Haepapa Trip

Posted by Isaac Hayes, 28 Sep 2017
Posted in: Area 2, Classroom 10

Haepapa Trip


Kia ora Everyone. On Wednesday, the 27th of September, our Area (Haepapa ) went on an educational trip out into Wellington. We went to various places in the city, all being very fun and entertaining. I had the privilege of going on this trip as well and I personally believe that this was the perfect chance and opportunity to learn about our nation’s history and identity.

We split into 2 groups, 1 group going to Te Papa first , and the other going to the City & Sea Museum first. Once we had finished at both the stations, the groups would switch places and go to the station they haven’t been to.  At Te Papa, we looked at many facts and historic events that occurred in our country, however the best part was the war exhibition. The City & Sea museum was more focused on disasters and shocking events that thrilled the nation.

According to the reactions of the students, I could tell that it was a great day. We then ended our trip at the film archives where we watched and learned how our country’s identity has developed and changed overtime. We also identified some main points and events in our nation’s history. Although this trip was exciting and mind blowing, it was also very beneficial for our inquiry learning as we are focusing on National challenges.


We represented our school well and we got the most out of it, we gained a large amount of knowledge which will help us enhance our understanding of our country’s identity and history. A huge thank you to all the staff and parent helpers for organising this trip for us and for taking time out of there lives to make this trip a reality.

Waaka Poutu