Science Trip

Posted by Ashley Smit, 23 Nov 2016
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On Monday the 7th of November, Room 9 visited the local water treatment plant, as part of our science inquiry, it was very cold and raining. We wanted to find out how the water gets cleansed to make it safe for human consumption. Also we wanted to find out what they were putting in the water that Wainuiomata community was drinking. We received information about the process of cleaning water, what happens at which stage during the process, where the waste go to, which chemicals are added into our water supply and why we need these chemicals. After being explained, we were toured around the awesome place.

The water treatment plant was a very, very big place with astonishing sights. We were taken down to a clean ish river where a sample of water was taken from the river. You could see bits of dirt and leaves, but it wasn’t as bad as we thought it was going to be and still looked drinkable. There was also a huge place where the water was left to rest while all the dirty sludge gathered at the top of the water. The water looked like millions of Coco Pops on the surface of transparent milk. It was thrilling to know that clean water was under dirty sludge, and that the water turned out to be drinkable once cleaned. It was fascinating.

Overall, it was an amazing experience, learning how our water gets from lakes and rivers to our homes and how water gets cleaned before it gets to our homes. There was a lot of learning that happened that day, and it was one of the coolest trips for the class.

By Dione, Jerry & Nishil