Wharemaire/Room 7 Mid-Term 3 Reflection Evaluations – Full Steam Ahead!

Posted by Pio Semu Matiahi Kauone, 23 Aug 2018
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Term 3 Excitements

Netball – Over the past year I have been playing every Saturday at Taita courts with my team Totara. We have grown so much as individuals and as a team with the majority of us playing for the first time. As we approach our last game this coming Saturday we will train hard to make our last game a good one. At the start of the season our team was not the best with only having a few players who actually knew what they are doing but now we have improved so much we’re currently holding a 3 game win streak. I hope that playing netball for the Intermediate will encourage me to play at high school.

Production – For production this year the year 8 girls and myself have played a big part in choreographing the dance and teaching the class we plan to do 4 dances merged into one big song; Riverdale Dance, Shakira Waka Waka, Yodeling Kid remix and the hit song In my feelings also known as the Kiki challenge. We really need to work on our positions and accuracy but I am very excited about the performance because our class will be all dressed up and it will look great.

Academics – I have created a goal sheet which is taped to my desk to remind me what I need to work on in order to fill in the gaps in my learning some examples for maths are: Learn and memorize the different angles which I have been doing and Finding different strategies to find different angles. I believe that if I continue to follow and work on my learning and key competencies goals that I will reach a new peak in all areas of my school life. – Asharna ♡

Term 3 Reflection Evaluation

So term 3 has finally started and it’s been pretty good, we’ve been striving hard at our sports, academics etc. One thing we recently did this term was the school fun run, that was really fun because every class in the school had their own theme to dress in and our class had to dress up like nerds. We had this long course where we got flour thrown on us, we got wet, and we got muddy. My favourite part about it was the mudslide besides the fact it smelt.

I’ve also been doing basketball this term and I like it very much, we’ve had 3 games so far and we have like 3 or 4 more. We’ve won all our games so far and we are currently coming 1st in our pool. We play every Wednesday and the games start at 3:50 pm and finish at 8:30 pm. I hope we end up coming 1st overall this term because last term we came 3rd in our pool and 5th overall so I’m praying that we come first for both this term.

The last thing I’m going to talk about is mathematics, we’ve been learning stuff like Geometry, Statistics, Algebra and we’re currently working on Perimeter. Maths is my favourite academic subject because, in my opinion, maths is my strength. But my favourite subject overall is Sport/PE.

So overall this term has gone well and I hope it keeps going well for the rest of the term and the rest of the year. – Christian


My Exciting But Different Term

Academics – For my academics, I have learning goals that I am striving to achieve. But I have mainly been focusing on my key competencies and only a little bit on my academic goals so I am now striving to, balance out my academic goals and key competencies. For now, I’m giving my attention to my academic goals and less on my key competencies. For topic inquiry, I have been working on a mini-inquiry with Arimawha and together we are investigating the 1981 Springboks tour.

Fun Run – For the fun run which was on the 17 of August my class Wharemaire Whetu had to dress up as nerds, and in my opinion, I think it was great because most of the class made, an effort to dress up even if it was just some glasses. The school had to run or walk for 1 kilometre or more for the fun run.

Production – Our class dances are for our school production we are doing a mix of songs but they are the classes choice with most of them having a dance that we created together. I know that the whole class has been giving a good amount of effort but I reckon if we all be our number 10s when we are doing our dances it would look way better than what it does at the moment. The dances we are doing are  1) Riverdale Dance, 2) Waka Waka, 3) Yodeling Kid, 4) Kiki/In my feelings. – April


Hello, 😁 my name is Lucy, I’m here to talk to you about my new class – Room 7.  I love it in my new class because everyone’s so nice and welcoming to me. I have a teacher his name is Mr Kauone he’s teaching us about Social Injustices in New Zealand’s past.  I and my friend Kayla are investigating the Rainbow Warrior, which was sunk by French spies in 1998. At the moment we have a teacher as well as Mr Kauone, we also have Mr CJ a student teacher, he is learning to be a teacher. I think he will be a good teacher like Mr Kauone is a good teacher. I’m enjoying being in his class so far.

Mr Kauone is really good at teaching he is teaching us maths { angles} I have learnt so much in this class in my other class I did not learn much at all but in this class, I fit right in I enjoy it in this class I can stay in this class forever. The students are nice and the teachers are nice too 🤩🤓-Lucy


It’s already mid Term 3, Which means we only have one and a half terms left. And I reckon I’ve definitely been better than I have been the past two terms.😌💛 For example, I have improved in my academics and also my behaviour has gotten a lot better💫.

Academics: I’ve been good academically and I reckon if I do my best and put effort into my work then I will actually reach Level 4 of the NZ Curriculum that I should be at. My Reading and Writing is progressing well, I just need to focus more and complete the learning tasks to help further develop my Maths so I can improve on that subject.💓 I also have my learning, social and personal goals that I have set for myself so that I can work on achieving them✌.

Fun Run: This term we have a Fun Run which is when our school has set up a course around the school in which we have to “Run”😂 We had to go out and collect sponsors, and the money we collect goes towards new P.E equipment for each class. Each class has their own theme they have to dress in, our class theme is NERDS😏. I hope our “Run” goes well😌💕.

Mr CJ: From week 4, we had our student teacher take over the class, he’s teaching us 4 days a week for 7 weeks so that he builds his experience feelings and teaching a real class😂💜 I hope he enjoys teaching my class!! Although I don’t think he’ll fully be able to put up with a few of us kiddies😂😂. He’s always asking us questions and I think he likes Literacy because we’re always doing it when we have him😅😂💯 Overall, in my opinion, I think Mr CJ will become a good teacher🌹💯 – Mereana

Term 3 Excitement

This term Room 7’s student teacher ( Mr CJ ) is taking over our class for 7 weeks. I think it’s great that Mr CJ is going to be our teacher, because it gives him more knowledge on how other teachers teach, and also gives Mr CJ a great example on what it’ll be like in his own class next year. This term WIS have been working hard and preparing for our school production that will be happening in term 4. Most classes are doing exhibitions, dances, acts and loads more fun presentations! Room 7 will be doing dances! Myself and the other year eight girls choreographed a few dances for our class to learn. In my opinion, I think our dances will blow the audience away. Lastly, my academics and my progress with my key competencies and personal goals. One of my personal goals is to make sure I’m using punctuation correctly. Recently for writing, we have been focusing on the writing conventions ie punctuation, grammar and making sure everybody is using it correctly, and putting punctuation marks in the correct place. The follow-up tasks helped me a lot and I am slowly achieving my goals.  – Ashlee

One More Term To Go

🕮My Academics, for reading📖, I’ve been learning about the author’s purpose. I learnt that P.I.E. stands for persuasive, inform and entertain and that they are the main purposes of writing. For writing✍, I am learning about the different types of punctuation like commas, exclamation marks, question mark and writing conventions like that. In maths for homeroom ( my class ) I’m learning about angles∠. I can name all of the different types of angles except for complementary, supplementary and conjugate. In Workshops🏠, when our area is split into classrooms for maths, I am working on converting fractions, decimals, and percentage. In our class, we have 2 teachers. 😁 Mr CJ ( teacher in training) and 😀Mr Kauone. Mr CJ is now our full-time teacher except for Thursdays that’s when Mr Kauone comes back. Mr CJ is here for 5 to 7 weeks. I’m really looking forward to the weeks we are gonna spend with him. This term we had our school sponsored fun run! YAYY! Each class had a class theme. My class theme was NERDS. Mostly everyone in my class dressed up. I ran 4 laps with my friends Tameka and April. My favourite part of the day was when I was diving in to the mud. I was so muddy. Hopefully, we have another fun run next year. 😍 – Maliana 😇😎

Nearly There!

Hey, guys welcome to my blog😀 First, I will be talking about having TWO teachers – WOW!!! We have a student Masters Teacher who is teaching us for 5-7 weeks this term, so that means double the teachers. ‘YAY’, Mr CJ is a great teacher especially since he is a student teacher. I think Mr CJ  is going to be a great teacher when he gets his own class next year.

This year 2018 we are doing a class production. We will be dancing to Riverdale song, Waka Waka and in my feelings😍. We are so excited to do, this but we also have made a few changes to the dance like the layout of our positions. I am so excited to share our dance with the parents and family also the others students.

My goals for term 3 are goals I WILL DO I may Not finish them by term 3 ends but I WILL complete them by the end of the year. One of my personal goals is to be confident in my sports and participate more. One of my reading goals is to use my prior knowledge about what I’m about to read.

One of my maths goals is to order decimals and fraction up to an equivalent of three decimal places. A writing goal is to work on my spelling. ✏

Today 17th of August we are doing a fun run after lunch around the field I can’t wait to get dressed as a nerd🤓 I think our class is going to win at dressing up. I DON’T FEEL LIKE RUNNING☹ but this is for FUN and to raise money for sports equipment for classes! – Kayla

This term we have done many exciting things. – First, we had Japanese students come in and talk to us about Japan and how they live, they did quizzes and gave away prizes, I got a hedgehog, a plane and plastic sushi.

Also this term we did a fun run where students got sponsors to give them money to fundraise for new school sports equipment.

This term we have a new teacher for 7 weeks his name is Mr CJ he is an amazing teacher and I’m really excited to have him as a teacher.

Also, we are doing dance practices for our school production. We are doing 4 songs Yellow Cat, DJ Turn it up, Waka Waka Shakira, Yodeling kid remix and In My Feelings Drake. We have made a dance routine and are nearly ready for the production.

For my academics – In class, we are learning how to use correct Writing conventions like punctuation for writing. For Reading, we are doing the reading for meaning where we read some text and decide what the meaning is. In maths, we have completed the work around converting fractions to decimals to percentages and today we have started working on angles and perimeter. In my mind, I am doing very well in my academics.

We have reflected and evaluated our term 1 & 2 goals and made brand new goals, mine are; Writing -Vocabulary, Punctuation and Spelling. Reading: Spell correctly, use grammatically correct structures, make inferences

Math: Specify location using bearings or grid references, explain the meaning of negative numbers, interpret points/lines on cord plane, incl scale/compass with maps. – Dylan



We have Mr CJ  a trainee teacher for about seven weeks as our main teacher Mr Kauone will be popping in and out getting people for guided learning groups. Mr CJ banned the Chromebooks and now we can only use them if we absolutely need them like for example, Blogs, Topic Studies, and Literacy/Numeracy follow-up learning experiences.

FUN RUN – We have the school’s fun run today it is when we dress up as characters, or class themes that were drawn from a hat by each class’s student counsellors and their class has to dress up in their theme. Room 7’s theme is NERDS which is the best theme. I didn’t have any nerdy stuff so I just went with mufti and hoped for the best. We each have sponsorship cards where we go around houses and get sponsors for the run. The money raised is to buy new sports equipment for classes.

Academics – For writing, we are currently working on the writing conventions; punctuation, grammar, which is good because it is one of my academic goals. For reading, we have just finished learning about Author’s Purpose. In case you don’t know what Author’s Purpose is, there are three main purposes, they are to persuade to inform and to entertain ie. PIE. For maths, we have been learning about perimeter and angles which is good because perimeters are one of my maths goals. I’d say I’m doing good with maths, and progressing with ALL my academic goals.😀😁😃 – Cole

 Term 3 Blog

This year has been a huge change for me. This year my Writing, reading and maths have improved over the months turning me into from my number 1 but into my number 10. 2018 is my greatest year for my work I have learned so much then I probably ever have from a school like how to spell new words and do math i haven’t done before in different type of ways.

In my class, I have helpers to help me and the other kids in the classroom. From time to time some more helpers come and go but them staying is very good for the class even if there asking for help when they don’t even need it. The most help is Debby she has to manage with Amatie and all the other kids thats bothering her she helps me, the class and the teachers. How she helps the teachers is she tries to calm down Amate when she’s being a distracting the class.

And the last thing is Tech. Tech is very helpful to the school even if they don’t think that. Tech helps you to find a job ex music can help you become a musician, cooking can help you become good cook(or help you cook something at home) and art can help you turn into an artist. And even if you don’t tech is fun anyways. In tech you can do the activities that tech provides for you and your group. And if you’re lucky you tech class will have your friends in it. The really only downfall to tech is the people that ruin the fun for you.   -Te Awa

Midterm Term 3 

Whare Maire 7 are lucky to have two teachers. Mr CJ is now our teacher for a few weeks.

For our Topic Inquiry – Social Injustice, Me, Levi and Cade are working on Parihaka. Parihaka is a place in Taranaki and we are to find information about this place and learn more about Te Whiti, who he is, what he did and why he did it. The effect on what Te Whiti did for his people. Te Whiti was a Taranaki leader. A resistance movement based at Parihaka was led by him and Tohu Kākahi. Te Whiti was arrested following the infamous raid on Parihaka by Armed Constabulary in 1881.

For Maths Workshops I am learning at level 3-4, In Room TKT.  Currently we are working on the parameter of shapes. We have to figure out what the perimeter is of any shape we get showen.

For basketball, we are coming up to the end of this year and we are getting close to tournaments which means I have to work harder as a team member, keep fit and be prepared for upcoming games. – Dennis

Term 3 Week 5 Experience  

This term I’m reflecting on… Fun Run Fundraiser, Class Production and My Academics♡Production: Firstly I am talking about my classes production item. Myself and the year 8 girls have been working hard to put together a dance routine for our class and school production so that on the night we will blow the crowd away ie our parents. We need to work on our accuracy and positions, then we will be ready to perform.

School Fun Run: Secondly, I am going to explain what the fun run is… The fun run is an exciting activity that all of the classes get to do, my class had to dress up as nerds for the run, (each class had a theme) There was flour thrown at you as you ran, water and mud galore. There were heaps of exciting obstacles to complete.

Academics: For my academics, I am improving in my maths because of our new area pangarau workshops, I find it easier to understand things being taught, and being in my own class. For my Writing I am learning about the Writing Conventions ie punctuation, grammar and spelling, it’s helping me improve my writing because it’s easier for my audience to read and understand. Since having a new teacher (Mr. CJ) these past few weeks, it is a nice change and a different mindset, which is helping me to grow.  – Jade

Term 3 Achievements

Recently we have had our student teacher (Mr CJ) take the place of Mr Kauone for 2 weeks. He just started this term and I now know, different teachers teach in different ways, like Mr CJ teaches fun and Mr Kauone is more like focused on work and is more strict. I think having a new teacher will be challenging at the same time.

Throughout the past two terms, our class have put together a class act that consists of 4 dances for our school’s production. One is a cultural dance and the other three are fun dances. We have put a lot of effort and time into all of our dances. The cultural dance is the Waka Waka and the fun dances are the Riverdale, Kiki Challenge and Yodeling Boy.

My Academics, for my academics I have been learning about punctuation and other writing conventions for Writing, and for reading, I have been reading for meaning. Learning about punctuations is helping me a lot because it’s teaching me how to make my stories make sense. For Reading, we’re learning to read for Meaning, and it’s helping me because I can now find the main parts or elements of the story/text. For Maths, we are learning about the perimeter of polygons and how to add perimeters together for the answer. – Shania


Mr CJ Teaching – So this term Mr CJ is teaching us, it’s Fun – because he is nice, kind, caring, attentive, thoughtful, knowledgeable, wise, open- minded and hard-working. Mr CJ is going to be teaching us for 7 weeks but won’t be here every Thursday because he has assessments to complete, and Mr Kauone our teacher will be in class. When Mr CJ isn’t here we continue with his work he has planned for us.

SOCIAL INJUSTICE – Cole and I are investigating the Springboks Tour that happened in 1981 for our Topic Inquiry Social Injustice. I have learnt alot about the Springbok tour, I learnt that there was a lot of racism and people got hurt, also beat up.



Knowledge of vocabulary.
Find, select & retrieve information.
Identify word classes.
Consistently read for meaning.




Perform calculations with time , including 24-hour clock: (1:13 , 1:15 , 2:7).
Explain the meaning of digits in numbers up to 3 decimal places: (1:16 , 3:3 , 3:14).
Know the perimeter/ area/volume of shapes & limits of the answer.

My Key Competencies/Social Goals are:

Managing self.

Personal Goal is Asking for help when I need it.

How have I been doing with my Goals?

I have been doing good with my goals and ever since I had a restorative meeting with my Mum and brother and Mr Kauone I know that I have to just do it and not hang out with bad influences like Mereana. I said sorry and I will not do it again. My Mum and brother were very disappointed. – Leincohne

Term 3 Has Been Fun!

Academics – For maths, I am at level 3 and I’m in TKT for our area math workshops. We are learning Perimeter in my maths workshops. For writing, we are learning to use writing conventions. We are moving onto descriptive writing very soon and it sounds fun. For Reading we’ve learnt about Authors Purpose witch is ok i don’t really like it but we are nearly done on it.

Production – We are doing a class production (well the whole school is) and we are doing 4 dances I don’t really like one of them but we have to so.

Social Injustice – We are researching something in the class called social injustices from NZ past and me and Devaux we are investigating the Dawn Raids. It’s kinda hard because when I look for information its already on their which I hate

My Behaviour – So at the start of the year I was really naughty till halfway in term 2 because I just started to complete my work because I just didn’t want to be naughty any more and sitting next to Debbie she helped me to understand the work better.  I’m still sometimes naughty but Mr Kauone doesn’t call me Bart simpson as much so that’s a lot better because I don’t like being compared to Bart Simpson. – Jayden

Charlie-fun blog/run

Hi, I’m back. It is term 3, I am so bored, I haven’t done much today Is this blog about today or the whole term?. You’re probably wondering why this blog is called the fun blog. Today we are doing the fun run to fundraise for new sports equipment. i am not excited for it .Because I do not like running

My maths is good as always. I finished 15 mins in my maths test before everyone when I did an ICAS test. My spelling is still not the best, but I am getting better and I will get better so I don’t have have to edit Charlie – you still need to edit things no matter how good you are and use grammarly. Another reason is so i don’t have auto correct everything. My reading is getting better by the day and I have been reading 20 mins a day. I would like to start reading more complicated things

Not so long ago we had Japanese Students now you’re probably like I’ve already talked about them and I have but these are different people that came and they did a quiz about Japanese culture and the school and I got a lot right they gave away prizes and I got A . Recently we had a group of Japanese exchange students. These were different students from the ones we had at the beginning of the year. While they were here we did a quiz – I did really well in the quiz… Kakite – Charlie

It’s half though the term, Mr JC has done a hostile(ish ) takeover, I’ll be ok about it until  He took away the chromebooks, that’s when crap really hit the fan, but let’s stop that train before it becomes a trainwreck(note: I’ll continue this the next blog(sorry to leave this on a cliffhanger) so let’s move on).

two(ish) weeks ago some Japanese high schoolers slipped silently into our school( it wasn’t until 1 or 2 (or 3) weeks into their 6 weeks I notice them). – Ryan 2018 Room 7

Academics: For my academics, I’ve been doing exceptionally well in my work. Maths is hard but if I understand and listen to my teachers I can finish my tasks easily. For writing I’ve been doing very well, I know that writing for me in a strength and it’s a way for me to express myself. I like writing, but I don’t really like reading – even though I’m quite good at it.

Topic Inquiry: In our school, we have a subject called “Topic Inquiry” and its learning about identity, from personal to local, national and worldwide. Right now we are working on a project with the subject of Social Injustice Events, I’m doing The Great Depression for something that I’ve never heard of it’s such a big deal. In our topic inquiry this term we are moving onto a unit about ‘Matauranga Maori’ – where we acknowledge special places around Wainuiomata.

Mr CJ: Mr CJ is a student teacher, he is learning to be a teacher at a university, he’s young and funny for learning to become a teacher. He is a little rough around the edges when it comes to teaching but he is still learning and he isn’t an official teacher yet. 2-3 weeks ago Mr CJ started teaching us, he will be teaching us and figuring out how to deal with us, haha, the only thing I dislike is he took away our Chromebooks but we still get to use them sometimes. – Ilyse

Just One More

Class Production: Our class production is when the whole class puts a dance together and mostly have fun.The songs we will be dancing to are:   1) Riverdale Dance

2) Waka Waka (just dance)

3) Yodeling Dance

4) Kiki Dance/Challenge

We will be in a triangle at the beginning and end for the Kiki dance but for the others we would be in a big line of girls and boys in the back in a group of 4. I also think that it’s gone very well because we have working as a class and it will help us develop better.

Academics: At the start of the start of term  3 we set new goals for ourselves and now that I have changed mine my goals are now:  Key Competencies/Social Goals

1)Managing Self

2)Participating and contributing

  Personal goals

1)Learn how to play 2 instruments and learn how to speak a

speak a couple different languages.

Last term the whole school did tests mostly based on maths, reading, and writing. My test scores were fairly ok here they are: Geo and Meas Pretest


Midyear Reading Test


Midyear Writing Tes


The tests were challenging but I was still able to manage them and get a reasonable score.

Fun Run: the students in the school did raise a crazy amount of money for new sports equipment. April and I both worked together and raised over $200! Overall I’m sure the whole school had a great time laughing and getting messy. -Tameka

So term 3 is finally here and so far it has been a great start to the term. Since the second week of the term Mr CJ has been teaching us for 4 weeks so far and there are 3 more weeks to come, Mr CJ has been a pretty good job teaching us kids for the first few weeks of the term, but we haven’t really been listening to him but we are starting to grow fond of him.

This term we are doing topic inquiry social injustices events me Levi and Dennis are doing the attack on Parihaka, it is where over 1500 government troops invaded the small town in Taranaki. The leader of the small town of  Te Whiti and Tohu Kākahi and they were captured by the government troops and sent down to the south and they were imprisoned.

In week 7 we have an upcoming netball event against room 14 and my class have been training to beat room 14 but in all honesty I think we are going to lose, and a lot of people in my class thinks so to, but that is not going to stop us from doing our best and achieving our goal to beat room 14. – Cade Tk  


Wharemaire/Room 7 has 2 teachers, Mr.Kauone and student teacher Mr.CJ.

I have strived strongly ever since the start of this year and I have produced a number of tasks, responsibilities, assignments this year. I have achieved some goals throughout the term and a few of them are being more curious to find out answers to questions and problems. I aim to improve on my thinking and on my learning and academics. I played league for the school and we came 2nd out of 15 teams.

Our class have been practising our production dance for a couple of week’s and were all confident. The songs we are dancing to are Yellow claw – (Riverdale), Waka Waka, Yodeling remix, and In my Feelings

We did our school Fun Run and we dressed up as nerds. I did 6 fun laps with 14 fun obstacles like a water hose and water guns by Karl and Mrs.Kenworthy, throwing flour by Mrs.Ta’ala, Water hose by Mrs.Vaa, Muddy by mud, 30 second dancing, barrel rolling by Mr.Kauone, fitness, egg and spoon by Debbie, under the tarp by rm 1 teacher, Dodgeball by Mr.CJ and Mr.Thompson, desk crawl by Mrs.Norian, and monkey bars. I raised money and I’d like to thank all the people who sponsored for helping and supporting me. Christian and I worked and finished our Social Injustice topic; New Zealand Women’s Suffrage. We have no test’s this term as we are preparing for the end of year tests.

My Goals for next few weeks are Manage my time if there’s heaps of time left to do work, Be self-motivated and complete my work, Read more often, Be more curious to find out answers to questions and problems and I will also remember to Work Smart, Play Hard, and Love Life!  – Jedidiah

This term I have started a new rotation of Technocraft. I am now working in the workshop which is where we do woodwork we are making wooden chests to keep stuff in. The chest is built from scratch all we got on the first lesson were sheets of wood that we had to measure, cut and nail together.

From now to end of term we have Mr CJ as our teacher. We need to be able to cope with a new teacher and at the moment we are focusing on showing our new values. Once we are all showing these value we will be able to use our chromebooks to do other things than just to work.

At the moment we are working on using conventions correctly in our writing. We were shown how using them properly can change the whole meaning of the sentence. I think that it is pretty easy but I sometimes forget what the different punctuation marks are called. – Greg, Term 3

Term 3, This term at school has been excellent I have made good improvement with my reading and maths and I’m slightly improving in writing but I’m concerned about how I’m going to improve on it more so I’m going to use my Academic NLS/Goals (acidemic NLS/ Goals that we made at the start of the term to help improve our learning, the goal sheets are taped to our desks so It can remind us of them in the morning) and I hope that I improve in my writing.

We’ve just done the Fun Run and I forgot to bring a costume nor did I bring my PE shirt so I had to run in my uniform (The fun run is where we were we get sponsors that give you an amount of money for each lap you do, or they can just donate money to you.) I didn’t gain any money because I forgot about getting sponsors and I didn’t realize this until I did two laps around the track.

My goal this term is to have completed my learning and key competence goals but I’m mainly going to be focusing on my writing the most. Devaux