Wharemaire/Room 7 Mid-Term 2 Reflection Evaluations.

Posted by Pio Semu Matiahi Kauone, 21 May 2018
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Kia Ora Term 2 – So term two has finally started and it’s been good so far. In class, we’ve been learning heaps of stuff and been getting ready for our tests coming up. One of the things we’ve been learning about is Statistical Investigations and we were all measuring different parts of the human body and myself and Greg were measuring the boy’s heights. After that, we are supposed to put them on a graph to display our data but I have not done that yet.

Another thing I’ve been doing this term was basketball. Our school has three teams, the year 7 boys team, the mixed team and the year 8 boys. I am in the year 8 boy’s team and we’ve had our first game last week on Wednesday but we, unfortunately, lost to HIBS 12-34 but we still did our best and that’s what counts the most. We are all so excited to see what this season brings for us and how many wins we’re gonna get.

One other thing we’ve been learning this term is Pangarau (Maths) workshops around our area classes. I am in the level 4-5 class with Mrs Ta’ala and although I find the work challenging, I still manage to finish it in time and sometimes get them all correct. I think that after this year as a result of our area workshops, I will be working at level 5 with my maths because I am currently working at level 4 and I’m hoping to improve by the end of the year. – Christian

Another HALF Of A Term To Go – For academics, 🔢 maths we have been focusing on statistics. I was working with Tameka, we measured the girl’s heads and waists and then afterwards we got all the numbers and made a graph to display our data. ✏For writing, I have started planning for my persuasive writing piece for my local challenge.📖 For reading, we have been focusing on finding information. I have been reading reports about E-coli and answering questions that we made to test each others comprehension. Plus I’m in the Nukunonu group for all maths, reading and writing.

✍For writing, we are learning how to write persuasive text to use for our local challenge. My local challenge is to revive the mall 🏘 so we have a place to hang out. I’m working in a group of three, myself, April and Tameka. We have been researching and discussing what to do and when, why, and how to do it.

For Kapa Haka, I’ve made it in, well actually for the first trial anyway. There is still one more trial to go. In Pasifika, we have been practising our transitions and all of our performance items. For both Kapa Haka and Pasifika, we have been practicing really hard because we are performing at the annual Hutt Valley Polyfest Competition at Walternash. I’m really enjoying both Kapa Haka and Pasifika – Maliana😎


Reading Trickiest Stories – I am reading a book called  Trickiest Stories and so far it is about a myth called Wobbly Gurgle. In the hot desert, they (the dad and his son) own a cafe and a petrol station and have two rooms out the back for rent. There are not very much visitors because it is in the middle of the desert. I have enjoyed the book so far and hope to finish it.

Ignite – Tameka, Cade, Dylan and I have been selected to go to Ignite three Friday’s this term to go and play sports but not just that, we talk about how important we are even though we may be like a ripped up note or a fine note. We also learnt we are worth the same.

Topic inquiry – For our topic inquiry Arimawha, Ilyse, Leincohne and I have been working on upgrading the Wainuiomata mall because at this time it is plain and has no shops apart from Countdown, Mcdonalds and the Bakery. We have heard locals say that they would like more clothing shops. So they don’t have to go don’t to Petone, Wellington and Lower Hutt. – Kayla

Term two so far has been Awesome!!

I started my first basketball game for the term in the year 8 boys team. Last week, week 2,  on Wednesday at the Walterash stadium, we sadly lost our first game, but next time we will crush them. Mrs Ta´ala switched me with one of my teammates from the year 8 boys into the mixed team to even it out a bit more, personally, I think I strengthened the team.

This Wednesday we couldn’t play because Walternash was booked out for the night. I love playing basketball because I’m so passionate about the game –  I’m very good at it too.

For my academics, I have set goals for Writing and I must be more persuasive and inspiring and convincing when I communicate my ideas, both in my writing and when I am talking. For my Math, I’m working at level 3-4 and I think it’s easy at times but I realize I need to work my way up Maths. Iḿ doing good for maths so Iḿ happy but I also know I will get even better. – Dennis

Charlie’s Blog-mind

Hello and welcome back to my blog and today I will be talking about my school life completely not others and not the teacher so let’s jump to it. In my math I have been moved down a group and I think it’s a lot better and I am doing better than I was in group 4

I missed the 2 read together program but its ok but I wish I didn’t miss out on it anyway my writing is good as you can see and at the end I might put in some more of my writing, rember wen I put in my writing about the old man. For topic I, Dylan and Devaux are getting ready for a bbq to fundraise money for Te Omanga Hospice so they can build a new building and like I said I will put in some more of that storey, “Why?” “Why?” I scream crying in frustration. I must be having a nightmare…ohhh please let me awake. I wished I had done something to save my wife whose now been cremated into ashes. I dwell of ways I could’ve saved my beloved. It had happened many times before –  loved. – Charlie

Halfway There!

In PE we have done a mix of warm-up games and Prison Ball.  That is a great game because you are not always with the same people as everyone is mixed up for the game.  Sometimes you can be with the people who are good at sport, like Levi, sometimes with your friends and sometimes you can help others who are not so good at sport.  Maths Prodigy: – It’s a maths game, but it is half maths and half fun. It doesn’t feel like it is learning but we are doing lots of leaning.  For example, we do one type of learning and as soon as you get good at that skill they make the learning harder. You can also earn coins, gems which you can buy stuff with-I have 12,000 coins, I am rich!!  I wish I could donate that to the poor. Area Powhiri – We had our area powhiri week 1 and we got welcomed on. So now we are allowed inside and on the grounds, so it is easier to get to the gym YEAH!!! And also its so fun!  -Jayden

Term 2 Highlights – This term has just started and it’s already really fun!! some main things that I have really enjoyed are Netball, Kapa Haka, and my academics. Netball has been fun but stressful because I always get told off because for contact but I don’t even know how. Anyway, it’s only been grading game which means we have two 15 minute games on a Saturday. Our recent games have been alright we won 12 – 2 and drew in another game and the score was 8 all. I am really confident about our games that are coming up and excited to see how we go. This term I made it into our schools kapa haka group. I’m really happy that I got put into the first row but we don’t know if the lines are permanent yet. We have learned a whole lot of songs and actions that we will be Performing at Hutt Valley Polyfest!In our area, we have four classrooms that makeup Whakakute and for maths, we have work in our new Whakaute workshops. Whakaute workshops are a teacher in our area who teach maths based on students levels. In my maths workshop, we are learning about decimals and place value. For writing, we are learning about persuasive writing. – Shania

Term 2 Reflection

This term I joined our schools Netball team! I am so happy and excited that I finally joined a sports team that I really love and enjoy! We recently had our first game, unfortunately, our past few games weren’t the best but each game we get better! 🙂 I’m really happy with the team I’m in and I’m so excited to be playing with them every Saturday! 🙂

This term I’ve improved a lot in my learning! We recently changed maths workshops and I’m really happy that I left Mrs Ta’alas workshop with a lot more knowledge and math skills that help me a lot in my learning! I am also happy that I finally now know all of my time’s tables !!!

For topic inquiry, this term my group and I chose to research our local mall. We chose to have this as our topic because we believe Wainuiomata shopping mall NEEDS an upgrade, there is a total of 17,000 people living in Wainuiomata and all we have left is a supermarket…. My group and I have written a letter to the owners of Wainuiomata Mall letting them know our opinions on why we think our shopping centre needs to be upgraded. In conclusion, this term has been great so far, and I’m so happy with the progress I have made! – Ashlee 🙂

Best Term Ever

So term 2 has arrived and I have had an awesome start to the year and this term so far I have settled into WIS. We have started doing and learning about new things to help us learn e.g. Prodigy, E-Ako,  NoRedInk, etc. Goals – This term the class made personal goals to achieve by the end of the year, My goal for Social is to participate more in class discussions and activities. My personal goals are to participate in more sports inside and outside of the school and to help others when I finish my work. Finally, my academic goals are read harder/smarter books at home and school, write more interesting sentences and paragraphs, get to level 5 in maths. Academics – For our Maths workshops, we have swapped classes so instead of me being in room 5 for math is now in room 4. In rm7 we have started to work on a statistical investigation. We have also started on topic inquiry learning it’s where we make a difference in our local community in groups, in my group it is Charlie, Devaux and me, we are going to make a difference by doing a sausage sizzle at school to fundraise money to donate to Te Omanga hospice for their new building. Overall I’ve had a great start to the year and had a lot of fun this term and I will “Work smart, Play hard and Love life”.  -Dylan

I’m Halfway There

Pink Shirt Day – On Friday the 18th, Week 3,  it is ‘Anti-Bully Day’ which means we have to wear a pink t-shirt to support anti-bullying. Bullying is known all over the world and each day someone loses self-esteem within themselves because they are being bullied. Bullying is when someone is constantly being mean to you every day and won’t stop. In China, there is a little city I don’t know what it’s called but they have banned bullying and if anyone is bullying someone they get sent to jail for 5 years. So that’s why we have anti-bully day to support getting rid of bullies and also to help stick up to bullies and show them it’s not ok. If you bully no one will want to be your friend they will only hang out with you is because they are afraid of saying no.

School Production – For the school production this year we have decided to do a dance based on our class culture. Our class culture is our ethnicity, who we choose to be, how we act and what we do that impacts our cultural identity. Culture to me is who you choose to be, what you choose to do, how you choose to act and where you choose to go in life. I think the production is going to be a big success for the whole school even if a class makes a mistake it doesn’t matter because they still got up there and give it their best.

Academics – For my 🔢maths this year I think I have improved because each time I do maths I am always learning something new since I moved up to level 3-4 maths workshops. For 📖 reading this term I think that I haven’t improved as much because when I do reading I don’t spend much time on it because in class we always have something else to work on that is more important than reading or that needs to be done soon so I think that if I give myself more reading time then I will be improving.

In 📑writing I think so far I have been putting in a good amount of effort for my writing skills even though we don’t do writing much in class I still find time to do writing even if I’m at home because I write things on google docs and then I will copy it into my book. – April

I’m In A Good Place

Prodigy – At the start of term 2 Mr Kauone told us about a maths game, at first I was like uh really another boring game about maths, then we started playing it and it was really enjoyable so most of us got addicted to it and we just keep playing and playing until we had to get off and some of us keep playing it until we got caught. Topic inquiry – For me, Cade and Jedidiah’s topic inquiry we decided to investigate and research upgrading  the skatepark. We already have a design and we’ve almost finished the timetable. When we finish our google slides we are going to email the slide to the Hutt city council and hope for the best and if they don’t we’ll just spam emails until they answer (na that will probably get us arrested) we might just try ring them up and asking if they can have a look at it. Academics – Academics hmm where to start um lets see oh I know let’s talk about pangarau, I got no my group got moved to my teachers class so now I got my teacher for basically everything well that’s that well back to topics. Hm, what next Ummm how about the week 5 test, well in week 5 we have a mid-term test I don’t know what it is buuut I know we have a test.

Well that’s it well bye. – Cole


Term 2 started on Monday the 30th. Ever since that day I have started to Improve in my Academics. I’m still on level 3-4 for Maths Workshops. We rotated to a different class and I went to Rm 7(My own – class). I joined the Reading Together Programme and I realized I need to start reading at home. I also have Maths Together as well. I want to improve more and more on all of my academics. We started Prodigy in WK 1 and I reckon it’s basically a game that makes maths FUN. We started choosing our item for Production. I worked on NZ Land Wars and the Treaty of Waitangi Assignments for Te Ao Maori learning time. There was a Powhiri in week 1 and I agree that Cade was a star. WK 1 was actually a bit fast and It was a big week. I teamed up with Cade and Cole and we worked together on Topic Inquiry. Our Local Challenge for Topic Inquiry was to Upgrade the Wainuiomata Skatepark, Convincing and Persuading councils and MPs or even the mayor or SkatePark companies in NZ. We have Samoan Language week coming up in week 5. We have a lot of sports coming up and I’m excited. I hope I keep up my confidence for everything in school🤞🏼. We are getting closer to the Holidays“🎮” and I want to make sure that I always…..

”Work Smart, Play Hard, Love Life!” – Jedidiah😀

It’s term 2 buts it’s only mid way through term 2 hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmBut anyway at start of THE term we was introduced to prodigy. It’s makes maths fun(as if that’s possible). it’s pretty cool. it’s also have a story a pretty good one at that as well.

Theirs also  class workshop  for maths. We go to different class depending on your level. it  changes every term . – Ryan

Halfway There!

Jane: Jane came in our class while Mr CJ is away. I really like having Jane in our class she is really nice.  She helps us when we’re stuck. Jane also asks us for help with her teaching skills. Jane is a student teacher that has been coming to our class to help throughout Term 2 for 3 weeks. Academics: In topic were changing the Wainuiomata mall. Kayla, Leincohne , Ilyse and I. We would like to add some shops like Roti Bay, Farmers, Subway and The Warehouse. We also want to add colour to it. Right now we haven’t figured out what stores we want to add in yet because we’re gonna do a survey of what locals want. Netball: On the 5th of May I had my first netball game. We lost one and won one both weeks. My team is Rimu and our coach is Maddison. In my team there is Santana, Kaiayah , Miriama , Lucy , Emily , Ffion , Aimee  and I. Tomorrow is our last grading game. I’m really hoping we win. – Arimawha


Powhiri – So term two has arrived and so far it has been awesome, in the first weeks. On Thursday we had our area powhiri and I and a couple of other year sevens had to say our pepeha in front of the year eights, and not to brag but I think I was the best and loudest at saying my pepeha and I think others would agree. But anyway the powhiri was a great success it was awesome I will never forget that moment. Topic investigation – We have also been working on our topic investigation, it is where we work in peers and we had to choose a topic to change in the community and I am working with Jedidiah and Cole and we are working on upgrading the Wainuiomata skate park, so we have made a survey to get people’s opinion on whether to change the skate park or keep it the way it is and so far it is going great. Academics – This term me and my class had to write a persuasive letter to our mum to convince her to move to the big city or stay in the small town, and I think that most of us chose to stay in the small town  because you have freedom and you have your best memories you have your pets and you have your family.Overall it has been a fantastic start to the term, and I will always “work smart, play hard and love life. – Cade

Mid Term 2 Reflection – Firstly I am going to talk about my first game/experience of netball this term. My first game was a grading game, in the woltinash courts, with my group. In our first game they watch how the team plays together, and then  they will tell you and your team what grade you’re in. On Wednesday afternoons our team has practices with our coach Tracie. We mostly practice shooting, because that is the thing that our team needs, a shooter.

Secondly my Academics, In my maths  I have gone to a new maths class with Mrs Ta ala, so far I think that my maths is improving more than it was in my last maths workshop. In writing I have been doing persuasive pieces and creative pieces. and now I am doing my midterm reflection piece. For reading, we have been finding information, about chlorine being put in our water.

Lastly, I am going to talk about Kapa Haka, in Kapa Haka I have been learning a whole lot of songs, with my group, so that when our performance group goes to Polyfest we will be ready for it. Our second performance is for our school, that performance is at the end of the year. – Jade

Halfway Through The Year – For Topic Inquiry this term we are going to be focusing on the Wainuiomata mall, as a class we going to send a letter to the Progressive company who own the Wainuiomata mall. Wainuiomata mall is a pretty sad place there are only about 3 to 4 shops including McDonald’s, Countdown, Bakery and a Dollar store. We are going to propose a letter/request if they can do something about the mall and whether they have anything planned for the future. I hope our inquiry can bring an uplifting change to our town’s shopping centre.

This year I started netball with my team Totara and my coach Tracie. On the fifth of May we played our first game I was very nervous the first game I’ve ever played and I got put on Goalkeeper which is definitely my worst position! So far we have played 4 games they have all been great fun although we haven’t won any of our games we improve a lot every time. I have enjoyed netball season and can’t wait until we play next Saturday.

Also, I have been involved with Kapa Haka. I am so so happy that I made the cut.  We have been learning new songs to prepare ourselves for Polyfest which we will be performing at Walter Nash Stadium with all the other intermediate in the Wellington region. I’m really excited because this will be one of my first biggest performances in Kapa haka…. unfortunately I won’t be here ill be Bali! So I don’t really see the point in learning all the songs but still, want to do it because I really enjoy learning different songs and Kapa Haka in general. – Asharna

My Mid Term Reflection/Evaluation

Samoan Language Week: So for Samoan Language week we (Room 7) have been doing a lot of things for Samoan Language week. Yesterday we (room 7) chose a topic to do for Samoan language week I chose the History of Samoa because I know a lot about the history of Samoa. I know a lot things about the Samoan history.

Academics – For Academics, I did Maths – Focus and pay attention. Writing – Keep my work neat and tidy Reading – Sound out unknown words. For my Personal I did Stay focused, stay on task , finish the work I’m given by the teacher. For my Social goal, I did Respect all people 100 %, like how I want to be treated.
Prodigy – So Prodigy is a maths game that you can play at home or at school. Prodigy has these monsters that you can defeat then it will show a math question and it will have a hint that you can click on if you don’t know the answer then you can go on the calculator and it will give you the answer.If you get it right then your opponent will get hit with a spell and if you get the answer wrong then your opponent will hit you with a spell – Leincohne


This term has been doing better. i have done some goals and even sometimes finished lots of my work. In tech i was always confused because i could not get into some websites we were supposed to go in but then i finished my work at the last minute. In class iI am working hard on  listening to the instructs teens, but when I get stuck I have asked for help from jane and debbe.

I also have been not getting much sleep so that has caused me to fall asleep. I am not sure about my academics but i am trying really hard and all my subjects for our topic inquiry we are taking action about the mall. In the future i would like to also work on my goals because if i do all of those then i’m pretty sure it will help me out IN the future like read at home and practise some basic facts and other sorts of math and work.

To help me read better i go to the library to read with some people they teach me some words that i know but don’t know the meaning or i don’t know the word and i still don’t know the meaning. I think they are nice because they are cool they come from wellington city to help us. -Te Awa

My Term 2 Achievements

This term my 7s team had our first game and we won and the girls won, after the game we all came together to have a photo after that we had a little talk they were cool to talk to then we went to the changing room we had a little celebration then we left the band intermediate at 3:00 pm. The thing that makes me like sports is that I like to win and get runaways or getting bass the over teams and stopping them getting a goal or a try and I like to tackle people.

My goals for sports is to play sports for our school and for clubs, focus on my sport, focus on the game plan and train hard.

For my math, I and my class have been learning more than I did last year and for my reading, I am reading with people and after lunch, for writing, we are doing persuasive writing with our local challenge is Wainuiomata mall.

Jane help me with my spelling and math she was very helpful, and she is leaving now, Overall the start of this term has been fantastic. -Levi