2018 Room 11

Posted by Shanti Narayan, 03 Mar 2018
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Room 11 had a great start to 2018. This year we were lucky enough to be in the open plan from day 1. Great to have 3 teachers and have 84 students all sitting down in the morning and greeting each other as we start our day with the Daily News.

Students have settled in well and are beginning to show a lot more pride and care in the last few weeks of the term. Working in a big space requires Tolerance, Time Management, Collaboration, Communication and Being very Respectful to every one who learns here. This term started with a great turnout at the Whanau shared dinner evening. Athletics day and students learning about their own Cultural Identity.

Our class has been writing their opinions on topics that interest them. Here are some quotes from them:

Benjamin ” So far this year has been really great. It’s been Fun working with the whole area. I do miss the Year 8’s from last year.”

Logan ” It’s fun, nice and interactive and hands on stuff I like. I feel like some students are still getting to know others.”

Rasvindar ” It’s fun and much more interactive with other classrooms. We love how we communicate and collaborate.”

Neha” It’s been a lot of fun. It can be annoying because of some students.”

Angel” I like it and and enjoy working with other people in a collaborative environment.”