Wharemaire/Room 7: End of Term 1 Reflection Evaluations.

Posted by Pio Semu Matiahi Kauone, 14 Apr 2018
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Settling into Rm 7 WIS – Term 1 is nearly over and It’s been extraordinarily entertaining and helpful to learn with humour and jokes and learn with harder levels in different subjects. Also for the year so far, we’ve made learning, social and personal goals that we will complete by the end of the year. My academic goals are for reading – read harder/smarter books at home and school. My goal for writing is to write more interesting sentences and full paragraphs using a lot more descriptive detail, my final academic goal is my maths goal, it is to get to level 5 in maths and not get kicked out of Maths extension class.

In week 7 we had Japanese exchange students In our class we had Yu and Tomoka they were very nice, in the short 2 weeks they were here they learnt a lot about our school and our many cultures, but we also learnt a lot about their culture too. It was very exciting to have students from Japan, we got to share some food from our cultures, we also got to eat some food from their culture. I have had a great first term in Rm 7 at WIS and I am looking forward to the rest of the year! – Dylan

Terms Almost Over. It’s almost the end of term 1 and I’m doing really good. I sometimes get a bit tired but I still stay on task. I’ve finally settled into Wainuiomata Intermediate and Room 7 and  I’ve made a couple of friends from the start of the year because I didn’t know them.  I’m finally talking to some of the year sevens and eights in class because at the start of the year I hardly spoke to any of them. I’m really looking forward to term 2😇.

For my Academics, I’m doing really great. I am still in Room 5 (level 4) for maths workshop rotations. For our Writing, we are creating a story based on a photo. The photo is of an old man sitting on a bench on a very foggy day, holding a flower. For Reading, we are reading and learning about the writing processes. We’re looking at the different approaches or ‘processes’ involved in writing. For example, I’m a vomitter; someone who writes a plan and gets into writing without thinking about editing and revising, also we learnt about what makes students dependent on teachers too much and strategies so we’re not students that depend on other people or the teacher. I can’t wait till next term because it’s been an interesting and fun term😊.

About two weeks ago, we had Japanese students come to our school. We had two girls; Yu and Tomoka. We showed them around the school and us girls each had turns looking after them. They saw how teachers taught and how we played school sports, assembly and our culture and learning environment in our class. I really miss them and I really hope we have them again next year. – Maliana😍😎

My Return To Whakaute

I’m so glad term 1 is finally over😂, and I really can’t wait for Term 2 to start. I’m going to do better in this class, be more responsible at playtimes and do my best to be a better leader for the year 7s💓. I hope to do well in school this year and do my best not to get in trouble as much as I did last year😏.

THE CHANGE: From Haepapa to Whakaute that was a big change because not only was I moving classes but I was moving into a new area and that meant I would have to forget the old ways we learnt in my previous block and get used to a new way of learning and new people in Whakaute. I like being back in my old Area from last year because I’ve always liked this one better than the others 😂󠅓💯.

Academics/Class: I reckon ever since I’ve moved classes I’ve been doing better in my Academics, But I still need to work on concentrating and being more focused when I’m doing my work. I like being in this class, And Mr Kauone is helping me improve my Academics and stuff😏. But overall the class and also my Academics is going well. Mr Kauone is a good teacher for me and I’m glad I moved in his class😁💖 – Mereana

My “10” Can Take On Anything! This term has gone so fast but I have accomplished a whole lot of things. Some things that I’m going to talk about are the two weeks we had Japanese students in our class, Wellness Week and how my academics have progressed so far.

Japanese student: For two weeks Wainuiomata Intermediate was lucky to have Japanese students. There were two or three students in each class. In our class we had two students, Tomoka and Yu ❤️, Yu presented a presentation about herself and her country. They only knew a little English but they managed to talk pretty clearly. They taught us a lot about their country and how to say some sentences in Japanese. We also taught them a lot about how to do P.E and English.

Wellness Week: This term we also had Wellness Week, we had a massive area breakfast that I helped 😐🤣cook; we had baked beans, hash browns, toast, yoghurt, and weetbix. We also did meditating and we watched a movie called; ‘The Silent One” as an area.

Academics: For my academics, this term I have improved in all areas, especially in maths, earlier this term we did our algebra maths pre-test and I am really happy with my results I got a 4P. I am excited to see my results for my upcoming tests in term 2. One of the things that have helped me a lot with my academics this term has been our maths workshops because I am learning different strategies with different teachers! Overall I am happy with my academic progress this term – Shania 💙

Laterz Term 1. This term has been better than most terms because I have been getting more work done than last year. I have also conquered some of my goals such as going to sleep on time because sometimes I fall asleep in class. I need to improve on my handwriting because sometimes I have struggles writing the letters q, g, p. I also need to learn how to spell words because if I don’t some people won’t understand what I write.

One day we had two Japanese exchange students come to our school. They stayed for two weeks and they were learning about our culture as well as us learning about their culture. They joined us when we had tech and workshops as well.

This term we did some cool artwork like we drew lions and wolves. We each got a piece of A3 paper and a picture to copy onto it. When we finish them we will put it up on the wall. I can’t wait to see what when we put all of our pictures together to see what it looks like. I can’t wait for the term to finish but I also can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings for me. – Te Awarangi

End of term – This is the last week of term and I am not so excited for a holiday. I have achieved one of my goals for the year, I made it in the year 8 boys basketball team for the school. I am making a lot more progress in my academics than I did at the start of the term.

Being in Room 7 at least a whole term feels so cool because I get to learn heaps. In our maths workshops, I have learnt new ways to add and subtract. This term we had a visit from some Japanese students. They were learning about New Zealand experiencing our culture. I learnt how they react in New Zealand; they were very quiet but not very shy.

For topic inquiry, we learnt about our cultural identity, and we did a presentation. I talked about kapa haka and my Maori history. Next term I set more goals and will try to achieve them. I also think Mr CJ is the man, and I enjoy having him in class.  – Dennis

April’s Changing Term❤   Japanese Exchange Students – The Japanese exchange students names are Yu and Tomoka.Having the Japanese exchange students was a great experience because some of us learnt how to speak Japanese some of us helped them to learn how to speak English. At first, Yu and Tomoka came to W.I.S only knowing how to speak very little English but by the time they left W.I.S they knew more English than what they did when they first came here.Yu was very happy calm and talkative she loved being in room 7 and she also loved all the stories that we told her I loved having Yu in our class she’s really nice and friendly.Tomoka is calm happy and friendly but she isn’t very talkative manly because she didn’t know as much English as Yu but that is fine because she was still awesome to be around.

Netball – Netball is an awesome game to play that a lot of people who give it ago end up loving the game and continue to play it.I’ve played netball since I was a year 4 in primary and I still play it to this very day it’s a great game to play.Netball is a game where you have to have balance and patience there’s a lot more of things that you need to have to play.There are lots of rules to the game but I’m just going to explain the main rules in netball. 1: you can’t move with the ball 2: you only have a certain amount of time to pass the ball before it gets called a hand over 3: all the positions in netball have certain places that you can go in on the court.

Academics – Academics so far for this term have been great for me. In maths, I’ve improved not that much only because the math class that I’m in for the maths workshops doesn’t help me that much because the things we learn in the class are things I already know. In my writing, I don’t know just yet what level I’m working on because we’ve only just started writing our first piece of writing so we haven’t been put into groups yet. In reading, I think I’m doing pretty well for the start of the year especially since I’m working on advanced reading cards what I find a little bit challenging for myself what is good because then I know I’m learning something. – April

My Achievements

This term was great because I made it on the Athletics Team for 100m, 200m run and long jump. I came 4th for the 100m run. When I make it on the athletics team again, I’m going to train and running around my block and up the water tower. I have made it in the year 8, and 7s rugby team for the school.

My Goals. For sport is to not give up eyes on the prize and to train to be one of the best. my goals for reading is to learn new strategies and with my maths too.

For My Learning, I have started great with my learning but I need to stay up to date with my work. I’m doing good with my reading but for my writing, I’m not the greatest but I will get better – Levi

My New Beginning. Japanese students – In weeks 8/9 Room 7 had Japanese students, Yu and Tomoka they were really kind. I got to look after the Japanese students because I wanted to look after them. When it was time for Technocraft I took Tomoka to the foods class to do the cooking.

Academics. This term Room 7 has been working hard with our academics. Academics is about doing Maths, Reading and Writing because these are part of our learning goals for the year. Also, Room 7 has been working hard with our personal and social goals for the year. I’m enjoying my Reading and Writing because I love Reading books and Writing in my writing book. I love maths a little bit but Mr Kauone gives us hard math work.

Cultural Identity. So this term Room 7 has been working hard on our cultural identity. Cultural identity is the identity or feelings of belonging to a group. It’s part of a person’s self-conception and self-perception and is related to nationality, ethnicity, social class, generation, locality or any kind of social group that has its own distinct culture. – Leincohne



It’s been a good start. This Term has been great it has gone by so fast and I can’t believe it’s already the holidays! Japanese Exchange Students – This term Room 7 was privileged to have 2 Japanese exchange students Yu and Tomoka in our class for two weeks. I was even luckier to be able to be one of their buddies for a few days. Although they spoke little English we were still able to communicate as normal students through using Google Translator. While they were here they taught us about their culture, such as where they are from, what they eat, and other important aspects of their Japanese culture. I’m sure that they learnt a lot about our culture in New Zealand too. 💕

Wellness Week – In midterm 1, W.I.S held something we call Wellness Week. Wellness Week is a week all about personal well being. Some activities I participated in were; Yoga, Meditation, Games and our Area Breakfast with heaps of food! As well as watching an unusual movie called “The Silent One.” 😊

Academics – For maths this year I am aiming to get a high score in my summative testing, what will help me is our schools Maths extension class. So far, I have learnt so many new strategies in Maths Extension which I would have never of thought of and I know if I keep going until the end of the year, I will improve hugely in my maths. So far this year has gone great and I can’t wait to spend the rest of the year in Room 7. – Asharna

Ending Term 1 At school I do my work. I have been doing the cooking for Technocraft and this week we made pancakes. We put savoury fillings in them. On Wednesdays, we have school sports and I am in the Library playing Board Games. There were heaps of other kids playing too. – Amatie

Japanese Students: In weeks 8\9 a group of Japanese exchange students came to Wainuiomata Intermediate School. They were split up into classes. In our class, we got two students called Yu and Tomoka. I remember when we welcomed them on nearly all of the students were filming us. Before they left they gave us a present each. They gave us stuff like a sushi magnet and little bells.

Academics: In reading, we’ve been learning the processes of writing and shared reading. In writing were writing about a man on a park bench crying into a rose. My one is about the man’s wife called Beth. Beth had died from breast cancer.In maths, I did different problems with Asharna and Lily.

Area Powhiri: This week on Thursday the year 7’s in Area 1 are getting welcomed onto the school marae. Tameka and Cade are gonna do their Pepeha. Maliana is 1 of the Kaea doing the karanga. I wanted to do the karanga as well so we did paper, scissors, rock. Maliana won so she gets to do the karanga. – Arimawha 

First Term Here – Japanese Students – It is the end of the term and I have made it through term 1 out of 4. I am really excited to see what this school has next. This term we had Japanese students visit our school for 2 weeks, they were spread out amongst the school, in Room 7 we had 2 lovely Japanese girls and their names were Tomoka and Yu. They taught us a lot about the Japanese culture and places where they have visited around the world.

Powhiri – This upcoming Thursday is our area powhiri and I have to get up and share my pepeha in front of the whole area,  I’m not that nervous because I’ve has done similar stuff like Kapa Haka performances and polyfest. I am excited to share my pepeha in front of people because it will give me the chance for people to know me better.

Barrel Garden – During this term we did some barrel gardens.There were 3 barrels one for the teachers one for the boys and one for the girls. We also needed topsoil for the garden it did take us awhile to get hold of the topsoil. But Mr Kauone did get some and we got some seeds to plant too but the only problem is we still need to put the topsoil in the barrels and plant the seeds. – Cade 

Hi, I’m Ryan. In class, we have a thing called CLASS CULTURE it is the culture that we are in when we are in class. We also have a wall with pictures of us and coloured words like the 4Rs, safety and happiness blah blah, and pictures also a pic of Mr. We also had some  Japanese students Yu and Tomoka, they had very good English for being Japanese, but then again they could of use a portable Translator but what do I know.

Did you know that I’m an IT monitor? normally it’s plugging in the Chromebooks.but sometimes there’s a software problem. normally I can fix it, but if I can’t or it’s a major hardware problem then a professional does it. Btw the long life promise is bs lie, DO NOT BUY ONE, unless you own a school that will only them use for about 1-5 hours a day then it’s purrfect – Ryan

Kā Kite Term 1, Kia Ora Term 2. It’s finally that time where we’re about to finish term 1 for 2018 and I think that the term went well. This term we have been striving for excellence in our academics as well as sports because we want to get the best results that we could possibly get. Some of the things we’ve been learning about in Room 7 are Algebra, Sports, Cultural Identity and a bunch more.

I think I’ve done alright this term overall but I need to make sure I don’t distract others or get distracted otherwise it will affect my learning. Next term I’m setting myself a goal to keep myself on task for the benefit of my learning and also my classmates.

One thing we’ve been learning in class is Cultural Identity, while we were learning about that we also had some Japanese exchange students come in and we learnt some things about their culture.When we were learning about cultural identity we all made a presentation about what cultural identity is and what it is to us. Another thing we’ve started is to do is Barrel Gardening but we still haven’t planted anything due to not planning enough. This term has been awesome and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings. – Christian

This is going to be the best blog you have ever seen and if you disagree well let’s not go off track. Academics I‘m doing well in reading the writing and my maths pangarau workshop. I have been listening a lot not getting distracted by others. Powhiri – This upcoming Thursday we have our area powhiri, it’s gonna be amazing and awesome in every way possible. Cade, Maliana, Tameka are going to be speaking at our powhiri after the powhiri we will be allowed to go inside the marae. Thanks for reading my blog!!! – Cole

End Of The Term – It’s almost the end of the term and I’ve really enjoyed this term with the year 7’s and I can’t wait till the holidays – 14 days of gaming I just can’t wait. Some Japanese students came in wk 7 and we had 2 students in our class their names were Tomoka and Yu they got along with a lot of the students around the intermediate they also did a quiz to see how much we knew about Japan.

LEARNING GOALS: I’ve just made my social, personal and academic learning goals so throughout the year I need to be more confident to share my ideas with the class and participate in sports more and get books from the library and read them at home and at school, practice math at home and practice my writing to get a 4P.

I really liked this term and how I’ve met a lot of new yr 7’s, looking forward to next term to do more fun things like EOTC. – Devaux


The End Of The 1st Quarter Of The Year. This is the end of the first term and my class has had a great start to the year. This term the School Sports Teams I made it into are our Athletics Team and our  WIS Ki o Rahi team. I will also trial out for our school soccer team by the end of the year, but I’ll have to beat any other competition.

Japanese Exchange Students visited our school for two weeks, and we had two girls in our class. All the exchange students were older than us but they would rather come to our school than the high school because they don’t speak English that well. Some Japanese students came and joined us in a game of soccer and they were quite good. They later told us that they played soccer back over in Japan.

Whakaute Area Powhiri is coming up and we the year 8s are going to welcome all the year sevens from  Whakaute. Last year we were welcomed by the year 8s and now it’s our time to take that responsibility. We are doing our school haka; Kapanapana, which is actually a women’s haka but everyone joins in and performs it. – Greg

Hello, and I am back with another blog. But it’s the end of a term. A term is a timeline at the end of term we get a holiday. We have had a lot of fun this term we had Japanese exchange students it was fun while it lasted they’re gone now but it was cool.

My writing and reading are apparently below standards but I think it is good. I’m proud of my scores even if they’re bad because I and I know I can do better anyway. In my maths, I’ve been doing well and I don’t care what anyone says about my work I only care if it is a good thing.

In class, we have been doing creative writing about an old man how his in a dark gloomy place like a seminary and hears a little of what I wrote. Fade black and wight No not my wife what did do wrong as a tear rolls down my face as my breath fogs the night ear. – Charlie

End of term reflection 💖 This term we had Japanese exchange students come into WIS. Each class had two or three students to guide around our school and help them get to know more about New Zealand. It was great! We got to learn about Japan and how its different to our country, and they got to learn some more basic English and Maori 🙂 –

This term I also attended our school’s interschool athletics team it was so much fun to see each school compete. The event I was doing was the long jump. Our school did really well in their events. Overall our school has done really well and it was a really fun day! –

This term area one has started our maths workshops for the year. I enjoy maths workshops because you can experience other teachers and their teaching styles, and it really helps me improve my academics. This term we have done one test which was our algebra maths test. I am happy with my results and I hope to get the same or even better results in my term 2 tests 🙂 – Ashlee

End Of Term Reflection♡ – Netball: This is the end of the first term, as me being a year 8. One of the first things I am going to talk about is Netball. This term I have been participating in netball, so far it has been great me and my friends have joined it, so we can be challenged to do more things this school year. My first game will be in term 2 when that happens I will be sure to update all of you on how my team and I are playing.

Academics: The next topic I will be about my Academics – so far I have been doing my maths in my math class I think that I have learnt a thing or two, my next steps in maths class are to learn how to doubling and halving and that is what I am going to do.

Japanese Students: Lastly I am going to be talking about my most exciting topic, the Japanese students! Two weeks ago 2 or 3 Japanese students got split into each class in the school, my class got two students called Tomoka and Yu. In the time that Tomoka and Yu were here, they learnt about Maori, Maths, Reading, Writing, P.E. and English. Overall I and my class had a great week with Tomoka and Yu.♡  – Jade

Term 1 is so close to being over and I cannot wait until it is over because it will be the SCHOOL HOLIDAYS, which means no more learning for 2 weeks and then we will be a quarter through the year.

Academics I’m doing well with my maths. For my maths, I’m level 4  which is the highest Level. We also did creative writing about a picture of an old man sitting on a bench on a foggy Christmas eve crying with a wilting flower in his hands. Our Area powhiri is on Thursday and the year 7’s will be entered on to the marae so that we can go in that area that we will be welcomed on to for the first time.

Sports we had athletics a while ago week 5 and it turns out I got high 4’s. For the jumping events, I got a 4 for high jump and long jump it got me into our school athletics team that went to the interschool athletics competition. -Jayden

3 MORE TERMS TO GO after this term!! We are finally and hopefully near the end of Term 1. 2 more school days and it will be the school holidays. That’s 2 weeks off and that’s personally 14 days of Fortnite PS4. Our Year 7s have understood our class culture, class rules and we’ve learned our cultural identities. This Term has been a successful term for my academics. The only thing I have struggled with is in our Area 1 Maths Workshops. I aim to do more sports that I am Interested in next term. I also aim to achieve my goals – below.

In week  7 the whole school fearlessly welcomed the Japanese Students from Japan. They came to show us why they are super passionate about NZ. We had Tomoka and Yu in our classroom and I am sure they absolutely enjoyed the BEST Classroom in the School. We loved it when they both taught us about their beautiful country Japan. They loved it here and I’m sure they will miss our beautiful School.

Our class was working on The Treaty of Waitangi at the start of the year, Room 7 Class Culture, Cultural Identity, Topic Inquiry Assessment, Topic Presentation about our Culture, Creative Writing/The Old Man, Reflections on Fridays, PE, Learning Goals and way-way more. We have worked really hard on our Maths, Reading, Writing, PE etc this whole term and absolutely deserve having 2 weeks off. I love this class we are physical, Smart, and have the best class Culture. MY GOALS: SOCIAL: I want to do and make it into WIS sports teams. PERSONAL: I want to have a good Education and get selected for the All Blacks and Hurricanes. ACADEMICS: Have good understanding and knowledge in my Reading, Writing, Maths, PE and Sports. – Jedidiah

Welcome and kia ora, Today I would first like to talk about the Japanese students, Yu and Tomoka. Tomoka and Yu came with other students from their class in Japan. These students were separated into the classes of Wainui Intermediate. We have learnt lots from them I have learnt how to say hello my name is Kayla and here it is: こんにちは私の名前はKaylaです

I also will be talking about my maths and what I have learnt. In maths we have been learning addition and takeaways, making a tidy number and timesing decimals. But I got told that we will be moving teachers so if Mrs Thompson my pangarau workshop teacher. He teachers level 4 and next term he might teach level 3.

Last but not least I will talk about reading the book wonder. So I don’t read that often that is why it has taken a while to read because I can only read for a short amount of time. And sometimes I can’t read because I just get so bored. That is all for now! – Kayla

It’s the end of term 1 already. Today I’m going to talk to you about my Academics, the Japanese Students, & Our Barrel Gardening.Academics – This term for my Academics I’ve been doing great in all curriculum areas, I have set goals for myself to achieve before the end of year to help me improve and to become better at specific areas in my Academics. (Not just for Academics, for other things too such as sports) I know with the goals I’ve set myself that by the end of the year I will be working at Level 4 for my year 8 level.

Japanese Students – This term in weeks 8 & 9 Wainuiomata Intermediate had 25 Japanese Students come to our school, It was an amazing experience and a spectacular opportunity to learn one of the most difficult languages in the world. It was very hard to translate for them but It was an awesome 2 weeks.

Barrel Gardening – Room 7 has been planning and now constructing a garden, but since we can’t yet plant the vegetables we decided that we would try to plant some vegetables in a barrel and see how they turn out. Some of the other classes are doing this as well so It’s a little bit like a competition but not at the same time.  I like this Idea because I have never heard of it before and It sounds fun to try, It’s an experiment for all of us students and for the teachers. – Ilyse