Welcome to Room 5

Posted by Mereana Brown, 26 Sep 2016
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Hi There! Welcome to Room 5!
You should meet our teacher, Mr Wallace, he has a great sense of humor, he is also a good teacher. When some students are having trouble with our work he will assist us in a way where he is not giving us the answer but pushing us to find out the solution, oh, and he plays the ukulele.


Our class treaty is a set of rules and guidelines to help us to achieve our goals

The guidelines are:

|Focussed behavior|




Class Roles:

These people play important roles to shape our class to substantial standards:

Student Councillors – Aleisha.T & Honey.M

Sports Councillors – Olivia.M & Honey.M

Librarians – Ryan. S, Jahkaya. T, Phoinix. G & Aleisha. T

ICT Monitor – Ryan. S

Lunch Monitors – Honey. M & Aleisha. T

Our Class
We believe our class is a quality learning environment because we learn so much and some may say we are not good at sports but we make up for that with academics and that is not a bad thing as we always strive for excellence.
Personal opinions
Ryan’s opinion: “I think our class is great”

Aleisha’s opinion: “Our class is very energetic and enthusiastic”

Leaders in Room 5

Leaders in Room 5

By Aleisha & Ryan