Parenting Tips for Morning Routines

Posted by Chris Risdon, 15 May 2018
Posted in: The Health Corner

A few Parenting tips for those morning routines from Kere Bennett, Public Health Nurse

• Start the night before make sure everyone is getting enough sleep. The average teenager requires 9hrs sleep.
• Prepare somethings the night before for example breakfast, is there enough milk? Make school lunches after dinner.
• Have a hook or shelf or cubby for school bags, lunch boxes, shoes and sunhats etc.
• TIP# assign a specific spot for your keys, wallet and briefcase.
• Parents get up before the kids.
• Get yourself sorted, get some coffee and give the children some time.
• Write up simple instructions or a tick chart that kids can follow, so the parent isn’t having to nag. ( Just point them back to the chart till it’s done).
• Chart can include: Eat breakfast, brush teeth, comb hair, pack lunch etc.
• Communicate: discussing things with your preteen or teen before it becomes a big issue.
• Delegate chores.
• No Television or computers before school unless everything is ready.
• Encourage your child to take ownership and independence.
• Mornings can be hard, but look for fun, maybe a treat such as a pancake breakfast or hot chocolate when things are going well.