Room 10’s Writing – Have a read.

Posted by Isaac Hayes, 17 Jul 2017
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This is a persuasive piece of writing written by Lucy Aplin.

Why Wainuiomata Intermediate is just as good as any other intermediate in NZ?

These days when you’re walking down the street all the kids ever talk about is Wainuiomata Intermediate. Wainuiomata intermediate is just as good as your school. Nothing more, nothing less. Everyone says that Wainuiomata is a “poor uneducated, low decile school that no one should go to”. However, that is hocus pocus information and I will state the following reasons why.

Firstly, does your school have a gym? Well Wainuiomata Intermediate most certainly has one. At the start of the year I hated playing sports, until I went into the gym. The gym provides us with a dry, clean space to play sport and exercise when it is cold and wet outside. I enjoy sport now as it is a way to exercise and at WIS we have a space to enjoy it. You would highly struggle to find another intermediate in the World with a Gym!

Have you ever had a fantastic teacher that pushes you until you can be pushed no more? Well Wainuiomata Intermediate has great teachers just like that! Many of our teachers come from long distances just to teach us students! Now that’s commitment. The teachers are awesome because they help us and they plan all our lessons. (There are much more, however we would be here for centuries.) Our teachers put in the extra hours and effort to teach us enjoyable lessons that keeps everyone engaged and on task.

Many people would agree that we have the oldest classrooms in the world! Well as a matter of fact Wainuiomata Intermediate has just built a brand new learning environment for Area 2 to work in. It is a free flowing classroom where us students can connect with other teachers and students. The area is new and improved and has the newest  colourful furniture. In 2020 the next stage/classrooms will start to be built. The school will be fully modern by the time all of the classrooms have been successfully built. Our school has gone from old cold classrooms to soon to be new and improved warm learning areas!

Lastly, on Tuesdays and Thursdays we have technocraft. Technocraft is when we go to the tech rooms and make stuff such as handicrafts, woodwork and other great goods. Technocraft gives us a chance to improve on things that we don’t do in the average classroom. Technocrafts include: Sewing, Music, Woodwork, Digitech, Art and my favourite cooking!

That is why you should come to Wainuiomata Intermediate. It is a modern, crime free, loving school with many great opportunities. If you think WIS is a low decile school with grubby students that have bad attitudes and behaviours than come to our school, see what our school is made of. Although Wainuiomata Intermediate has a bad reputation, that doesn’t mean you can’t strive to achieve great things at Wainuiomata intermediate!

By Lucy Aplin Rm 10