Posted by Mereana Brown, 27 Sep 2017
Posted in: Classroom 15

This term we have been investigating political party’s solutions to National Challenges that were linked to our Inquiries. This helped us to understand different political party’s positions on issues and even made some of us try to convince others (including our own families) to firstly, VOTE and secondly, to VOTE for the party we believed would be the best to lead our country.

in our Literacy lessons we learnt about the voting system and enrolled to vote in preparation for our upcoming Pukumahi elections.

Across our Area we then had a number Leaders Debate on a number of topics such as Education, Health, Housing and the Environment. We then went on to having formal Group Debates in front of a live audience (our Pukumahi area) – It was very exciting and intense to say the least!

Votes were made at our polling booth stations and the results were very interesting…..