Ki-O-Rahi with special visitors!

Posted by Isaac Hayes, 29 Mar 2017
Posted in: Classroom 10

Today our class (room 16) got the privilege of having some exchange students from Wainuiomata high school over to play a heated game of ki-o-rahi. This was such an honour as a class because we got to show them how to play a well known kiwi sport that gave them a real taste of NZ. It also gave us a bit more practice for tomorrow as they were great learners and since we have the finals for interclass ki-o-rahi tomorrow.
To start off we explained to them the key roles/things to do in the game and how to play. Some of the students looked very perplexed at the start however got over that stage quickly and started very successfully. In the start I noticed that the a few of the boys were insanely quick ,while the girls were astonishingly good at catching and throwing the ball. These skills were summed up as one of their guardians added to the conversation that a majority of them played various sports and made it into many superior teams.In the end of the first half they scored a numerous amount of tries/points and gave some of our top players a great run around.
In the second half of the game I felt that the exchange students were playing exceptional and produced all of the values that we feature in our school. Even though some of them were still a bit confused they still participated and showed quite a bit of rigour and resilience. One of the strengths that they had was teamwork because they all worked together and there wasn’t a visual hero. Whilst it was there very first game I believe that they definitely were champions and bet us at our own strength.
In my opinion I believe the day went well and it was a great privilege (as I mentioned before) to have been picked as a class to introduce these fellow students to a classic NZ game, I know that I enjoyed it and hopefully they did as well. Finally I want to thank those pupils for playing with us, hopefully they take that experience and share with their friends.

By Brooke Ruawai