Samoan Language Week Celebrations at W.I.S (28th May to 3rd June)

Posted by Mereana Brown, 25 May 2017
Posted in: WIS Events, WIS Performing Arts

Every year we celebrate Samoan Language Week and this year’s theme is:

“Ma’au i lou ofaga, Maua’a lou fa’asinomaga” – “Keep Your Identity Alive to Thrive”

The supporting Proverbs for the week are:

  •  E maota tau’ave, mamalu tau’ave Samoa – The essence of being Samoan accompanies Samoans.
  •  E le tauilo tama a Tausala – Great mothers rear great human beings.
  •  E iloa ‘oe i lau gagana – Your language speaks volume of you
  •  A malu i fale, e malu i fafo – Respect yourself and others will too
  •  O le gagana e la’ei ai le aganu’u – Language characterises the essence of culture

Next week our school will be celebrating Samoan Language Week through a number of fun activities that will encourage the use and understanding of Gagana Samoa (Samoan Language) and Aganu’u Samoa (Samoan Culture):

  • Monday: School Assembly with performances by our Cultural Pasifika Group and Presentations from our Samoan Student Leaders.
  • Friday:
    – Each class will be having a to’ona’i, which is a shared meal (shared lunch).
    – We will also be having a Samoan Siva Showdown, where classes will be competing and performing to try to win our W.I.S Cultural Shield.
  • Throughout the week we will also be having an inter-area Lape Tournament at lunchtimes.

Next week will be an exciting week and we welcome all our fanau to come and celebrate Samoan Language Week with us!