Welcome to Room 9

Posted by Mereana Brown, 26 Sep 2016
Posted in: Area 2, Classroom 11

Welcome to Room 9 2016. Our class is made up of 24 amazing students of varying ability and talents. In addition we have 2 teachers; Mrs Narayan and Miss Stevens, our student teacher, who both push us and want us to be the best we can be.
Together with the teachers we have established our 5 key values for the year, which are: Caring, Contribute, Collaborate, Courtesy, Courage. Our teachers do not believe in punishment and we are always encouraged to apply the 4C’s for success in the 21st century, which is to Collaborate, Communicate, be Creative, and apply Critical Thinking. We are very good at applying the 3R’s of our school.
This year our class has had many great achievements that we are so proud of. We have recently won the Mathletics trophy, we have many of our students in Mathematics, English, and Science extension classes, and finally our e-portfolios that we share with our parents and display all our learning and lesson reflections.
Our Class Leaders are:

Student councillors- Sonia G, Jerry Z

Sports councillors- Saxon H, Shivjesh N

Librarians- Lydia M, Phenyx P, Pitama T, Rachel T

I.T Monitors- Kieren K, Amish S

Lunch Monitors- Lydia M,  Phenyx P
By Sonia and Jerry