. It’s been pretty good being in Mr Kauone’s class first in Room 14 and this year in Room 7. He has helped me in Maths, Reading and Writing because over the two years he helped me with suggestions like using different strategies to help me understand things and do them correctly. EOTC (Education outside the classroom) it’s a good thing and you have to be well-behaved to do it, so what I’m saying is that it is a reward and you have to earn it. It will be sad to leave this school but i have to look towards my future.

Here it is the end of my journey at Wainuiomata Intermediate School in one week and 2 days. I have come so far since my first day starting in Room 14. I was nervous in the first week or so, well, you can’t blame me it was my first week or so. But after a week or two I was less shy and I was more open. And this year I have been way more confident with my social life and also with my learning and school work. For example I discovered I’m actually pretty darn good in maths I just need to back myself and be prepared to do the hard work and I know that if I do, I can get a great job using my maths skills and earn big bucks!. So good bye Wainuiomata Intermediate and Kia Ora-Wainui High School.  – Edmond

At the start of the year I started off in Room 2, it was alright in Room 2 I have to be honest. But as the terms flew by, I felt like I didn’t belong in that classroom. By term 2 I had moved out of Room 2 and moved into Room 7. By the time I settled in, it was term 4… As term 4 went on I felt that my grades were getting a little bit better each week, which I was really happy about. I feel that I’ve improved in every curriculum area.

I’m proud of how my test results turned out, at the start of the year I was well-below in reading and now I’m AT National Standards for my year level. I’m still, “Just below.” for writing, and for Maths still just below but I know that next year I will be At National Standards or Above National Standards for my year level. – Ilyse

Tests: The end of the year has now come, and we are finishing our work for the end of the year. I have finished my writing, maths, reading, and te reo tests and I am happy with my results. I am above in maths reading and writing but I’m going to have to improve my reading and maths to stay above next year. Formal Dancing: We in our area have been practicing formal dancing. These are the line dances, the circle dancing and the waltzes. I am going to have to dance next year for the formal, so this is my practice. This is part of our PE program but we have managed to fit in other sports too.

Room 7: Room 7 is my class and it has been for this whole year. We do a lot of work in here and we also have a lot of laughs, in here there’s a time to be serious and a time to be stupid. I have made a lot of progress from learning in this class. – Greg

This year has been a good year for me and I think that I have accomplished a lot. First of all, I have gone up in maths, I can now show how to explain problems in more detail and I can do all my times tables. I know now what factors are and how to explain what they are. I have also gone up in writing and  I can now read through the lines and explain the author’s purpose clearly and with confidence. As for Reading I can read books through and go back whenever I don’t get what it means or if it doesn’t make sense.

Around the start of last term 3 I moved classes to Room 7 which is a class in our area, then a few weeks later Room 2 got split up I don’t really like the fact that the principle just decided to split the class and make it harder for the school because there  would be different tech groups and it’s the last term so I think there was no point in moving the class around. I think me moving classes was a good choice it was like a new start for me. I really think I have been paying more attention in class and I have been doing my work I think my goal is to be on my best behaviour and to make the most of my last few weeks of this term.  Ever since I moved classes I think my grades have gone down by a little but I think I have definitely paid even more attention in class and I have been trying to do my best and to make sure the teacher thinks I’m a good student and I want to learn. All in all my year to sum it up I have moved classes and I think this has helped me by having a more stricter teacher who pushes me to make me improve and when I do somethings wrong he will tell me – Emily

At the start of the year, I was worried about how smart I was until my teacher said who cares about what people think about how smart you are so I felt, better about myself then I got better with my learning. In term two I dropped with my learning so I made goals that will help me be, at or above the national standard . In term 3 I practiced my reading, math, and writing so I will be, at or above the national standards. In term 4 I went up with my learning and my scores went up now I’m at the national Standards. I’ve made a lot of progress throughout the year and I am happy with my progress and achievements I have made throughout the year. – Levi

This year I have been happy with where I’ve gotten and I am really happy with my test scores I got. I got a 4P for reading but I was kind of happy with the score I got and for writing, I got a 2A, but next year I’m planning on getting a better score for math  I was really happy with this I got a 4B. I enjoyed this year and the classroom I’m in because it is very supportive. I really enjoyed the trips we did especially EOTC (education outside the classroom) and the things we did and I was very surprised with how many friends I made and at the end of the year we still have things to do. Next year I’m gonna work harder than what I did this year I will work harder to ensure that I will get better scores than what I got this year and I also can’t wait to do all the things I did this year next year. – Devaux

I am very proud of my achievements that I have made this year, academically and socially. I am happy that I have made a lot of progress since primary school and I know that I will improve as a year 8 in 2018. Something that has helped me improve in my academics this year are my learning and social goals. I have been achieving my goals throughout the year and each term I would make new goals and work hard to achieve them.

The first time I walked into room 7 I was really nervous and I wouldn’t talk to anyone, it wasn’t till the end of term 2 when I started to talk more and be more social with others including my teacher. And I have really gotten more confident throughout this year. One of my greatest moments this year is from formal dancing, I really enjoy learning new dances and most of all getting chosen to be a year 7 waitress at the year 8’s formal end of year dance!  In conclusion this year being a year 7 has been great and I can’t wait for next year. – Ashlee

Start of the year – When I first stepped foot in this classroom I had no Idea what to expect. Ashlee, Jade and I immediately knew that the three desks all beside each other were waiting for us. Over the next few weeks and terms, I became closer to so many people and made great friendships with many Yr 7’s and Yr 8’s. I had many new experiences throughout the first term and got used to my new classes routines quickly. Academics – I am very happy with my academic achievements throughout the year. Setting goals and working towards them has helped me a lot when focusing on areas in my learning that needed improving.

Next year I will continue improving in all areas of my learning. I am currently achieving above for my year level in Reading, Writing, and Maths with Reading being my strength. End of year – This year has gone by so so quickly and I cannot believe that it’s almost time to say goodbye to the year 8’s. I will remember 2017 as an amazing year filled with excitement and joy and having a class that was chilled yet very crazy. I hope that next year will be just as good. – Asharna

These past 2 years has challenged me to achieve above the national standards. I have made plenty of progress socially, academically and within all areas of my learning. I am so proud to be above the national standards in most of my subjects and I am happy with my end of year test scores. I can not wait for high school and meet the new challenges I have to face and I can’t wait to meet new people. I know heaps of my friends will be getting awards at the year 8 leavers assembly, I hope I get an award most of all for music. I know that I have given a lot of effort towards my academics and cultural activities and I hope I can get at least 1 award.

Next week is the year 8 formal and I can’t wait to see how everyone looks, the formal is another way of saying thank you and goodbye from the school. It is going to be exciting and interesting. Intermediate has helped me to understand others and the world’s perspectives over all things and I have also learnt to work with other people. Intermediate helped me to make progress overall. – Missy

At the start of the year I was in Room 5, the Maori class TKT. All my work was really easy until about term 2 and 3 it got much more harder and longer. Maths, reading and writing got harder and tests went for longer. My behaviour throughout the year was really bad so I got kicked out of the Maori class and I went from good to really bad and I started to get off track and I lost where I was at with my school work. This year has been fine for me and the teachers I have improved throw out the year but I’m not where I need to and where i should be with my maths , reading and writing. Next year I hope I get pushed to the levels that i should be in and need to be in. – Dennis

Goodbye for now Room 7 because next year I will be back. My first year at Wainuiomata Intermediate was great and also fun and sometimes hard but I managed. What was also fun was coming into Rm 7 because this was the class that I wanted to go to. My goals for next year are to not get distracted so easily and get my work done and on time. I hope that most of my friends stay. On the first day I felt weird but then I didn’t because it’s easy to get over it.

This year I had 3 teachers and the reason why is because Nikki Clegg couldn’t handle us in Rm 2 so Mr Nelson come into rm 2 but that didn’t work so now rm 2 students are in different classes. I don’t have a favourite memory here but there were good times i won’t forget. Me and my tests were not great and the reason why is because I didn’t try hard enough. This year i got into reading practice. What is sad though is that could’ve got to go in a cool car on thursday but I need to go to a wedding. last year I was in  Wainuiomata primary school now that I look back at it I realize their work was a lot easier. This year my nephew, Ty was here and he will be back next year with me. Next year I want to be a class librarian because I think it will be fun.- Te Awarangi