Sports Academy Profile: Katie Fifield

Posted by Chris Risdon, 04 Aug 2017
Posted in: Sports

Name:Katie Fifield


Sports: All sports

Hobbies:Singing, Dancing, Performing, Academics, Sports, Eating

Favourite Subject: 2EC English and Maths

Favourite Food: Maltesers

Hero: My Mum because she has always been their for me and supported me no matter what decisions I made. She is also a strong and independent woman that has confidence within herself and doesn’t care what other people say or think about her. I have always looked up to her as a leader because she is one.

Goals for 2017: To get the principal’s award at the end of the year and many other awards.

Your opinions on the Sports Academy: I think that sports academy is a great way to learn new skills and become more aware of your personal well being and your physical limits.

What are your dreams for the future: To graduate from university with a degree and then become a professional musician or become an actress.

What you enjoy about the academy: I enjoy Learning about my physical limits and pushing myself to be the best that I can be in life.

Favourite Mr Gibbons or Mr Hayes quote: Actions speak louder than words-Mr Hayes, Push yourself to be the best you can be-Mr Hayes

Least favourite fitness activity: Beep test