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Posted by Semu Kauone, 24 Sep 2016
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Work Hard, Play Hard – Love Life!

Kia ora, welcome, if you ever want to jump on-board Room 14’s waka be prepared and know that in our class we put our heads down, work hard and we also like to have a good laugh, it’s just our way of communicating and not being nervous or afraid to open our mouth and speak up.

Our class is a funny class but a good learning class too, our teacher is straight up and tells us the truth, where we’re really at with our work, so we are not being lied to and so we can fix things and make our learning and achievement better.
Academics is what we mainly focus on in Room 14. Our class motto is “Work hard, Play hard, Love life!” What it means is if we remain focused and work hard on our learning, we will achieve our learning goals and therefore our reward is to have fun and play hard, and ultimately we are able to live and love our lives! We apply this motto because it represents us Room 14 people really well.
In Room 14 we don’t use the word ‘try’ because we either do it or we don’t but there’s no, try.

We have a chain above our whiteboard as a symbol of our link with one another. We are all only as strong as our weakest link, so the more we put into encouraging and supporting each other to grow individually and as a class, the stronger we all become. The chain represents each of us and our personalities, we use the chain to remind ourselves to help each other out.
We all treat each other like a family. We respect each other but also joke around like there’s no tomorrow.
Mr Kauone is really humorous and he gives us 1 to 1 conversations about our learning like our Reading, Writing and Maths, etc, how well we’re succeeding, what we need to do better to improve and our next learning step/s.
Our class have student leaders; Student Councillors, Sports Councillors, Librarians, Lunch Monitors, P.E Monitors and more. Our Student Councillors are Seti, Sophie and Ceara; Sports Councillors are Ezekiel and Darian; Librarians are Pulu, Dallon and Kelso; Lunch Monitors are Seti and Darian and our P.E. (physical education) Monitors are Omarion and Jessica.
Our class is fun, inviting and has many different ways to improve our learning and social skills. To finish off we have a great teacher to rely on.

Personal Perspectives:

Maia – We treat each other as a family and support each other through tough times. We help each other when we need it. As well as working hard we like to joke around and laugh at each others jokes.
Paris – Room 14 is a hard working class we communicate with good behaviour and treat each other like family.
Renee – My personal opinion of Room 14 is that it is very humorous and has a very positive vibe, but as well as being humorous, Room 14 is also very hard working.
Dallon – We all like to have a laugh in class especially at the end of the day, and we enjoy each other’s jokes. we’re positive and a bright class!
Omarion – Our class has a lot of different nationalities which is very fun because we get to experience each type of person we are. In the classroom, we may argue and have a few problems but it doesn’t mean we can’t have a laugh with each other. I have been very well taught by my teacher Mr. Kauone, he isn’t afraid to be straight up with us which is very thoughtful of him because it actually means that he cares a lot about our learning in his class. He tells us jokes and stories about his past when he was little or his past years of teaching here at Wainuiomata Intermediate, and we all just laugh, this is how caring and considerate Mr. Kauone is. On Monday he always give us shared lessons and on other days he gives us guided lessons that are related to our topic inquiry. All of his classroom lessons are very well spent, even though we do something wrong or feel like we’re left out on something he doesn’t hesitate to pick us up and let us join in the fun.
Seti – This class has help me a lot with all my subjects especially my Reading and Writing , my topic studies went from like B- to A+. my grades have zoomed up fast. I’ve never seen them better.
Rina – I have improved in all my subjects especially Reading because the FUA reading strategies gets me to think differently about what I read and I understand better what I have read. In Maths I’ve improved heaps including Basic Facts I went from Stage 6 to stage 7.
Renee, I think I’ve learnt a lot throughout the year considering Mr Kauone is the kind of teacher I’ve wanted since I was 5 years old. I’ve learnt a lot more about basic facts, writing, reading etc and I think I’m a lot more confident than I was when I first came into Room 14.
Omarion –  Over the year I have gained a lot of knowledge and have gained all sorts of things I didn’t know about. In Reading, I’m using more evidence to back up my answers by using multiple Reading strategies and the Success Criteria. In Writing, I’m able to use other strategies to hook in my readers/audience. In Maths, I have gained more knowledge of what I didn’t know, like, Geometry, Fractions, Algebra, etc

Seti – Another class quote that we work by is; ‘I’m in an education for myself but I’m not by myself’ meaning when you’re in Room 14 you can never be afraid to ask for help.

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Room 14 Students 2016 : )