Production Student Thoughts

Posted by Margaret Ta'ala, 01 Dec 2016
Posted in: Classroom 8

The students and I are so very proud of the effort and results that were achieved at the cultural concert on Tuesday.  Below are some of their memories and thoughts.



Tiaki Nager Ropitini–

Walking on the stage

Acting like a Warrior

Lights blinding me


Heremaia Orupe

Waiting in the room

Butterflies in my stomach

Now it’s time to shine


Malachai Tu

Bout to walk on stage

Lights on me like I’m a star

Looking pretty slick



Tayla Maree Puha Smith

Treading carefully towards the stage worried if my skirt or top  will drop off.  Thinking in my head “be loud”. “Be loud”. I start to contemplate in my head that I won’t be loud. So I just relaxed.  My voice comes out freely.

Noah Palelei

Venturing to center stage, microphone in one hand, patu in the other. Lights shining upon me. Chest stuck out, breathing deeply. Cameras flashing upon my flesh, recording the glory about to unfold. I inhale. Profoundly I start to expound.

Mikayla Barnett

With anticipation I waited behind our huge mountain scene, anxious for our cue. The time had arrived for the Taniwha heads to appear. Through the bright lights I noticed with embarrassment, the huge audience.  I was very fearful because there were so many people.  I thought I was going to make a mistake during Room 6’s production, but I didn’t.


Justino Mariri-Haturini

When the dark curtains closed fear and excitement overwhelmed me . Crowds whispering and parents thrilled to see their kids up on the stage . Noah came up to do his speech and that signaled it was show time . I crouched behind the surprisingly oppressive mountain . Once the warriors said there lines the curtains opened . Tiaki battled Mako Rua and the silhouette told the story on the presentation . The music played and all of a sudden all the fear I had gotten rid of came rushing back . I stood up and instantly my eyes locked on to my family . That gave me confidence and I did it . I was so proud of my class and myself even though I was only on for a minute .

Carson Stapp-Davis

At last it’s time to show what Room 6 is made of and also prove that Room 6 is the bomb! Then we quietly creep onto stage while Noah is talking to the audience. Accalia and Zain bring out the mountain and dragon heads.   We become one humongous extraordinary fire breathing dragon that shall be feared by anyone who tries to slay me, except Tiaki the great warrior who is fearful of nothing .

As the curtains open I feel like my heart is running a thousand miles an hour.  My legs start to ache it’s like they’re about to break.  Luckily it was time to shine, like a light bulb turning on.   I get crushed, defeated, like a piece of paper that just got turned into a ball.  My eyes goes in the sky, turning into stars a magnificent star that shall live for ever.

Luka Sefo-Pfeifer

Walking from the computer room to the hall, nerves rushing through my body scared out of my mind feel like I’m going to be sick. Standing on stage waiting for the curtains to open. They open and we started singing and moving to our assigned spots for the sasa.  After a while I get used to the crowd than I start being more enthusiastic with my actions.  It came to the boys dance and unfortunately the music stopped, so we froze.   The song just cut to the end and so we finish it off.  From there we waited for our cue to come in and surprise everyone.  While we were waiting we partnered up and chose who we were going to get from the crowd. To dance up front.  After we chose the people we came rushing out “chu hu”.  We grabbed all the people we wanted to.  A few people didn’t want to come up so that was a muck up  but we had a lot of people up front.  We finish off the rest the dance and continued the rest of pasifika.  Overall it was a great start off to the night.

Descriptive Report


Lily May Owen

Production Night

Strolling over to the the hall my heart pounding. I was Nervous but excited at the same time. The sound of Pasifika stomping of stage. The lights flashed and the curtains sealed my stomach started to curve it was our turn.

“Let’s Go Room 6”.

We shuffle up to the stairs and we received the massive grey mountain. We went up and hid behind it. They brought the dragon heads and eyes to us I thought to myself will this be our time to shine?

The warrior’s paused… The curtains opened. Zain and Accalia brought out the ocean Annalise and Georgia brought out the 2-headed shark. Tiaki stood strong and started to fight off the giant 2-headed monster. Within seconds the shark was split into two so there was no longer a two headed shark.

The music changed it’s tune… And the following thunder had just struck Molly raised with her dragon head now it was my turn up I stood and saw all of the people all looking in amazement. The warriors started their dance it was amazing. They started to fight off us dragons and we gave them the eyes they twirled off and the curtains sealed again.

I felt so happy and proud of myself, but I was mostly proud of room 6 for all their hard work and effort that they had put into this production so.Congratulation’s room 6!!!