Welcome to Room 8

Posted by Mereana Brown, 26 Sep 2016
Posted in: Area 3, Classroom 7

In Room 8 we strive for success and try our best to achieve set goals. We all encourage each other to be the best we can be and the only way we believe this’ll work is if we work as a team. Our teacher encourages us to work independently so that she feels completely comfortable with us collaborating with others in the outside world. We form class rules that everybody promises to live and learn by, which to us makes a very positive classroom environment to learn in. We participate in sports and as an active team (family) we play with a positive mindset and good sportsmanship.
Our teacher Mrs Rodgers always supports all of us. She has encourages us to do our best and is always smiling and kind but has clear guidelines for us. Our teacher is the most inspiring lady ever!
Our Class values-
-Positive thinking.

-Being honest and trustworthy.

-Speaking up.

-Thinking outside the box.

-Taking responsibility of our actions and learning.

-Using our manners within the class and a few more

Working together as a family.

Working together as a family.

Student roles/responsibilities:
-Student councillors – Kylee and Shawnee.

-Sports councillors – Tuhoe and Samson.

-Librarians – Emily, Micaiah, and Alexis.

-ICT monitors – Emily and Shawnee.

-Lunch/breakfasts monitors – Jaia and Kaleb

By Trazel & Amy-Jean