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Term 2 Finished – One more week until school is finished for the term. This year has gone by so fast especially with everyone’s academics including me getting better. I have moved up some grade’s this year. At the end of last year for academic, I was working at level 3 but now I’m working at level 4 and I feel awesome. It was quite hard but now since I moved a class to Room 7 Its made a huge change for me and my grandparents are hugely impressed. In Room 7 It’s much easier to stay on task with my work because I’m less distracted and way more focused.

Basketball has been heaps of fun, exciting and awesome. We’ve played a lot of breathtaking games throughout the term. Our coach has made us stronger, faster and she’s taught me and Hoani how to use great strategies on how to ball carry. My grandparents are very happy with where I’m at with my academics. On Wednesday 21 of June, my koro and nan and I met with my teacher for my learning conference to discuss how I’m progressing with my learning.  I showed my chart of where I’m at with my reading, writing and math. They were really happy with where I’m at they still are. I’ve had a successful term 2 and I need to reach level 4 for my maths and reading. – Dennis


We have reached the end of Term 2 and I am glad✌ It’s been an interesting term tbvh, But it all was still the same in many ways 😂 Ite been a fun, hard term for me but things started getting better towards the end😏

Academics: My Academic are still the same level, Which means I need to work to my full potential so I can get a higher score💛 Especially my maths. I am below in that so for that I need to be actually doing the task instead of nothing😅  My favourite subject would be Reading… Even though i’m not that good i’ve always liked reading😂💜 My least favourite would have to be either Writing or Maths since I’m not good at them both I don’t really like them😏✌ But so far I think i’vI’veen doing good towards my academics❤❤

One thing I like about this term was that Me and My friends got close again which is good🔐💖 And also class is getting better💯🌟Which I’m starting to like Room 7, as it actually ain’t even that bad of a classroom. Things at school have changed a bit but everything is still fine and things are slowly getting back on track💯

We also have a few exchange students, 2 from Shanghai and 1 from Vietnam. The Chinese students are only here for a week and the Vietnam student was here for a month, Their names are  Xiyi Mai, Yanyou who are the ones from China and Stella who is  from Vietnam💛. They are really nice and easy to get along with💯❤ And it will be sad to see them leave, as they are now part of our classroom in the time being that they are here xx.

And I can’t wait for Term 3 to begin,  New Term fresh start💛 – Mereana Smith Rm7💕

I started maths extension this term with another teacher. This is a class that I go to every Friday morning to learn more maths at a higher level. This was hard for the first few weeks but when I got used to how things worked, it was much easier. I think the hardest thing about this class is having the high standard to work to, but I also think that it should be good for me to always reach for as high as I can.

We will be having a class production this year and I am pretty nervous about it. I don’t like to be up on stage where everyone will see me and judge me. I am mostly nervous about me messing up in front of a gigantic audience. I would like it much better if it was a school production and the whole school was performing at once because then there would be more people to look at and fewer people would look at me.

I have finished my 3rd tech rotation and on the last lesson of music, we performed in front of our tech groups. We got to pick our groups 4 weeks before and we wrote the words and decided the beat that we would work to. On the day of the performance,e there should have been 5 groups but the ended up being only 2 because the other ones were away. During our performance I played  the keyboard, one person played the bass guitar, and the other person rapped to our song. – Greg, Term 2, Week 10

It’s the end of term again and I can’t wait to the day when I can do absolutely nothing it’s going to be a lot of fun. Last Wednesday we went to H20 extreme for EOTC it was a lot of fun there were 3 slides a wave pool and a lazy river. the wave pool was where the water would go in waves and it would be hard to get around the pool you can hold on to the ropes at the sides of the pool or stand in the middle and try and jump above the waves or go underwater and not feel any of the waves. There were people who were going on the slides with no pass or going up and stopping inside the slide and waiting for their friends and cause a big clog in the slide but my favourite slide was the black one it was super fast and if you screamed no one could no it was you because it was pitch black.

For my learning conference it was pretty good I got good feedback from my mum, Mr gave me some pointers when I got stuck or interrupt to show an example and explain something. I mostly read off of a script but there would be some points where I would explain something a bit further and then go back to the script. Apart from that, there wasn’t really much else with my academics well.

The key competencies…nah I don’t know how to explain that. Some of us will get merit awards and I have a feeling that I’m not getting one but other than that I’d say that I’m doing pretty well with academics. So now I just have one more week till I can do whatever I want (unless I’m grounded) and not have to worry about going to school and no school = no work! 😃😎 Cole Sammons, T2 Wk 10

Term 2 is nearly over, and It’s been extraordinarily entertaining and helpful to learn with humour and jokes and learn with harder levels in different subjects. Also, for the year so far, we’ve made learning, social and personal goals that we will complete by the end of the year. My academic goals are for reading – read harder/smarter books at home and school. My goal for writing is to write more interesting sentences and full paragraphs using a lot more descriptive detail, my final academic goal is my math’s goal, it is to get to level 5 in maths and not get kicked out of Math’s extension class. I have almost achieved the goals but by the end of the year, they should be fully completed.

Technocraft- For technocraft, we do it in groups in my group there is Me, Charlie, Jayden, Cade, Griffin, Letitia, Keira, Kain, Cole. We have been doing cooking or foods, next we are doing DigiTech where we do different things with the Chromebook, after that we are doing sewing, so we can make different thing with the fabrics we are given, then lastly, we are doing music where we make music and learn how to play different instruments, I am really looking forward to the new techs especially since I have never done them before. When we have done all of that we will be done with the year and onto the next year.

Academics – For math’s we have homeroom math’s and out of class math’s out of class is where we have math’s in a different group class in the class we have been doing algebra but our in-home room we have been learning statistics, charts and graphs. This term we did the mid-year e-asTTle writing test I think I did very well because it was kind of easy for we to do it even though I don’t like writing. This term we also did the spelling dictation test that was easy too because in my opinion, I am good at spelling. I have had a great second term in Rm 7 at WIS and I am looking forward to the rest of the year! – Dylan

It’s the end of term again and i’m doing well but i’m not in be doing nothing my dad will give dislatic bern and my mum will try to relax my muscles i hope not to to get dislatic bern if anyone knows how this feels do you have any tips for me please tell me. Enaway my writing is all good it cold get better i’m not bad and i’m not the best but it’s ok my reading i good at that but i don’t read a lot because i find it boring that’s why i don’t read and my maths is great because i am good at it can only get better with all of my subjects

I hope to get better in my writing because it’s not the best yet. I would like to do better in my manners because i’m not the best at that and i would like to be better in my manners . I would  like to work on having more friends because their hard to come by these days. See you next term. – Charlie 

The End Is Near – This term has been awesome we had a lot of exciting things happen and awesome things are yet to come. This term we learnt about the key competencies which are, thinking, relating to others, using language and more, we put the key competencies on our goals to help us get through the challenges of our goals and to remember what to do if we get stuck. Just last week we had our EOTC, which is the first of many. We headed off to H20, which was amazing before we went into the pool we had some morning tea then we talked about the rules then we got changed and then we finally got into the pool and start to have some fun. But the first time I went on the black slide I slipped and hit my head on the slide, it was sore for a while but I got over it. On the way back we did some bus surfing it’s where we all stand up and try not to touch anything on the way up and down the hill. For my academics, this term is good reading and maths I’m at level 4P and 4B but for my writing, I’m at level 3P so I aim to improve that by the end of next term, and I will be very proud of myself if I complete this goal. – Cade

EOTC Day – On the 27th of June my area, Whakaute went on an outing day to H20 Extreme. At H20 Extreme we had the chance to go on the slides if we paid for a slide pass. On the way to H20 we got to do bus surfing as a competition because Mrs Ta’ala said that it was fine and that whoever fell or touched something on the bus was out. When we got back to school we had the choice to either stay at school for another 15 minutes and wait for the bell or we could go straight home. At the end of the day it turned out to be an awesome trip which was definitely being on your best behaviour for the wait until the day. Netball Season

With netball about to finish for the season I have been working extra hard on my skills. On Thursday which is training day I always go as the positions that are my strengths so that when it comes to Saturday what is our netball game day I know exactly what I should be doing while in that position. I know that a lot of people especially boys think that netball is a slow and boring game but actually it’s not. If you are experienced with the game and you know how to play and what it, is then netball can become a very fast and interesting game to play and watch.Academics

For my writing this term I have been working on creative writing. For my creative writing I am writing about a lion and a man named Bo which I have now finished. In my reading I am working on inferring which I am up to date with. For my maths I think I am doing really well so far. We are about to do our maths test so I don’t know what level I am working at yet but i do know that I am doing well. – April 

It’s so close to term 3 and after term 3 its term 4 and then end of the year but I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about term 2. I had an okay start to the term let’s just start talking.  ACADEMICS – For homeroom maths we use a textbook called year 7 maths. It’s really hard to get it done, it can take a while to get done. But you can get it done. It can take a while to finish but I’m nearly done to where we have to be done. I work on it quite a lot which is not fun to me.

Writing- for writing we are doing creative writing where we only use a picture to make a whole story and only using the picture was a challenge but I liked It. PE – We did P.E three times this week. It was really fun we did volleyball and prison ball it was really fun and I loved it. Because I love doing PE and I would love to do it all day because it’s so fun. I would love it if we did it every day but then there’s not as much

LEARNING CONVERSATION – I was nervous for my learning conversation. Probably because of my behaviour I didn’t want to go. But it was ok at least I went to my learning conversation. I talked about alot of writing and reading not so much maths. I also talked about my goals. – Jayden


Welcome to my second reflection of term 2.

So far this has been the most successful term of the year, here are a few things I’m proud of….For one, my academic improvements, this term we had our mid-year tests, and I am really happy with my results. Out of all areas I’m most proud of reading… for example, I went from 3P to 4P and these results show that I am on track to achieving my goals 🙂

In week 7 I had my learning conference, my parents were really happy with where I’m at and excited to see where I’ll be at the end of the year. One of the things that was mentioned at my interview was I need to start working more independently because I get too distracted, and it’s one of the things that affect my learning the most.

This term the year 8’s from our school visited Wainuiomata High School for their open day…We did lots of fun activities and we got given timetables to see where we were going throughout the day. I really enjoyed seeing how high schools operate. My favourite subject I participated in was definitely the drama class. Now that I’ve had a little bit of experience with the classes they take, I could choose my favourite ones as my classes next year 🙂 … I think that Wainuiomata High School is a very good and fun school, Even though I’m not going there I would still recommend it as my second option 🙂 Overall this term has been very successful and I’m very happy with all my improvements. 🙂 – Ashlee

MY Blog – This term i have been having the best term i have ever had. My work has been the best work me and my teacher has ever seen me do. My maths reading and writing have great scores that are better than last year and last term. When me and my mom were talking to the the teacher about me and my work my mom did a mini celebration. This week my dad is expecting a really good report card because he has always have but i usually fail to do that but this week I’m sure ill get a great one. This time i hope this Friday I get a good report card. – Te Awarangi

It’s the end of the term and we have had learning conferences, we talked about what I had achieved this term so far we talked about my reading, writing and maths. By the end of the year, my reading had to be at least at 4P and also for my Writing and Maths. After the conference well my maths was ok, I was 4B almost at 4P.

We got to see WHS college, I got to see what they do for Math, Te Reo Maori and Science. When we got to science we went to a table with stuff to make fire change colour the colours were Green, Red, Orange, Blue, Purple and Yellow. Then we went to math we had to work out a problem, I’m not sure how to explain it but it was hard, even the teacher forgot how to do it but we all worked it out together.

Later on in the term, I made it in the school rugby league team and we had to face the girl’s rugby league team, our team got cocky so the first quarter  the girls smashed us and they got a lot of tries I wasn’t surprised though cause I knew that the girls were going to do something. Then when Byron went in for a tackle I went for the top then as Byron was getting out the tackle our heads collided and went into each other it was sore and I fell to the ground I thought I had a concussion, But I hopped off the field, A few minutes later I hop back on and as soon as I got the ball I ran through the girls and I got a try. Then we kicked the ball back to them, The they kicked off and Andy had got it, it started as a runaway until one of the girls caught up and  tackled him, then one of the boys got a try then we just kicked it to the girls they got it they run up to us but then we tackled them, we got told to go hard on them so we did then they kicked the ball then I caught the ball then ran straight I wanted to look back as I was running then I kept going then we got the try we kicked back to them again they dropped it so we got the ball and so one of the boys got a runaway and scored the last try. – Levi 

End Of Term 2 Reflection – For my academics, I’ve improved in all areas but mostly in my maths and my teacher says that I will still need to improve with my writing but to keep up with the good work so I’m feeling confident about improving with my writing. We have also just finished our algebra and stats test and I got a 4B I’ve improved by 8 points for my reading I’m still a 4P but have moved up by 7 points and for my writing, I am a 3P I’ve improved by 16 points. This term I’ve really enjoyed it because I’ve been waiting for EOTC and we have finally done so, for EOTC we went to H20 pools and the next EOTC is going to be next term so I have something to look forward to and I’ve had my student-led conference done and it went really well and got some feedback on my learning that I’m going to improve more in my writing. For my goals for next term I will…Improve in my writing while still improving with my other academics
Improve with my time management to get my work finished. – Devaux

Two  More Terms – EOTC Whakaute went to H20 extreme. Kayla, Maliana, Stella and I were all hanging out together like playing funny games while swimming, going on the slide and chasing each other in the wave pool. Academics: – My academics such as reading, writing, and maths have gone quite good. I think I’ve improved with maths and reading but not really sure about my writing. For maths we have been working on statistics it can get really hard but when I get a little help from people I start to get the flow of it more. With reading, we have been working on inferencing. I know that I can do it because it ’s what I know and what I infer. With writing, we have been working on a  creative writing piece that’s based on a man in a tent and a lion coming towards him. I think that I’m not really confident with how my writing goes because it can be really bunched up and some people may not understand. My goals: – My social goal is to become closer to the year 8 and 7 girls and my personal goal is to be the best I can be at netball and other school activities. I think that my social goal with becoming closer with the year 8 girls is kind of failing because almost every time I try to talk to them or hang out with them I get excluded but with the year 7 girls I’m fine with them because I know that I have become closer with them. For my personal, I’m trying to come to every game but with some of the game’s I don’t succeed to make it. – Tameka

A Couple More Terms To Go: MATHS – In Room 7 we have been working on a book called New Zealand mathematics for year 7. We started on page 244 and will end at 266 at the end of week 10. I am halfway through surprisingly.  I think I will be able to finish at 266 at the end of the week. I am working with Maliana, Tameka and myself.

READING – At this second I am reading Special Treats this book is a series of Tom Gates. This book has 219 pages I am up to 190. I have read this book for two days. The book’s author is Liz Pichon. The moral of the story is, that the snow means he gets the day of school. But he has to spend it with his worst enemy. Also his uncle Kevin has to come round because his heat supplies are frozen. Uncle Kevin thinks it a great idea to have a portrait done for the fossils for their 50 anniversary.

E.O.T.C – For our E.O.T.C this term we have gone to H20. you also have a choice to pay for the slide. I had paid for the slide because it is hardly often I got to the pools especially in winter. I and the exchange student Stella went down the slide together Stella and I enjoyed the pools and hope to go there again.

STUDENT CONFERENCE: – We have had term 2 student conference I bring my dad along.  We talked about my grades in academics. My grades are where I should be for a yr 7. My Dad thinks that as well. But I think I need to get better at writing mainly punctuation. – Kayla 

End Of Term 2 Reflection

We are in the middle of the year!!

I am so excited that we have reached this point of the year. I’m hoping it won’t be raining anymore next term. It’s nearly the school holidays and it’s going to be a fun 2 weeks. Despite that our class have been amazing all this time. I have been waiting for the school holidays for a long time but I’ve also been focused on school and my education. I am very happy with our class work and our class culture. I have finished my topic inquiry presentation along with my classmates Cade and Cole. Our local challenge/presentation is about upgrading the local skatepark. We (Cade, Cole, me) have worked hard on it and we hope we do good at the presenting stage. I got a 3A for my reading, writing, maths tests. I wasn’t happy with the result but I got 2 more terms to improve. I completed the maths exercises 9a,9b, and 9c in the mathematics book. Our class has worked on our production items for the past 3 weeks and we have shown our teacher some “outstanding” performances. Our 3 dances will be Just Dance – Waka, Yodelling kid remix dance and Riverdale theme dance. My goals for next term are: – To finish the 9abcd in the mathematics book, To get more A+/100% then I usually do, Do all my work and complete learning activities like I have this term. I’m very excited that the term has ended, next term I will be even better and improve heaps. Work Smart, Play Hard, Love Life!! – Jedidiah

End Of Term 2 Blog

This term has nearly come to an end and I’m excited, this term has gone so fast but it’s also been so good. In class, we’ve been striving hard in our academics and also with our sports. We have just done our algebra and stats post-test and I scored a 4P which is good because I’ve improved because the last algebra and stats post test we did I scored a 3A so I’m proud of myself for that and I’m also hoping to get a good score when we do the geometry and measurements pre-test.

Another thing we’ve been going hard at is sports and I think we’re doing great with it, so far we’ve been learning hockey, soccer and now we are learning volleyball. It’s been good because we’ve all improved which is great. I can’t wait until we start learning a sport like basketball because I love basketball and it’s my favourite sport.

We’ve also had these three exchange students, two are from China and one is from Vietnam. It’s been great since they’ve been here and I can’t wait till we get more exchange students in our class. Our school is so lucky to have them.

cOne last thing we did this term was the school social and that was a fun night because there was music, dance battles, and the best things that were there were food and drinks. I can’t wait until Year 8 Formal because I reckon that will be fun as well. Overall this term has gone great and I can’t wait to see what this year brings. – Christian

END OF TERM 2 FINALLY – Term 2 has been a bit stressful because when I was sitting by the girls they kept telling me what to do. Now that I’m sitting by Debbie I can now focus and ask Debbie for help when I need it. ACADEMICS/GOALS: My Academics/Goals for this year are

Maths – Focus and Pay Attention.
Writing – Keep my work neat and tidy.
Reading – Sound out unknown words.

TECHNOCRAFT: On Thursday we finished Digitech. Digitech was alright. I was playing up in Digitech because the work was hard. Mrs Spotswood always told me off because I was doing the wrong thing at the wrong time.

WRITING TEST: We (Room 7 ) did a writing test on paper. The test was about whether or not :

We like writing at school.
We are good at writing.
Our teacher thinks we are good at writing.
Our parents think we are good at writing.
We enjoy writing in our own time (not at school).
We are good at spelling. – Leincohne 

This term I went to a social, Kapa Haka and my learning conference.

Firstly, our school social was on the 29th of June and I went, the theme was glow in the dark. The social is like a disco, it is an event where you dance and talk with your friends, you can also participate in dance battles and limbo. If you get hungry there is the canteen to buy drinks chocolate and Pringles. I had so much fun with my friends and schoolmates.

Secondly, Kapa Haka, this is my second year at this school doing Kapa Haka, I have really enjoyed it so far. My Kapa Haka group is performing at Walternash, for Polyfest Thursday the 5th, Our group has been doing extra practices, so that on the day we will shine. I am also happy to say that my Kapa Haka has also performed at the high school, it was such a fun night, and it also helped us to prepare for Polyfest.

Lastly, I am going to be talking about my parent-teacher conference, we discussed that in Maths I am at level 4P. We also discussed that in Reading I am a 4P, and in Writing, I am a 4B. In my conference, we also talked about how I can get better in careers of my learning. Overall in my academics, I am doing the best I can, and I’m proud of that.

Thank you for reading my blog there will be another one coming soon. – Jade Room 7

Another Term Past

So for academics, for reading📖  I am learning reading comprehension strategies for eg Prior knowledge, Questioning, Inferring etc. I have been reading about “ what challenges teenagers are facing”😕. For writing ✏,I am creating a creative story around a lion. I made a story on how Sabor actually died. For Maths 🔢 We are doing our post-test Statistics/Algebra. But overall I’m doing really good in academics. So a couple of weeks ago we had learning conference. I had mine on the first day, the second person. It was a good conference between my mom, me and my teacher. Everything was good except when Mr told me what to work on. My talking. So I need to start talking if I want to be Student Councillor next year.😁. Well for my goals, I have been half succeeding and half not. My social goal I’m succeeding. I have been making new friends 😌😎😃 and a couple of best friends. My personal, I’m not really succeeding because I haven’t been focusing on it. My academic goals I am succeeding I’m at expectation for my writing and math and above for reading.

– Maliana😎

So, here we are, at the end of the term once again. It’s been a rough term, I’ve been sick a lot and missed out on a lot of learning and things. School is very important to me and I think that I really need to get my Maths up, Reading and Writing is fine I believe.

Academics: – This term for my academics have been alright, the past week or two we have been doing a lot of testing. For my Maths test results, I got a 3A, for my year level that is very bad. But I’m very proud of my Writing test results, I got a 5B. Reading I’m not sure.

End Of Term Social: – On June 28th the school had a social which is similar to a disco. I didn’t have the chance to go but I heard it was very fun and it was a lot of fun. The theme of the social/disco was glowing in the dark, and a lot of people dressed nicely and the songs were nicely picked and set out. I really hope everyone had a nice time.

Polyfest: – On Thursday 5th of July our Kapa Haka group is going to a big gathering for heaps of cultural groups. Another one of our groups are going to Polyfest as well (Pacifica) We will be singing 5 songs, and we have been working exceptionally hard. We have 10 minutes to perform them maximum. Some of us have been absent for a few of the practices so we’ve had to stay back after school to make sure we all know the words and all know the actions to all the songs.

Polyfest is very important to our teacher/coach, she is an amazing teacher and couch she has been doing Kapa Haka for a very long time and she is very proud to be doing and teaching Kapa Haka. I’m nervous for Thursday but I’m also very excited. – Ilyse