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Posted by Mereana Brown, 26 Sep 2016
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In our class we have our teacher Mrs Clegg, two Student Councillors (Ria.A and Tori-anne.T) and two Sports Councillors (Tori-anne.T and Blake.R) who help support the students in the class. Our teacher has high expectations and wants all of her students to succeed. She always makes sure everyone participates and puts 100% in their work.

As a class we have four main expectations: respect, responsibility, rigour and teamwork.
One thing we’d like to share about our learning is the time when we recently worked on a whole class science experiment. For the science experiment we went out to Black Creek (located behind our school) and did some tests such as water quality, clarity and observed the mauri (life sources). Renee and Jermaine from the Tihei Rangatahi Programme joined us in this experiment. After the experiment we came up with ideas to promote ‘saving the awa’.

Room 13

Room 13

Our classroom is located in between Rooms 12 and 14, in front of the Technocraft rooms. Some positives about our class is that we have friendly students that help others learn and adapt in the classroom. We also work in three large groups which helps us to use the 4C’s (collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking).

Tihei Rangatahi - Room 13

Tihei Rangatahi – Room 13

By Ria