Matariki Fashion Show Ready!

Posted by Dahlia Malaeulu, 30 Jun 2017
Posted in: Classroom 15

Matariki is a special time of year for us all and we have been preparing for Matariki through a number of activities:

First we have our Tukutuku Manu. We learnt that a Tukutuku Manu are traditional Maori kites and have a really important meaning in Maori culture, especially around the time of Matariki where they were seen flying in the skies. They were seen as connectors between heaven and earth, they carried messages and the traditional ones were big enough to carry a whole person!

Our class also designed and created Tukutuku Panels in Maths, where we made patterns and identified different algebraic rules for different sequences. We discovered that some of our tukutuku panels already had traditional names like Poutama and Te Kahui Tamariki.

Finally our class created three Nga Kakahu and have given them the name: ‘Te wā o mua, Te wā nei,Te wā a muri’, meaning – Past, Present, Future.

The first Nga Kakahu, ‘Te wā o mua – the past, has been weaved to show Papatuanuku, the Earth Mother and Ranginui, the Sky Father and the story of creation. This represents the importance of remembering our history, where we have all come from and remembering those who have passed away. This is also the longest of our Nga Kakahu, representing how huge our personal, whanau and cultural history is.

The second Nga Kakahu, Te wā nei, has been weaved to show, today – the present day and the importance of whanau and relationships. We believe that whanau and relationships are so important to help everyone grow through aroha and tautoko. This is also mid-length,representing the whanau being at the centre or middle of our world.

This leads us to our third Nga Kakahu, Te wā a muri’, which represents the future which we believe is us – tamariki. This is why our weaving shows patterns that represent all the tamariki because we are the leaders of tomorrow and it is up to us to make the future brighter and better for the next generation. This is also the shortest of our Nga Kakahu, representing our youth and the growing knowledge of tamariki.

We chose the colours blue and green for our Nga Kakahu, to represent our world around us: The green represents whenua, the land and the blue represents Rangi, the sky.


Noreira, Tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa.