Science is Here!

Posted by Dahlia Malaeulu, 20 Oct 2016
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We have been learning a lot about the Scientific Method for our own experiments. Mrs. M. has also been doing some experiments with the whole class to help us find out what bias is and what a fair test. Science is so interesting and it has been really fun and exciting doing all of the experiments – Here are some from the week:

Gravity Free Water Experiment:

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With no air inside the glass, the air pressure from outside the glass is greater than the pressure of the water inside the glass. The extra air pressure manages to hold the cardboard in place, keeping you dry and your water where it should be, inside the glass.

Mixing Oil and Water Experiment: 
Oil and Water won’t stay mixed together. Instead, the oil slowly rises to the top of the water. This is because of the density of the two liquids. The oil is less dense than the water, therefore it rises to the top.

Potatoes and Straws Experiment: 
Placing your thumb over the hole at the top of the straw improves your ability to pierce the potato skin and push the straw deep into the potato. This is because your thumb traps the air inside, forcing it to compress as you stab the straw through the potato skin.

Tofa Soifua,
Rm 10