Wharemaire/Room 7: LIFE AFTER SCHOOL

Posted by Pio Semu Matiahi Kauone, 02 Oct 2018
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So as I was growing up I had a few ideas of what I was going to do when I finish school like graduate, become a doctor. But right now I have a few different ideas like I really want to write a book, while I was reading this awesome book, and have a part-time job. I put together this plan for my life after I finish formal school.

So firstly, I’m going to graduate school and then take a 1-year break. The reasons why I want to take a break is I want to save up some money from my part-time job (Mcdonalds) so I have enough for next year and I want a year away from schoolwork.

Secondly, I will go back to school and study to become a doctor. It was my dream job since I was very young. The doctor I want to be is either a Surgeon or a General Practitioner (GP). The reason I wanted to become a doctor was that I want to help people in a certain way and a doctor actually helped them through medicine and more.

While I’m studying I’m going to write my book. My book is going to be a narrative and fictional book. The reason why I want to write a book is that I was always so interested in other books written by authors especially Rick Riordan.

So in conclusion, I want to take a break after I graduate. After my break, I’ll come back to school and study to become a doctor. Then while I’m studying I’m going to write my book. – Maliana

Why do people always ask, “What do you wanna do/be when you’re older?” Well, that question will pass by every once in a while, until you leave school and actually have an understanding, and know what you wanna do. Also keeping my grades up and studying hard for my future, This is one of my big goals in life.

Over the years you slowly change and change your answer to that simple but complicated question (For some people.) During the years I’ve been at school, writing has always been a passion of mine, plus It’s easier for me to understand things, If in a hard situation or needing to get something stuck in my head. But I would also like to work with animals. Not necessarily like a veterinarian but a job like the SPCA or something like that. I like to write, take care of animals, and draw. Drawing is something that I like to do when I have some free time or when I feel inspired by something or someone.

Why I wanna do these things like writing, helping animals, and drawing? Personally writing has always been an outlet for me, helping animals has been something that I’ve done since I was a toddler. If I focus and I know what I am drawing then it looks pretty good. (Personally, I’m pretty bad, I’m just a perfectionist.)

Before I leave school I hope to have saved up money for me to buy a flat or an apartment for me when I leave school completely by working at a temporary job at Lush or a cafe. The temporary job will help me get some money and then start figuring out what I want to do after I leave school, and how much money I will be earning for working for that job. – Ilyse

When I leave high school I plan to go to university. When I go to university I will need to study to get an associate’s degree in culinary arts if I want to be a chef. I plan to go to the University of Otago because it seems like it will give me a good education. Before I move on to university I want to start working at cafes or restaurants so I can make some money before university and so I can see what it’s like in a restaurant or cafe. When I start working I also need to save money to pay for my university fees. Before I go to university I’m gonna find an apartment near the university. If I go to the University of Otago I’m gonna get a job in Dunedin. Ever since I was little I’ve always wanted to be a chef. My favorite things to make are savoury dishes. Every now and then I help cook dinner. – Arimawha

When you ask a kid what they want to be when they grow up they are most likely to reply with some insane unrealistic job which they strive to achieve… But that just isn’t the case for me. My mind is crammed with all the crazy different career paths there are to chose but I do have some in mind. After I finish school I want to go to university to continue studying and getting degrees for certain jobs which I may want to do. At this age of 12, I’m really not sure of what I’m going to study, But there are some things which I think would be fun such as an Airport dog handler and working in Biosecurity industry because I have always been fascinated with airports, Or the Tourism industry as an air hostess. Or maybe a runway model or an actress. I can’t decide!!        At university, while studying I would most likely have a small part-time job to help me pay for university. Most likely as a food store demonstrator and supposedly 80% of the workers there are students and it’s an easy and flexible job because you can work on your own timetable. I also think a good part-time job would be at Starbucks or Lush because they are places I love. There are so many different options.

One of the most common things that young adults want to do before they settle down and buy a house as well as starting a family is travel. When I’m older I plan on travelling the world. I want to go to places like France, Italy, England, The USA, Hawaii, the list goes on. When I travel the world I want to capture every single moment of it vlogging my journey. In conclusion, I’m not 100% sure on what career I’m going to pursue I guess only time will tell. – Asharna 

After school, I will be taking a year break seeing some old friends see how things are going and what has changed, see how life is, and just reflect on good times. See if they need help with anything, and then I would go and explore some parts of the North Island, see new places, see new people and just have a good time.

After that year I will get a good paying job and the hours are reasonable but I don’t know what job, when I have enough money from my job and saving I will move to Palmerston North and buy a house in Palmerston North to be closer to my family, and of course I will need help from my family to actually buy me a house and help get me settled and then I will have to get a new job with the same expectations as the last job. To get me some money to buy more stuff for my house and for me. I will hopefully retire with a good amount of money to cover future issues that may come. I hope my future is good and others too, I know there is going to be some ups and downs but I also know that I will get through. – Cade  

I will get a job working for my Dad in building and once I have got that I would like to learn about physics and aerodynamics. I  will make some money so I can get a house then I will get a job working for the NZ air force when I am 23 and fly planes for them and then I’ll stay there for a couple years.

I might leave the air force and join the NZ Navy and be one of the people who fly the Blackhawks for them that part of the navy I will hopefully stay on board or fly helicopters for them and not remake the movie black hawk down the world.

In retirement I might go to lake Waikaremoana and stay there a couple weeks then I will go stay with the family and me and my friend will make a boat and sail the world together and we will call the boat Not For Sail. – Charlie 

After all these years at school, the thought of what am I going to do after I finish school, my mind has changed about what I want to do like when I was in kindergarten, I remember that I wanted to be a cop but then I changed my mind because after I got to primary I ended up getting in trouble a lot so I the cop job came out of play. Now when I was in primary, I wanted to be a worker at McDonald’s coz I thought I could get all the food I wanted but then I realized that I’d probably still had to pay for it, so I didn’t want to work there anymore. But now I have a little idea about what I want to do after school and I’ll explain.

First, I want to get a job at a place like a restaurant, supermarket, fast food place where I can make enough money to stay healthy and make sure I don’t become a hobo or where I can’t stay hydrated and fed. Then if I get a job at a place where I can pay for food and drinks, I want to get a job where I can get more money so I can pay for more things that I want then more of me getting things I need even though I’d still buy the things I need, but I’d rather buy the things that I want instead.

After that, I want to continue with my basketball career and hopefully make the NBA. I want to go to reps and play for clubs and I’ll go 100% at it and hopefully make the JBA (Junior Basketball Association) and hopefully some scouts will be at the games so I have a chance to get drafted into the NBA. But in order to do all of this, I need to stay dedicated to doing this so I need to get fit and then be able to stay fit for games. Afterwards, I need to make sure that I can afford the things I need for this, like travel, food, drinks, gym pass so I need to make sure I get a good paying job before I can do any of this. – Christian 

After high school, I’m planning to take 1 year off and get a job and earn some money to move out. If I can move out it would make it easier to get to and from university instead of taking forever to get there from home. After the year off I’ll be going to university hopefully with a car of my own instead of taking the bus or something. I’m hoping to learn more about digital technologies, photoshop, CGI, ext. I might have an apartment with the money I earn in the year I take off. I’ll probably get a part-time job somewhere to pay the rent for the apartment I might get so I don’t go homeless. I might get a job at Noel Leeming or something.                                          My dream job is to become a famous YouTuber but to get to that I’ll have to get a job to earn money to get the things I need to become a YouTuber. I’m hoping with the photoshop in university I should be able to edit my own videos instead of paying someone else to do it. – Cole 

So after years and years and years and years of different schools, I could do many things, I could work at Mcdonalds or I could work at home as a YouTuber and make money that way but that may get boring after a while. I could do many things. After school, I might just decide to start uploading more on youtube to get money that way because I already have a youtube channel named MicroCraftPlayz it has 103 subscribers and over 5000 views. I can make youtube videos about the things I love like gaming Fortnite or I could even do some vlogs and travel and after I do that for a while I can maybe donate some of the money. Since youtube seems fun I would like to try that more.

Also after I get money I could travel around the world going to places I’ve always wanted to go to so I could move out of New Zealand for a while and enjoy the rest of the world. I could go to places I have always wanted to go to like the US or Brazil. Brazil and the US because they are beautiful places. I could buy a house in a different country and live there for a few years I would really like to live in the US for a while because its a beautiful country and very nice to live in. After that, I could come home and stay here for a while with family.

Maybe just hang out and sometime soon I could move back to my house and live there for the rest of my life. or I could go back to my old schools maybe just visit for a day or so then leave again and that’s my life. So after school, I might upload more on youtube and or travel but no matter what I do I will be doing what I love. – Dylan 

After High School, I want to go to lots of places and do lots of things but first I need to work for what I want. So I will likewise have a year break from work so then I will help around my house and help my family, but I will probably be gaming for most of the time that I have a break and I hope to make a youtube channel because I don’t think that I will be that entertained during my break. And for the year I have a break I will get a part-time job as a painter with my dad so then I will at least have some money for bussing and training to and back to University and or Well-tec, because I would like to be a carpenter or architect because I would enjoy creating or building houses, or be in the Armed Defenders with my sister. When or if I get one of these jobs I’ll use the money I earned to get a house and to travel around the world with my family. – Devaux\

After years and years of going through primary, intermediate, high school and university, I will be ready to move on in life. I will have completed the requirements to get a decent job and earn good money. But what exactly will I do? Let me explain. While I’m searching for a good job with good pay, I will find a quick job that I could have recently worked at while at school, such as a fast food worker or a worker at a warehouse-like Mitre Ten Mega or The Warehouse. Something I would like to do is Architecture and Interior Design. To do Architecture I will need at a minimum, a bachelor’s degree in architecture but many architects have master’s degrees. While I’m still working, I will play Football at a local club. This will help me to keep fit, and it will give the opportunity for me to improve and get scouts to notices me. I will play online games in my free time on the latest console playing the latest games. – Greg

When I get out of school I would like to stay at home for a bit, relax after all my hard work at school. Some things that I would like to do is… Go to Australia, Fiji, and Paris, I would like to go to sunny, tropical and fancy places. I have never gone out of New Zealand before, so going out of New Zealand would mean the world to me. After traveling around exotic and fancy places I will come back home, I will apply for a job at Lush. Lush is a bath/shower shop they make exquisite bath bombs, soaps, shower gels, and body scrubs. When you work there you can make products, test products, help customers and work at the counter. I want to work there as my first job because, it will be a good experience for me and, I love their products. My next quest would be to find myself a real job, I’m not sure what the future holds for me so I will find out what my job is then. When I have made enough money in my job I will buy a house, and then make it a home, so that I can raise a family of my own. – Jade 

There are heaps of things to do after school, go to University, get a job, or even play sports for New Zealand or Samoa. When I was little, I Looked up to a few idols, Richie Mccaw, Dan Carter, Jerry Collins, and Jonah Lomu. Ever since my dad gave me a rugby ball it’s been in the backyard for years. But I also want to be gamer, What would I do after school? What’s University really like? Is there more educational work? I think it will be challenging, and exciting. If I go to University, I would study rugby and play rugby for a club. Rugby and University at the same time would be a lot of pressure, Training after University, and studying every day. I want to be a professional rugby player, play for Hurricanes, All Blacks, Samoa, and maybe head to France to play for Toulon in the French top 14 competition. To do that, I got to study hard, and get noticed playing for a professional club in Wellington. So I want to be a professional rugby player and a gamer. – Jedidiah

When I was little, I had a few Ideas what I would like to be In the future like a kindergarten teacher or a Baker. In the future, I have chosen to become a kindergarten teacher because I work well with kids and can always turn a bad thing into a good thing like moving: you can always make new friends and call or catch up with your friends. I want to be a kindergarten teacher because there are so many times I have helped my sister in year 4 (this year) age 8 with her homework and I can also explain things to her that make it much easier for her to understand the (text, maths & reading). At uni, it’s much more than academics for a kindy teacher it is management, health, and all others to do with their brain, how they functions and behavior.

So when I leave college/high school I would like a break from school because then I can save up to go to uni. I will have a break for half a year to a year, so as I said then I can save up for uni. And I will be thinking of working at a simple like the supermarket, McDonald’s or somewhere like that. When I have a break it will be a full-time job ( Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday) that means Saturday and Sunday I can have free time basically. – Kayla

In the end, I’m still in intermediate and high school is a whole other story. My life is mine and it could turn out good or bad but whatever happens i’ll get through it

Once I finish school I want to go to university. I want to go to university because I want to get more education. University is good for me because my sister went to university and she got a job the job she got was at PBT Transport. I want to follow in my sister’s footsteps and after I finish University I want to get a job. JOB CHOICES: Working where my mum works, Working at a school, Working at Pak’n’save, or Working at PBT. When I get a job and get paid I am going to save money so I can go to Australia to see my sister and her baby Jezyah and probably stay with them for a few weeks or so then come back to New Zealand and go back to work. – Leincohne 

Once I leave school hopefully I would get noticed by pro clubs. Then training up to be a new All Black or something else. Or I will go to the navy seals or go to the SAS (Special Air Service). If I don’t do that I will get paid to make games or test games. Once I get a good amount of money I will move to LA for like one year then I will go fly back to NZ then I will go over to Aussie to see my baby Sister and my Dad, I will stay there for 7 weeks to spend more time with my sister to get know her better. –Levi 

Honey beekeeper 🐝 When I was little I loved honey i’d eat it all the time. when I was little I loved other food too but honey stuck out for me and I loved bugs especially  bees .I have a bottle of honey at home a drink it out of the bottle I go through 2 bottles of honey big bottles a moths . I love honey I have heaps of things to do with honey bees. p.s honey makes u live longer. so I’m going to go on a beekeeper course because and learn the beekeeper ways the tools the technique and how long it takes for the bees to make honey. Did u know Honey bees must gather nectar from two million flowers to make one pound of honey. One bee has to fly about 90,000 miles three times around the globe to make one pound of honey. The average bee will make only 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime. And that honey was found in the pyramids and that honey never goes bad and that Honey is incredibly healthy and includes enzymes, vitamins, minerals. It’s the only food that contains “pinocembrin”, an antioxidant associated with improved brain functioning.

How do honey bees work? Here’s a short story It starts with foraging worker honey bees and flowers, of course When the bees collect the nectar, it is then mixed with the enzyme in the bee’s mouth. Back at the beehive or nest, the nectar is dropped into the honeycomb.and then the wings of the honey bees flap to turn it into honey. How you can help the honey bees by putting their favourite flowers in the garden like Bee balm, Black Eyed Susan, Stonecrop, Goldenrod, Butterfly Bush, Purple coneflower, Joe-pye weed and  Lavender

How am I going to become a beekeeper? Good question. I’m going to go to university so I can learn how to be a beekeeper and study. I am going to learn to use the tools and how to get the honey from the beehive. I need to learn how to spin honey in the drum to extract it from the comb. I love honey and honey bees. My plan is to raise some money to go to university – when I know all the facts and I know how to be a beekeeper. When I get money I’m going to buy a big piece of land and get my home on it and some of my best friends can live in it with dairy cows and an ice cream truck and a shop and honey bee shop and I’m going to be san sparky to earn heaps of money it’s going to be called girl power

How to beekeeper Take a beekeeping course. Check with your state/regional college or university’s cooperative extension to see if they have a class offered. Read up on beekeeping. Numerous books and websites offer advice and instruction about beekeeping Learn from a beekeeper Start out with just a few hives. And back off from the goals I set for myself when I grow up go uni study really hard raze money buy a piece of land learn how to be a beekeeper And get hives and be the best beekeeper ever. – Lucy

My life after school, I think instead of going to a university or taking a break I would most likely work with my family at mitre ten mega cafe because it would feel more comfortable and the money they give is a decent amount which I would need to be able to do what I would actually want to be. (Performer & Netball Player).

Once I get enough money from the cafe I know that I would still need to work there because I would need to be able to get enough money to pay bills and other things that adults would need to pay for. After I’ve finished my shifts at the cafe I would study on my voice more often and take dance classes for being able to be a performer. I want to be a performer because I love to dance in my free time and when I sing people can sometimes compliment me and it makes me feel good about myself.

If being a performer is too hard and complicated I would try out netball. I would try out for a team that would suit me for my skills. In my free time I would practice at least 3 – 4 days a week and a train with my team.

So in conclusion, I would work at Mitre 10 mega cafe where most of my family works and then when I get enough money I would start training to become a performer. If that doesn’t work out I would try out for a netball team.   – Tameka

So after highschool i am going to do level 2 I will work for my grandad in carpet laying and if i work for my granddad I will work for him for a while and I might move out of New Zealand. If I decide To stay in Nz but move out of Wainuiomata. I’ll save up my money for a car then I will decide if I want to move or stay then once I decide I will keep saving for a house and then when I move or stay I will get my house. Where I am going to live. If I decide to not live in Nz I will probably work at mcdonalds or somewhere else like subway. If i decided to move Out of nz i would work somewhere where i could just not have to go to work every day or I would work a lot to earn a lot of money and travel where I have always wanted to go and do what i want to do if i get a good job where I get paid good.  I could work a lot so I could go back and see family If I really wanted to.

If I move out of NZ I might go do carpet laying because I will have experience so I will go work with other people that do carpet laying. I might get paid more. But If i can’t find a job when I move i will come back to Nz and work doing carpet laying with my grandad. Also go back to live with my mum till i get a house in Nz and also a car. I will do level 2 at high school and work with my grandad witch is carpet laying. I will save for a car and a hose witch will be a lot but I will have to save. I will work when ever I can so i can earn as much money as I can. Then when i get a car I will still work a lot just not as much and have a break of working every day. Then when I have had a rest I will go back to working every day so I can save for a house then when i get a house I will work normal again. – Jayden