Head Lice

Posted by Chris Risdon, 15 May 2019
Posted in: The Health Corner

Head lice:

Head lice are a constant pest in our schools and just take some consistent work and a few precautions to treat and stay away.
Below is a link to an advice sheet from Regional Public Health

Head lice FACTS:
They do Not Jump, Fly or swim.
Do Not carry disease
But they Do stay on the skin after swimming & showering.
Female Lice lay 3-8 eggs a day, that’s 90-120 per month.
Head Lice are blood sucking insects: tiny, wingless, have six legs and live on the human scalp. Only survive on human blood feeding 3-4 times a day. (This is what makes the skin itchy)
Head lice only live on heads, but don’t share hats
Swimming and showering won’t get rid of head lice. You need to let an adult check your hair and comb it with a nit comb. (Available at the school office)
Head lice crawl fast 9.5cm per minute.

What can you do to prevent head lice?
• Comb and brush your hair every day.
• Don’t share hats
• Wear a swimming cap at the pool.
• Wear your hair tied up
• Let an adult check your hair/ check the whole family.

For further information or advice Contact Kere Bennett, Public Health Nurse 0272730416