Dream Big!… The Movie!

Posted by Mereana Brown, 18 Aug 2017
Posted in: Classroom 15

This movie transformed how we think about engineering. From the Great Wall of China and the world’s tallest buildings, to underwater robots, solar cars and smart, sustainable cities, Dream Big celebrates the human ingenuity behind engineering marvels big and small, and reveals the heart that drives engineers to create better lives for people around the world.

Rm 15 Movie Reviews:

” I really liked how they constructed bridges for villagers in Haiti and it made me think about career choices in designing and creating things to help others. I would recommend this movie to people who enjoy history, testing, experimenting and building things in our world.”
– Rebecca Sa’u

“I really didn’t know that so many things are tested before they are made. I now know how robots help us to test and create better machines to help us everyday.”
– Simati Leala

“I enjoyed the part about creating and testing houses so that they can handle earthquakes better. It was really cool to see whole building being tested and engineers working to solve problems around it. I think it is a good movie for people who are interested in engineering and solving problems.”
– Riley Gardner

“It was entertaining and I learnt heaps about THINKING BIG because if you have an idea it can be turned into reality, just like the Great Wall of China!”
– Tawera Waikato-Sakalia

“The robotics competition was awesome to watch, especially because of the unknown school that had no money beat the top rich school. This meant they had to work harder with less stuff to use and were able to solve the problem better and win the competition… I think all our schools should have a robotics class so that we can create things to solve problems and maybe change the world like the people in the movie.”
– Charlie Smith-Patterson