Wharemaire / Room 7: Term 4 Start Reflection Evaluation

Posted by Pio Semu Matiahi Kauone, 01 Nov 2018
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The End Is Near

So the term started a couple of weeks ago and it’s been alright so far, we’ve recently had our Reading and Writing test. For Reading, I scored a 4A which is pretty good but I could’ve done better but it is what it is. Next week or this week we’re going to do the Spelling and Maths test. I think I’m doing well with my key competencies but I still need to work hard on managing myself because I still get off task and get distracted and I still distract others, so I need to focus on them this term.

One personal goal I have is to be a beast at basketball and be able to dunk our hoops at school so that I can posterize other kids at school, then I want to learn good dribble moves like Kyrie Irving so that I can break peoples ankles.

This term is the last term for me at Wainuiomata Intermediate and I hope to make this the best term for not only me but the other people around me. Also, I have gained a lot of information and gotten smarter and I have to thank what all these teachers have done for me especially Mr. Kauone, he’s been able to put up with me for 1 and a half years and has pushed me to get the best out of me. I wouldn’t be where I am now without him.

This term has gone well so far and I hope to make sure it’s good for the rest of the year. After I leave I hope to remember the things these teachers have taught me and use them for good things. When I get to high school I want to make sure that I do well and get a good education. Another thing I’ve done late last term was a basketball tournament at the ASB arena where we competed and played our hardest, overall our team came 10th but I reckon we should’ve come higher. It was such an experience and it was so fun because we were able to face other people at different skill levels which was fun. – Christian

So this year has gone by so fast and is nearly over

I have learned a lot this year but I also want it to end. This term we are doing our summative tests and for Reading, I got a (5B). We’ve also completed the Writing test,  I’m excited about what I will get for Writing because I think I did good but I don’t know. But we haven’t finished testing. At the start of term 4, we did a whole bunch of revision of stuff we learned earlier this year, to help us prepare for our tests. I feel like I’ll do good.

This year we made goals, my academic goals are; Writing Vocabulary, Punctuation and Spelling and my Reading goals: Spell Correctly, Use grammatically correct structures and Make inferences. My Mathematics goals: Specific location using bearings or grid references, Explain the meaning of negative numbers and Interpret points/lines on the coord plane, incl scale/compass with maps. I think I have completed most of them. We have also been learning in Technocraft classes;  I have really enjoyed Digitech, we did coding, I also enjoyed Sewing because I got to make a lot of pillows. Now I’m in Music and there is a new music teacher, Mr. Ten Broeke, I look forward to Music because we learned about the keyboard and the drums. Even though I have loved this year I am really looking forward to next year too. – Dylan


I have heaps of goals but I’m going to acknowledge the ones that stand out for me so my Personal goals are to read more after school and I have achieved that and know more of my time’s tables and to work on my writing I think I have done well.

The Last Term! Well this year is coming to an end but I have more knowledge to take on with me for next year. This is because I know heaps from my goals, that means I know more and I can put my hand up with answers.

Test! I did a test my writing and maths went well. On the writing test, I think I did well and not so well on maths but I know what I need to work on for next year. We still got some more tests to do.

But I’ll nail them. Im really nervous doing tests because when they ask me a question I overheat and I just get frustrated >:)

This year:. Has been good I used to be in room 5 but I did not like it in there but then I moved in to room 7 Mr Kauone. I think I fit in this class I want to stay in this class 🙂 I have learnt heaps in this class – Lucy

So Close

It’s the last term for 2018. I’m so excited about all the things coming up like EOTC and the Polyfest that we are hosting in Week 6 this term. The first few weeks of this term have gone very fast and especially busy. We had our summative testing for Reading and Writing. For Reading, I got a 4A so I got to say I’m actually proud of myself. But for Writing, I’m sure I did a pretty good job as I double checked and edited everything. We will have our Math tests and also our Spelling test soon. My Key competencies Goals have improved over these past terms. I participate and contribute in class discussion and I also listen to people when they’re talking and I make sure I get what they are saying. My personal goals, well I haven’t really been focused on it. I haven’t learned how to speak Spanish and an Afrikaans language. But my academics, I’ve made progress with my reading, writing, and maths.

This week we started our new Technocraft module. My new Tech class is Woodwork. I have always wanted to do it ever since the start of the year. It’s just I wanted to make something like the chest they always make. So far, it’s pretty fun. We wrote a line on the wood and we used sandpaper to erased it out. It was so fun. During the first few weeks of the term, we have had two cultural language week. Niue and Tokelau. For the Tokelau slide, my class did ‘Facts about Tokelau’ I did Salutations. Like “malo ni” which is how Tokelauans say hello and then “Tulou” which means e ’Excuse me” and so on. For the Niue language, my class did ‘Myths and Legends’. My myth was about Mataginifale and the Turtle. – Maliana

Week 3, Term 4

Introduction: As the end of the year comes closer we start a whole new adventure term 4. I think this is going to be my favorite term with lots of different EOTC trips planned throughout the last few weeks but these current weeks are going to be a bit stressful with all the end of year testing coming up.

Testing: I have just completed my Persuasive E- asttle Writing test about the statement “Sports Is More Important Than Music.” I 100% agree with that because Sports is much more beneficial not just for your physical wellbeing but also for your mental health. I am yet to complete my Reading, Geometry and Measurement, Basic facts, Maori as well as the Spelling test. My goal for all the tests except for Maori and Spelling(which are marked differently) is a high level 5 or even better beginner level 6.

Technocraft: Today I started my first ever session this year at Digitech, surprisingly it went pretty well as it is something which I’m not really interested in learning. We created a title page for our learning diary which we will be writing in each session and we did our first touch typing assessment of how fast we can touch type and our accuracy. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for me in Digi tech.

EOTC: This term we have a lot to look forward too after a couple of stressful weeks of testing. I’m most excited for Whakautes Big day out which happens to be on my birthday! Big Day Out is where you choose a group and completely organize your own “big day out”. We also have a year 8 formal I am so so sooo excited for formal as I know what to expect because Ashlee and I were waiters last year at the formal.

Conclusion: This terms gonna be great I can already tell with so much to look forward to; High school, Formal, Formal Dancing, Swimming the list goes on. We are so close to the end of the year and I’m confident in my scores for my summative testing. – Asharna 🙂


This term has been really busy with revising and testing. For revising we had to go over our Maths, Writing and Reading. So far we have done the Reading and Writing tests. In reading, I got a 4A which is an improvement for me compared to the start of the year when I got a 4P.  We have only just completed our Writing test today, so I don’t know my score yet. For Writing I feel that I’ve done pretty well for a year 7 and I think that I am working where I should be at even if I’m not I am confident that I am very close. On Wednesday the 31/10/18 we have the Maths test.

Last Term Term 4 so far has been very busy but that’s only because of testing, but after testing we will be settling down and starting to relax. I am excited for next week because Mr. Kauone said that he will be choosing new Year 8 Student Councillors for 2019 and I am hoping to be a student councilor or even a backup Student Council would be great.

EOTC This term we have EOTC coming up and I reckon that it is going to be really fun for everyone including myself. EOTC stands for Education Outside The Classroom. I don’t know yet what exactly we are doing for EOTC but whatever we do, it will be enjoyable and exciting. – April

First Half Of My Last Term

This is the last term for me at Wainuiomata Intermediate, a lot of exciting things are going to happen like,🎉 Formal, E.O.T.C., and Polyfest. Well, these are just three things I am looking forward to the most.😃 But until these things have happened I am writing about my Summative testing/academics and my last term in Room 7. Firstly, my Summative Testing/Academics, so far myself and my class have done two tests; Reading and Writing. Overall in my tests, I have done my best. My Reading result is a 4A 🙌 I am proud of myself because this is my highest score in Reading yet. Although I would have liked to have gotten a 5B. I am yet to find out my Writing results because we have only completed the test today.

Secondly, how my last term is going in Room 7, Overall this term has been fine so far, nothing exciting has happened yet.👌 That is mostly why I’m excited for the end of the term because at the end of the term there is the YEAR 8 FORMAL!💃 I am over the moon for this year formal because I can finally attend it! It’s for Year 8’s only. Overall I am proud of where I am now, and I can’t wait for the end of the term. A lot of new, special, and exciting things are going to happen.✨ – Jade

Term 4 has started and I think this is gonna be one of the funniest terms, why? Because we do all our testing which is the bad part but I’m also kinda nervous to do them because apparently, it determines what class we are in for high school 😕 but after that, we don’t really have that same amount of work to do, we get to go on out EOTC trips, and also year 8 formal!!!!!

Tests that we have done so far was the Writing test we have done that this morning also the class has done the Reading test but I haven’t done it yet as I was away. The tests we haven’t done yet is the Maths and Spelling test, I feel like I’m gonna do good compared from the start of the year as I’ve learned a lot more from the beginning of the year. My goal for this term is to do my best in all of my tests and achieve the best I’m capable of.

Today we have just started a new tech, I was in woodwork and now I’m in art, woodwork was actually kinda fun well at the started I wasn’t really settled in but after a few weeks being in there i achieved quite a lot such as I made a chest and also made a carving at first I like sucked at carving but as I got into it I made an alright carving, anyways now I’m in art and it was our first session today we made collages and once we complete them we have to pick someone famous and we are gonna make a carving and put it on our carving or something like that. 👍 – Shania

Term 4 has just began….

That means, summative tests also start! I am very excited to get my tests out of the way and see the end results! So far we have done two tests, Reading and Writing. I think I have done well in both tests when we did our mid-year tests, I got a 4P for reading and now I’m at 4A. We haven’t gotten our writing results back yet, but I’m confident I’ll go up at least a level 🙂 For the next few days, we will be doing our maths geo and measurements, Spelling, Basic facts, and Te Reo Maori tests.

Our end of year activities, such as EOTC, formal and area trips. For one, EOTC, I am very excited for our area, what we do is we get into groups and we plan a day out. One of the students in your group will have a parent that will be taking us for supervision and transport. We could choose to go anywhere, such as the movies, junglerama … Anywhere, and that’s the best part. Something else that I’m looking forward to is our year 8 formal! last year I was a waitress at the year 8 formal and it looked like a lot of fun so I’m super excited to have that experience this year!

My goals for this term…One of my goals for this term was to get better grades in my summative tests (that has been my goal since the start of the year) I am really confident that I will achieve this goal because I did get better marks in my reading test ! this goal that I will be talking about kinda links to my last one. It is to fill in the gaps in my learning, such as the stuff that I don’t know how to do, or I’m not the best at. One of the things I need to improve on is to make my writing make sense ( use grammatically correct structures) In conclusion, I am confident about the upcoming tests and am excited to see the end results!  -Ashlee  

Reflective Evaluation Term 4 2018: (start of term 4 reflection)

After 3 full terms of hard work, term 4 is the time to review what we learned the past 3 terms, to be prepared for our end of year tests. My test results will be sent to college to show all my progress and how I develop my learning skills. I can’t believe we’re actually at this point of the year. This year for me was successful at times but it was also unsuccessful as well. This year has gone so fast.

My academics –  In the Reading test I got a 4B, Writing was kind of unsuccessful, areas I’ve improved in are my Ideas, using more Vocabulary and Punctuation.  I used the skills and strategies I learned in our Whakaute number workshops to answer the maths test questions. Although this term has already kicked off, I’m happy with what I’ve got in my tests so far. I think I’ve done better than last terms progress.

My Key Competencies have raised up in preparation for high school and whatever I do in or out of school. I have achieved my Reading goals, which were to read more often at home and in my spare time, I also achieved the Key Competencies, improving my academics and learning new things, I got 4B for Reading and on my way to gaining heaps more new knowledge by the end of this term.

I can’t wait for the next few weeks of EOTC, It will be very exciting and fun. We get to connect with other students from other classes and plan a trip to a fun place. There’s also JAFFA day which will be fun and slippery. Next year will be exciting as well but I think it will be a bit harder. Rugby will be one of the main things I want to aim for next year in college. I am looking forward to the Christmas Holiday and going to Samoa at the end of this year. It might be harder than I thought I will always… ” Work Smart, Play Hard, Love Life!”  – Jedidiah


Reading we had a test the other day and I got a 4P which is where a year 7 is meant to be so I’m happy with that. For Writing we also had a test, I think I did well. I wrote a whole page which was amazing. I remembered to do punctuation and paragraphing. For Maths we have been getting ready for the test so we have been revising all past Maths lessons.

Goals – I have got a lot better at my goals, especially my Reading and Writing goals. I have completed one of my Reading goals and that was to go up a reading level, I was 3P but now I am 4P. That’s 3 sub levels 2 more than I planned to go up. It Is the last term, next year I will be a year 8 so I can’t wait for that.

Technocraft – We are in a new Technocraft we were In sewing but now we are in music with Mr. Ten Brooke. It was our first lesson today and I learned all parts of the drum there is the sneer, hi-hat, and symbol. We are learning to use the keyboard so we can play songs. Also, we are using the guitar. – Jayden

Nearly There

We are in the first half of the last term for this year. All the work that I have put into Reading, Writing, Maths and Te Reo Maori is going to be put to the test. So far I have completed the e-asttle Reading test and the on paper Writing test. I am happy with my result from my reading test but not happy with my writing. During the writing test, I couldn’t think of anything. I couldn’t think of which side to pick, what statements could back up my side and my handwriting was shocking.

This term, I have been picked to be part of the Ignite program. I have been hoping to be in this program for the two years that I have been at this school and finally, I have my chance. On the first session that I had, we talked and introduced ourselves and then we started to play some indoor games like ping pong, football and their own version of the price is right. At about two thirds through the day, we drove out to a park and played some games on the grass, then we moved to the basketball courts and had even more games.

I am looking forward to going to high school so that I can do more advanced learning. I am going to Wainuiomata High School, I know most of the year eights going there and I know some of the year nines. – Greg


This term got off to a hard start, we have done testing all term and its term 4 for crying out loud. I did good in my tests so far and I hope to do good in my last tests. In my Reading test, I got 4B and that’s is really good for me. In my Writing test I did great I think but that is what the teacher thinks. In Math I’m doing horrible I think we did a mock test and I did bad This term is off to a hard In class, work has been easy it’s not the the worst but not the best I have done quite well in my work I need to work on maths and if I can my spelling because I’m not that good a that lol…We have done all but one of the tests left and that is spelling I did my geo math test today in the morning. – Charlie

Nearly There!

Last Term!
I’m excited about being a year 8 next year because I get to be the role model for the year 7 next year but at the same time, I’m a bit on edge about the new year 7’s.  I would like to be a backup student counselor but that means I have to prove that I would be a decent backup student counselor! But on the bright side this term has so far gone well and I would like to keep it like that for the rest of this year.
My goals!
I have completed my key competencies throughout the year and my academic goals throughout term 3 and also throughout half of term 4. I have also completed my personal goals because I have been joining in more sport and participating more.
Reading test

I got a 4P which I have done better last time with a 4B but I’m still proud I know I’m on the right track for a year 7 but I do know I could have done better. It’s not the end of the world I know that next year I will Improve in all curriculum areas. We have a maths and a spelling test coming up and I have also done a persuasive writing test about, “Music is more important than sport!” I supported both sides because I like both sports and music they are both fun.
For Tech term 4 my technocraft group, 7c we have just finished our music tech. In woodwork, the first day is on 30th of November I’m so excited to go back because I enjoy learning new things. – Kayla


For the last three weeks of term 4 we have been engaging more on revising work in preparation for testing on week 3. My goals so far for my academics have been really good. I know that I was more focused on my work which is really good for me. My personal goals I haven’t really been focused on the “learning different language” part but I did more on “learning how to play different instruments” because I was in music for Technocraft and learnt to play all different kinds of instruments.

My Key Competencies that I was focused on; managing myself, participating & contributing, I think I’ve achieved because in P.E I have been asking for the ball more and in class, I’ve been taking my work home that I haven’t finished and been working on it in my free time.

EOTC: The past EOTC days have been really fun and exciting because you get you to be free, hang out with friends and have a great day with the school. EOTC week is a week for the students to plan and have fun. You get to plan your own day out of school but you have to pay with your own money. I like EOTC because I get to hang out with my friends out of school and able to be free.

Technocraft: This week (week 3) My technocraft  group 7C had started on woodwork. On the first day of woodwork we learnt about the safety rules, tools we will be needing to work with, and the expectations we had to meet with. Woodwork, I think I will really like because sometimes at my mum’s house I would make things that involved woodwork. – Tameka

YAY!! It’s the last term of 2018. Then we’ll have a six week holiday where I can sit back and play some games instead of going to my Nans for most of it.  Goals – I’m doing good with my goals. I got a 4A for Reading which for the old national standards it would be above which isn’t really a surprise for me since I’ve always been good with reading. I don’t know yet what I got for my writing but I hope I did ok.

Last term 2018 – It’s the last term of 2018 but I think I’ll see some of the year 8s every now and again and I’ll see a few of them when I go to high school I don’t think I’ll miss any of them though. It’s been fun this year as a year seven but it can be very annoying.

Technocraft – I finished sewing I made about six pillows and one wallet. Sewing was a lot of fun at first I was really bad at it but I got better as I moved along my sewing job got better and better as I went. If I could do any tech again it would be sewing and cooking. I did my first session in music it was alright for music we learned a bit of keyboard a tiny bit of drums and major and minor notes on the keyboard it was pretty fun.

Academics – For term 4 its test right at the start, we’ve already done the Reading, Te reo Maori, the Writing, Maths, and Basic facts test. The basic facts test in stage six but working at stage seven the Maths I got 3A my overall score on the Te reo is 24.   In the end a term is a term and it will be the same as any other term if it goes down in flames so be it. – Cole



This term i have been doing really good, like the other terms. At the start of the term, we were starting to get ready for our testing. The tests were ok, some of them were a little bit harder than i expected but i got through and got some good marks. I’ve been doing my best with doing my work. Although, i haven’t been going to school as often as i used too So that means i miss out on doing my work and that means i have to catch up to everyone while they’re doing more of their work.i miss my technocraft and that’s something i don’t want to miss because i think technocraft is fun and it’s a way to spend time with my best friends on rainy days or something else. – Te Awa

Last Term!

Academics: This term we have our summative testing. So far we have done our Writing and Reading test. For Reading, I got a 4A and for Writing, I expect to get near a 4B or higher. I’m really anxious about my scores because I really don’t want to get low scores. I’m pretty confident with my maths test because maths is my strongest subject. Personally, I think spelling is one of my worst curriculum gaps, so I think I’ll get around national standards.

Last Term 2018: This is my last term as a year 7. Next year I’m going to have to step up and be a role model for new year 7’s. I’m really looking forward to the next year. The new year 7’s coming is exciting because I’m gonna be a year 8. The most exciting thing about being a year 8 to me is the formal at the end of the year. I really want to be a waitress this year for the year 8’s formal to see what it will be like for me next year so I have a rough idea.

2018 Goals: I have completed my Key Competencies goals throughout the year. I have completed my academics goals, I know that I have definitely achieved my personal goals around the end of term 2 or early term 3.

Technocraft: For Technocraft, I began in woodwork, surprisingly it’s not that bad I had a fear that I would hurt myself. At first, when we used the hammers I was really scared of hurting my finger or missing the nail and hitting my finger instead. Also when we were using the saws I found it really hard to saw through the timber. Arimawha

Start of Term blog

So far this year has gone a long way and I have made a lot of progress throughout these 4 terms. I am not so excited about leaving this school because, it’s not only the teachers and friends that I’ll miss, but it’s just that I’m not too sure about all the bigger students at High school, which will make things harder like playing basketball with taller teenagers not my size. It’s going to be hard not being in one class for the whole year because in high school we don’t stay just in one class throughout all the terms.

Since this is my last term at intermediate, I really want to make the most of being 12. For topic inquiry, me and my friend\student Jedidiah in my classroom have been working on researching about illegal dumping. We are currently trying to find information and answering these questions and solving our problem (not for real, just as examples) around our community and nation. Why do people do this, who would clean it, what is the effect on our nature and environment from our personal local and our country’s cultures? – Dennis

Term 4 – So far term 4 has not gone so well I get really annoying. My tests went well I like reading more than writing. For my writing test I was able to write a few paragraphs – So that was petty amazing (for me). I don’t think I improved much this year because I hate writing. Reading – My reading test result was a 4A. I guess that’s ok. I felt I was focused and tried hard.  – Ryan, Room 7 2k18

Term 4 Reflection Evaluation 2018

Hi again today I am writing about my term 4 reflection evaluation 2018. Here is how it starts!!.

Last Term- So this is the last term of 2018 (YAY!).I did a writing test today.When I did my Maths test yesterday I got a 3P , for my Geo/Mea test I got a 3P and for my Basic Facts test I am working at Stage 4.I hope I do good with the spelling test. Ever since I had that meeting with my mum , levi ( My Brother ) , Mr Kauone and Mr Cj , the meeting that we had actually put some sense into me. Mr. Kauone told me to be a leader and not follow Mereana.

Technocraft- Tuesday was the first day that 7C was in woodwork. In woodwork 7C learnt all about the different tools in woodwork.We learnt how to use the tools and I like woodwork because I like to make things out of wood.Thursday was fun because we learnt how to use this sort of saw (I forgot what it was called) , we had to cut out a circle and see who can make the best circle.After that we did the nail challenge , in my team I had Brodie , Montelle and me (Leincohne) but we had help from Elias.

My Goals for 2018 are : Key Competencies/Social Goals: Managing self, Participating and Contributing. Personal Goals: Ask for help, Get along with other people in my class/school. Academic NLS/Goals : Reading: Knowledge of vocabulary, Punctuation, Find, select and retrieve information, Identify word classes, Consistently read for meaning. Writing : Structure, Sentence, Ideas. Maths: Perform Calculations with time including 24 – hour clock: (1:13,1:15,2:7), Explain meaning of digits in numbers up to 3 decimal places,
Know about perimeter/ area/volume. – Leincohne Smith Room 7