Sports Academy Profile: Waaka Poutu

Posted by Chris Risdon, 04 Aug 2017
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Name: Waaka Poutu

Year: 8

Sports:  Rugby club, Wellington Touch, Total touch, Ki O Rahi, Soccer, Rugby 7’s, Athletics, Cross Country, Basketball, League Volleyball Rugby 15’s

Hobbies:  Sports, running, P.E, maths, eating, basketball, listening to music, watching tv

Favourite Subject:  Maths

Favourite Food: Chocolate

Sporting Hero: Beauden Barrett, Kobe Bryant

Goals for 2017: My goals for 2017 are, to be the best I can be and do everything I possibly can. By the end of the year I want to be undefeated for every school run and I want to continue to be an above average runner. I also want to do the hard yards and receive a lot of awards at the end of the year such as, The Principal’s award, The sports award, The leadership award, The academic award, The Maths, Science and English ext awards and some tech awards. Overall I just want to do the best I can do and successfully set myself up for the future.

Your opinions on the Sports Academy:  The sports academy is a collaborative academy providing you with many sporting tips and skills that you can develop for the rest of your life. The sports academy is a good resource for learning new things and trying different activities.

What are your dreams for the future:  Become an All Black, NBA Player, NZ Sevens Player, A maths tutor, A sports motivator

What you enjoy about the academy: I enjoy the environment of the academy and the way it works as it fits my liking and it provides me with a helpful resource where I can develop my sporting skills. I also like how you enter the academy skilled in sports and you exit the academy with even more tips and tricks up your sleeve.

Favourite Mr Gibbons or Mr Hayes quote: Mr Hayes –  Actions speak louder than words.

Least favourite fitness activity:  The Beep Test and animals with Liz